Frieza’s Secret Reason For Killing Saiyans Redefines Dragon Ball Lore

Dragon Ball Minus reveals that Frieza’s reasons for taking out Planet Vegeta are more complicated than fans realize, redefining the franchise’s lore.

Despite his proclamations about being the Prince of All Saiyans, Dragon Ball ZVegeta was not an expert on his people at the time the Saiyan homeworld was destroyed and thus some secrets were lost forever, among them the real reason why coldness was so desperate to eliminate the Saiyans, setting the stage for everything that happens in dragon ball super.

The lore surrounding the Saiyan race has expanded as Dragon Ball The franchise has continued, most recently with the revelations about Goku’s father, Bardock, and the role of the Saiyans in the extermination of the Cerealians in Super. While Frieza has always been the one responsible for wiping out the Saiyans, the reasons given initially were that they had attempted to rebel against his rule over their planet, and he destroyed the planet in retaliation, leaving only a handful of survivors, including Vegeta. Nappa and Goku’s brother Raditz. Frieza, of course, lied to them about what happened to Planet Vegeta, claiming that his disappearance was the result of an unfortunate encounter with an asteroid. Vegeta’s discovery of this fact is a large part of what drives him to switch sides, establishing his position as one of the most popular characters in manga history.


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Turns out there’s a bit more to the story than Frieza retaliating against a rebellion. In a special chapter known as Dragon Ball Lesswhich was first released in 2014 along with the collected volume of the spin-off series Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, it is revealed that Frieza had a very different reason for his brutality towards the Saiyans. While Vegeta was aware of the “Legendary Super Saiyan” myth, it turns out that few on the Saiyan homeworld were familiar with the old tales of the Super Saiyan God, including Vegeta. Once Frieza discovered this story, he summoned all the Saiyan warriors back home and had his men look up details, despite his advisers assuring him that it was a myth. Frieza, feeling that the Saiyans were already too dangerous, declared that even the slightest chance of it being true was too much of a risk, and annihilated the entire planet for that reason alone.

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While at that time, the Less some fans saw the chapter as an unwanted retcon simply to better fit in with dragon ball superIn the first arc, the idea that Frieza was aware of the Super Saiyan God legend actually clears up a lot of things. Without a doubt, Frieza, his Frieza Force, and the Ginyu Force were able to put down rebellions without sacrificing an entire planet; after all, Frieza’s whole business was taking the people of the worlds off of him to claim them as his own. Frieza despised the Saiyans, but this myth suggested that they might be better than him, even close to divine. Frieza’s fear was the reason for his act of genocide, rather than his usual cruelty, and in the tradition of the best prophecy stories, this act of violence is what set the stage for Frieza’s inevitable defeat. the.

The change adds an element of traditional epic to Dragon Ball ZThe story of, showing how evil sows the seeds of its own demise. Not surprisingly, much of this Less The chapter was eventually adapted into flashback parts of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film, as it so neatly patches up plot holes and ties up loose story threads. By last, Dragon Ball it gets better when the fans know coldnessThe real reason for the destruction of the Saiyans.

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