Invincible & Atom Eve Cosplay Shows How Good They Can Look In Live Action

Invincible and Atom Eve are brought to life in a stunning cosplay showcasing just how good both heroes would look in a live action series.

Caveat! spoilers for Invincible by Image Comics below

Invincible Y eve of the atom They team up in an awesome cosplay from @graciecosplay and @MaskedMateo that shows how much fun it would be to see the characters in their own live action Invincible Serie. Ahead of the series’ second season, the two talented cosplayers bring the heroes to life, perfectly recreating their appearance from the original Image Comics series and its animated adaptation. Cosplays show the potential of how good they could look in a live-action series or movie.

Invincible is a highly popular Image Comics series by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, which tells the story of teenager Mark Grayson who comes to terms with his superpowers and becomes one of Earth’s greatest heroes. But of course things don’t go according to plan, as Invincible soon discovers that his father has more evil intentions than he thought. He meets a handful of fellow superheroes, including Atom Eve, who creates barriers, as the world rapidly changes around him. Both characters were adapted into the appropriately uber-violent Invincible animated series on Amazon Prime Video, where they are voiced by Steven Yeun and Gillian Jacobs.


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On her Twitter account, @graciecosplay shared her joint and @MaskedMateo Invincible cosplay, starring Atom Eve and the titular hero. Both cosplayers are wearing comical outfits in the image, as Atom Eve is sporting her iconic pink outfit, while her powers can be seen pulsing in her hands. Meanwhile, Invincible joins her, hovering in the air and striking a heroic pose.

Meanwhile, photographer @CalobRaeJepsen shared more of his photos from the photo shoot, which are inspired by artist Gabriel Picolo’s playful style. The images show both heroes in the laundromat, as they can be seen bloodied and waiting to clean their costumes. Another photo shows Atom Eve pushing Invincible on a laundry cart, while another cute image shows @graciecosplay in his fellow heroes’ outfit as @MaskedMateo snaps a photo. It’s a fun look at the daily lives of two of the world’s greatest heroes. Invincible universe as they let loose between their superheroic actions.

The Invincible the cosplays are perfect as both @graciecosplay and @MaskedMateo bring the heroes to life with their fantastic costumes and amazing photos by @CalobRaeJepsen. Hopefully one day, readers of the comic series and fans of the animated series will get to see the iconic look of Invincible Y eve of the atom in live action, as the cosplays show how good they would look in a movie or TV series.

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Source: @graciecosplays – Twitter

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