Goku is technically faster than Flash, and Dragon Ball proves it

By being able to travel in a dimension where time has been eliminated, Goku from Dragon Ball proves that he is technically faster than even Flash.

There is no doubt that Goku from Dragon Ball he’s one of the most powerful manga protagonists to ever exist, and one of his feats in particular might even put him in contention with the flash in terms of speed. Throughout his time as one of Earth’s protectors, Goku has found himself at odds with everything from intergalactic tyrants to primordial evils, but things get over the top when he battles enemies in the realm of the gods. dragon ball superIn chapter 26, Goku proves how powerful he really has become.

In chapter 26 of dragon ball super, the battle with Zamasu has finally come to an end with Future Zeno erasing the entirety of Future Trunks’ timeline. The time ring corresponding to this timeline is also completely broken, confirming that not only the universe is deleted, but also all time within that universe. Despite this, at the end of the chapter, Goku and Future Trunks return to the deleted time-space where Zeno confirms that there is nothing left. Goku’s simple act of being able to traverse this realm and talk to Zeno is an amazing feat when you consider one thing: the speed formula.


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Goku being able to move in a timeless place puts him leagues above other heroes known for their speed, including the Flash. The speed formula is usually written as Speed ​​= Distance/Time, but Goku is moving in a place where the concept of time no longer exists. Essentially, he is moving a distance without any time passing. Comparably, Flash has similar feats where he is able to run so fast that he goes back in time, which would technically be moving through a distance with negative elapsed time. This ability to turn back time would be considerably more impressive if Goku moved distances without passing time, but due to Zeno’s erasure of the universe and the destruction of the Time Ring, the very nature of Future Trunks’ dimension has changed. Goku is now moving in a dimension where time isn’t even available to be written into the formula, something that can’t even be factored or calculated as speed within a four dimensional plane.

Goku, Future Trunks and Zeno

Some have dismissed this theory, citing the existence of a future Zeno as an example of how Goku cannot have transcended the concept of time because Zeno is still bound by him. However, this is not the case, as Future Trunks’ timeline cannot be considered a direct future to the events of Dragon Ball, and is more like an alternate dimension that takes place a set number of years in the future. This could explain why a Future Zeno exists, as Goku and Zeno haven’t fully transcended the concept of dimensions yet. Also, this seemingly extraordinary feat by Goku is not entirely out of line with the events in dragon ball superlike during the Tournament of Power, he and Jiren also perform feats that should be impossible for three-dimensional beings, such as shaking the infinite realm of the Void or mastering Hit’s Time Cage.

Even though Dragon Ball Fans got their first inkling of Goku’s macrocosm power level during the battle with Beerus, Goku going through a timeless plane in his base form is on a whole different level of speed. dragon ball superGoku’s constant divine threats have brought Goku’s speed and power to a point where he has begun to transcend concepts like speed and time altogether. While the Dragon Ball hero is not often thought of as a speedster, it is safe to say that the basic form Goku would give the flash a run for his money if ever it came down to a race between the two of them.

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