10 Things Demon Slayer Does Better Than Any Other Anime

Murderer of demons continues to establish itself as one of the most popular shonen anime series. Even though Murderer of demons Existing alongside several successful anime, the series excels in specific elements that make it stand out from the rest. Each ongoing episode offers action-packed battles and an emotional story that leaves an impression on viewers.

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demon slayer The vibrant colors, depth of characters, and intricate swordsmanship represent the best that Shonen has to offer. His characters provide stellar examples of the anime’s themes of perseverance, cooperation, and the relationships that connect them. The added use of comedy makes for a memorable series with a lot to offer.

10 Demon Slayer features incredibly colorful battles

Rengoku from Demon Slayer Breath of Fire

demon slayer The use of item-based swordplay styles ensures that battles include vibrant and colorful visuals. The Hashira’s ability to duel demons at blinding speeds fills the battlefield with streaks of color that dazzle the eyes. The unique patterns of each breathing form combine with the demons’ Blood Demon Arts to create memorable action-packed scenes.

While other action-oriented anime feature impressive fight scenes, no other anime captures the visual beauty of demon slayer combat. Murderer of demons turns the battles into works of art that fill the surroundings of the series with light.

9 Demon Slayer portrays an unbreakable sibling bond

Tanjiro reaching Nezuko

demon slayer Tanjiro shares a bond with his sister Nezuko that remains strong no matter the circumstances. Tanjiro refuses to give up on Nezuko no matter how much danger he needs to run to stay safe. Though the anime features multiple headstrong sibling duos, Tanjiro and Nezuko’s bond persists even when circumstances make them natural enemies.

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Murderer of demons devotes more time to Tanjiro and Nezuko’s emotional struggles and their growth as a team than other anime. The duo repeatedly challenge forces that threaten to place them on opposite sides of a conflict.

8 Portray the characters that make the protagonist’s success possible

Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke from Demon Slayer

Tanjiro always has something to learn from the Hashira he finds and willingly acknowledges his weaknesses as a Demon Slayer. He repeatedly succeeds at nearly impossible tasks thanks to the help of others, such as his teaming up with Zenitsu and Inosuke to eliminate Daki and Gyutaro consecutively. Murderer of demons portrays the characters that allow the main protagonist to grow through details that other anime leave out.

Murderer of demons it shows how the protagonists face moments of weakness and rarely achieve their goals alone. The connections between amateur Demon Slayers and their mentors portray emotional bonds that stand out from other known examples.

7 Incorporates comedy into an otherwise serious plot

Hotaru tries to attack Tanjiro.

Murderer of demons it cleverly includes multiple comedic moments in its story despite its status as a non-comedy focused anime. Funny character interactions between battles help balance out tragic plot moments, like Haganezuka’s chases with Tanjiro. Murderer of demons Protagonists like Inosuke retain their sense of humor while in battle with an approach that never detracts from the action.

The comedic approach of the series leaves an effect and comes across with a consistency that other anime lack. demon slayer The introduction of each new character comes with additional comic scenes that do not disappoint.

6 Demon Slayer recounts the tragic past of each villain

Tanjiro holds Gyutaro and Ume

demon slayer demons often have sentimental reasons that once prompted them to abandon their humanity. Although the demons connected to Muzan commit terrible acts, several of the main villains Tanjiro faces come with tragic stories depicting them as past victims. The memories that demons like Rui relive before they die reveal the sympathetic sides of their character that villains from other anime less often get.

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The existence of pacifist demons like Tamayo also allows the demons to be given more depth to their motivations beyond being strictly antagonistic. Murderer of demons it excels at giving its villains a multifaceted connection to humans within shonen anime.

5 Demon Slayer delves into relationships between mentors

Zenitsu, Rengoku, Tanjiro and Inosuke in Demon Slayer

Murderer of demons frequently explores the relationships between Hashira and their interactions as role models within the Demon Slayer Corps. Hashira is confident in his abilities but also follows the example of others, such as when Tengen tries to imitate Rengoku’s courage in the Entertainment District. Murderer of demons depicts the influence Hashira has on each other, his subordinates, and civilians in greater detail than most anime.

Hashira function as important characters who act as experienced mentors that the protagonists need to progress. Murderer of demons provides an ideal example of what purpose a mentor should serve along with the course of the plot.

4 Exemplifies the power of family and friendship

demon slayer the characters use the influence of family and friendship to accomplish incredible feats. Tanjiro’s ability to calm Nezuko and Nezuko’s own ability to defy fate represent one of the strongest examples of the power of family ties in anime. Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro share a similar determination to protect each other that captures the heartfelt emotions of ideal anime friendships.

Murderer of demons The protagonists reach their full potential on-screen moments due to the presence of their friends, such as Zenitsu’s use of Thunderclap and Flash to save Nezuko. Friendship and family create a direct impact that the anime seeks to portray.

3 Create perfectly harrowing flashback sequences

Murderer of demons includes multiple flashback sequences for its characters that carry deeper emotional weight than other anime. The dream sequences from the Mugen Train arc share the tragic moments that led to protagonists like Rengoku and Tanjiro beginning their path as Demon Slayers. The protagonists test their willpower and come face to face with their biggest struggles to create some of the most memorable scenes in anime.

Murderer of demons offers glimpses into its characters’ past that give insight into their present personalities. The series imbues its flashbacks with an emotional depth that stands out among other anime plotlines.

two Demon Slayer manages to show the hidden potential of insecure characters

Scared Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer

Murderer of demons it has its share of moments along with other anime when characters doubt their abilities, such as Zenitsu’s lack of confidence in slaying demons. However, Murderer of demons discovers Zenitsu’s hidden strength and allows his ability to shine when he needs it most, such as when he destroys the Son Spider Demon. Zenitsu’s brief moments of bravery create some of the most impressive moments in anime around the character’s archetype.

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Murderer of demons adds a touch of comedy to Zenitsu’s cowardice and tendency to fight in his sleep that other fearsome anime characters never quite capture. The series proves that insecure characters sometimes underestimate their true power.

1 Demon Slayer creates the perfect shape-shifting villain

Muzan in her female form

demon slayer the demon king Muzan Kibutsuji is one of the most recognizable and intimidating villains in anime. Muzan’s shapeshifting abilities allow him to terrify his enemies and surprise his followers no matter what form he takes. His unpredictability and strict expectations of him give Muzan a malicious aura unmatched among anime villains with shape-shifting abilities.

Murderer of demons it gives Muzan a sense of danger that exerts its effects on even the strongest demons the series introduces. The demon king’s knowledge of how to make a good impression provides an effective and cunning main antagonist.

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