Goku is the true villain of Dragon Ball, thanks to his most heroic trait

Although Goku is arguably the greatest hero in the Dragon Ball universe, the Saiyan has a trait that seems good but actually makes him a villain.

Time Goku is the main hero of Dragon Balland has been since its inception, it has a trait that seems to be the most heroic, but in fact it basically does Dragon BallHe is the real villain. Goku always yearns to become stronger, as he is constantly training and even gets dizzy whenever an opponent, who has a threatening power level, challenges him. Beyond his quest for power, Goku has a good spirit and believes that fighting should be a fun experience rather than one between legitimate enemies, a thought process that constantly leads him down the path of unintended villainy.

On dragon ball super Chapter 65 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, the villain sorcerer Moro is on the verge of total annihilation after Goku mastered Ultra Instinct and beat the villain to a pulp. As everyone around him, including Galactic Patrol officer Jaco and even Lord Beerus himself, tells Goku to eliminate Moro as his power and evil are too great to contain in the Galactic Prison, Goku does a pause. He doesn’t do it because he’s weakened or even out of pity, but because of the one trait about him that makes him almost villainous.


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Goku loves fighting worthy opponents so much that he is reluctant to eliminate any villain he faces because he hopes that they will become even stronger the next time they attack, which, in turn, will cause Goku to have to train more. hard to become even stronger. Goku once told his ally and former trainer Merus that he eventually hopes that every villain he fights will turn good and then they can train together. When Goku gets the chance to kill Moro in this chapter, he gives the planet-eating villain a chance to go to prison voluntarily. Moro, of course, lies to Goku and tells him that he will do it, and Goku actually gives him a Senzu Bean to get his full strength back. Moro uses that as an opportunity to attack and nearly destroys the entire planet in the process.

Goku's heroism has made him a villain.

This isn’t the first time Goku’s love of fighting has nearly had detrimental repercussions. The main reason there was even a Tournament of Power, one that pitted the best fighters from each universe against each other and the losing universes were destroyed, is because Goku pushed for one to test their own strength without regard to anyone else. . While his heroism was saved by the explanation that those universes were going to be destroyed anyway and Goku only gave them a fighting chance, he only acted on his desire to fight people stronger than him and become more powerful in the process. .

As for giving villains a second chance, Goku is famous for doing this, especially in his iconic fight against Frieza on Planet Namek. Once Frieza is clearly defeated, Goku gives him some of his own energy to keep him alive long enough for him to leave the world. Frieza, of course, uses that energy to launch a deadly attack that ultimately failed, but he wouldn’t have had a chance to do so if Goku had finished off the mass-murdering villain. With Goku’s further explanation, he reveals that he doesn’t like killing his villains not because he doesn’t believe in it or because he thinks it will make him less of a hero, but because he hopes to fight them again in the future. either as an enemy or as an ally. The lives he puts at risk when he does this are astronomical, as Goku’s villains have been known to literally destroy entire planets like nothing. While not killing one’s villains seems like a heroic trait, in GokuIn his case, it basically does Dragon BallHe is the real villain.

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