Rumiko Takahashi’s Top 10 Waifus, Ranked

Anime romantic comedies owe everything to the works of Rumiko Takahashi. She popularized many of the gags, tropes, and character dynamics used in the genre. Takahashi’s manga and its anime adaptations set the standard for all romantic comedies to come, inspiring many other creators to follow suit. This is largely due to his memorable characters.

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Women in Takahashi’s works are often in positions of power or are inherently powerful. They are represented in a refreshingly colorful and fun way. There are many reasons to develop attachments to specific women, especially since Takahashi’s anime tends to run for dozens or hundreds of episodes. One of these women will surely be someone’s waifu.

10 Ran’s duplicate self-preservation is pretty cute

Ran from Urusei Yatsura shows her true colors

When Ran is initially introduced as Lum’s demure childhood friend, it would have been fair to assume that she would be a boring character. Nothing is as tame as just plain nice. that’s not what urusei yatsura it’s about. The entire show is about self-centered characters constantly causing chaos due to their personality flaws. In that setting, Ran really shines.

She plays with a cute forehead to mask her very selfish and petty nature. Causing a scene every time things don’t go her way, she has every right to be considered one of the most selfish characters in anime. Yet it is that very pettiness that makes her shine. Ran’s presence requires attention and many will be happy to provide it.

9 Kyoko Otonashi’s mature seriousness is attractive

Kyoko Otonashi with flowers at Maison Ikkoku

Ikkoku House stands out as Takahashi’s most sensible and serious romantic comedy. There’s a lot of shenanigans going on inside the guest house, but the relationship between Kyoko and Yusaku is a lot more sincere than you’d expect. Kyoko is a widow who is still grieving the loss of her husband and a hard worker who does her best to run the boarding house despite the tactlessness of the occupants.

In both love and work, Kyoko’s actions are sincere, no matter how complicated the feelings may be. Yes Ikkoku House she wasn’t riddled with misunderstandings, it might have been clearer to see how serious her emotions were.

8 Benten’s appeal is his feisty yet friendly nature.

Benten from Urusei Yatsura

Benten, one of Lum’s main friends, is energetic and lively. She is a goddess and is gifted with extreme physical strength. On urusei yatsura, he often uses that strength to get into fights, much to the annoyance of people like Ran. There’s also the matter of her having a flying bike which solidifies her biker girl image of her.

No matter how powerful she may be, Benten is a fierce friend to both Lum and Oyuki. The three formed a close friendship, which scares the others as they are three of the most powerful women in the show. This shows a more grounded side of her personality.

7 Kagome defends herself

Kagome shoots an arrow at Inuyasha.

inuyasha it was a departure from Takahashi’s normal romantic comedy format. Instead, the show is an episodic adventure story starring high school student Kagome Higurashi. Born with the Sacred Jewel within her, she is dragged 500 years into the past by evil forces who want the Sacred Jewel for themselves.

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As he walks away, many of his actions are the product of his agency. She is strong-willed and won’t let inuyasha push her. Throughout her journey, she grows up and takes on more and more responsibilities, ultimately proving to be the hero of the story.

6 Akemi Roppongi is hilarious and surprisingly empathetic

Akemi as a nurse at Maison Ikkoku

the charm of Ikkoku House falls squarely on its tenants. Akemi, as the resident tenant of Room 6, is one of these endearingly disturbing people. No matter how much Yusaku wants to study or spend time alone, Akemi, Yotsuya, and Hanae usually stay in her room or party. Akemi dresses how she wants, drinks when she wants and says what she wants.

Beyond toying with Yusaku and flirting with Shun, Akemi is quite sharp when it comes to how people feel. As a hostess, she probably spends a lot of time listening to her clients’ tirades. Akemi has a deep level of empathy beneath her aloof demeanor.

5 Accept the other half of Ranma Saotome

Ranma as a female in Ranma 1/2

like the star of Ranma 1/2It’s no surprise that Ranma’s female form is a cute redhead. This makes her distinct, as she is the only redhead on the show. As the anime begins, Ranma is upset and worried about his feminine form, but she is an integral part of him. He even comes on by her name.

When the situation calls for it, Ranma plays with her beauty and femininity. Normally, she does this to get her way or if someone has something she wants. If all else fails, then Ranma will revert to his usual strength, fighting like a master martial artist.

4 Nabiki Tendo is the smartest of the sisters and she’s cool

Nabiki from Ranma 1/2 has a price

Nabiki knows what she wants. Typically unfazed by bullshit and fights in Ranma 1/2, the only times she feels upbeat is when she wants to win something. The middle child of the Tendo sisters, Nabiki possesses a great ability to con people. She is willing to blackmail or use others for quick money. Her methods cannot be underestimated.

This creates some of the funniest situations on the show and makes Nabiki stand out from the cast. In many ways, her egoism is closer to how Takahashi wrote characters in urusei yatsura what in Ranma 1/2. Nabiki’s actions break the flow of the show, making things more interesting.

3 Shampoo will never give up her love

shampoo looks

Shampoo, one of Takahashi’s most devoted characters, wants nothing more than to live out the rest of her days with the person she loves, even if he doesn’t feel the same way. She is intensely cute and powerful, but very possessive. There is a certain danger that comes with her temperament. Shampoo will break her way through the walls just to see Ranma.

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Shampoo is one of the main love interests in Ranma 1/2 and constantly gets into fights with the other women on the show. Her tackiness has been a fan favorite for years, even if it’s not something to underestimate.

two Marriage Fantasies of the Prototypical Waifu Lum

Urusei Yatsura Lum

Since a time ago, urusei yatsura It has been a cultural landmark. The manga was first published in 1978, and its anime adaptation aired in 1981. As the show’s central character, Lum is one of the most recognizable women in manga and anime, along with lupine the thirdFujiko Mine. Lum’s bright and energetic personality contrasted with the worldliness of her show.

It was his presence that forced the show into ever crazier situations. An electric alien bride-to-be who is incredibly possessive of her philandering fiancé made for a hilarious rom-com. Lum glows even when she’s not electrocuting Ataru.

1 Akane Tendo makes her way through viewers’ hearts

Akane using a whisk angrily

Rumiko Takahashi wanted her viewers to know that Akane was an attractive person from the start. She fends off the male population of an entire school in the first episode. All the men she fought were trying to prove themselves worthy of her, but none of them were as good a fighter as she was. Talented, skilled, pretty, and smart, Akane is the pillar she builds. Ranma 1/2 higher.

Akane is the no-nonsense character on the show who shows many layers. She is strong but she has some insecurities that she deals with. She grows past her crush on Tofu to develop deeper bonds with Ranma. If there is any character to get attached to in Ranma 1/2It’s Akane.

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