Hunter x Hunter: 10 Times Nen Was Useful Outside Of Battle

hunter x hunter is one of the most beloved anime not only in shonen, but of all time. A big part of that is the anime’s well-defined power system. The Nen system is how Hunter x Hunter explains some of the special abilities the protagonists use. Most of the time, his abilities are used in combat with another person, which makes the fight scenes that much more interesting.

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But Nen doesn’t always have to be used that way. There are several moments in the series that are pivotal that involve the use of Nen outside of battle, some of which come from people who don’t even fight to begin with.

10 neon can see the future

Light Nostrade was a total nobody for years until he learned his daughter could see into the future. With the power of Neon, Light was able to amass quite a fortune for himself, allowing him to become one of the most important people in the mob. The “Lovely Ghostwriter” power could allow people to seize opportunities and avoid certain dangerous situations. He could make predictions for a whole month for one person, and Neon really didn’t have a limit on how often he could be used. The only problem is that he caught Chrollo’s attention, and this power was eventually stolen from Neon.

9 Illumi alters his appearance to allow him to resemble other people.

Illumi has the Nen-type manipulation, and it’s something he uses in various ways. She can change her face permanently with the use of special items, which is what she used to get a hunter’s license after scaring her brother Killua. But she can also use Nen to do it normally, something Illumi used when she posed as Hisoka once to trick the Phantom Troupe. This is the exact skill that would be useful to someone in the assassination business.

8 Opening Killua and Gon’s Nen floodgates

Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss from HunterXHunter learning Nen In Heavens Arena

Both Killua and Gon knew that they had to overcome Hisoka’s special ability that prevented them from entering the 200the sand floor. To do so, they needed to reach Nen, which was something his teacher was willing to do for them. But the normal way to get Nen can take months. Fortunately, Wing was able to force open his aura nodes by directing his Hatsu at them. This allowed them to return to Heaven’s Arena to open the 200the floor and go to the next level.

7 Giving Gon a chance to hear his dad’s voice

The JoyStation is used to play Greed Island

Ging is one of the worst anime dads of all time, something most anime fans will agree on. After Gon and Killua briefly return to Gon’s hometown, Gon’s adoptive mother, Mito, gives Gon a box containing some Ging.

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The box is impossible to open at first, and only when Killua suggests opening the box with Nen does it open. In other words, the only reason Gon was able to find any clues to his father’s whereabouts was because he went to the trouble of learning a technique most people don’t even know exists.

6 Biscuit piano massage allows people to recover in minutes

Cookie-chan, Biscuits nen creation

Biscuit Krueger is the teacher who helped Gon and Killua not only compete on Greed Island, but also helped them become strong enough to fight in the Chimera Ant story. Biscuit’s transmutation power allows her to have a series of special abilities, including being able to summon Cookie. Cookie also has various skills, but one of her best is piano massage, a massage that allows someone to feel as rested as if she had slept eight hours in thirty minutes.

5 Machi reattaching Hisoka’s arm

During the Heaven’s Arena arc, Hisoka battled an enemy from his past named Kastro. Kastro was an impressive fighter and was developed enough that it seemed like he could be a protagonist in the future thanks to his ability to duplicate himself. And then Hisoka killed him. But he came at the cost of Hisoka’s arm, something he pretended to reattach with the power of his Bungee Gum. It was only later that he was able to talk to Machi, a member of the Phantom Troupe, who used his special ability to reattach his arm perfectly.

4 Baise forced Squala to reveal her plan.

Baise manipulating squala hunter x hunter

Baise was one of the few bodyguards who were assigned to protect Neon Nostrade alongside Kurapika. But among the bodyguards were a couple of insiders, including Squala. Initially, Squala refused to give any information about his orders or his goals.

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But Baise’s ability “Instant Lover” makes anyone she kisses fall head over heels for her. Willing to do anything to please Baise, Squala explained his goals and this allowed the other bodyguards to leave the mansion.

3 Killua used his electrical powers to enter Greed Island.

Getting into the Greed Island game was a challenge for Gon, and further proof that Gon’s father is an idiot. The two try to buy the game at first, but after failing to do so, they try to be sent by someone who owns the game. But to be chosen to enter, they must prove themselves as Nen users. Killua does so by displaying his electrical powers while Gon uses his super strength, and they both enter.

two Shizuku sucking up The Phantom Troupe’s attack on the mob

Shizuku sucking up The Phantom Troupe's attack on the mob

The Phantom Troupe had one of their biggest missions during the Yorknew City arc, and it involved pissing off the mob by stealing all the items at an underground auction. With his powers, it was easy to take out almost everyone, even taking out one of Neon Nostrade’s bodyguards. To make matters worse, it was almost impossible to get evidence of who had done it thanks to Shizuku’s ability. His special Nen power, “Blinky”, allows him to conjure a giant vacuum cleaner that can suck up anything he commands.

1 Opening of the 200th floor of Heaven’s Arena

Opening of the 200th floor of Heaven's Arena

Gon and Killua were incredibly gifted children at the time of the Heaven’s Arena arc. His strength made it easy to fight his way up the tower, beating opponents almost effortlessly and earning money at the same time. But eventually, they hit 200the tower floor, and things changed. Hisoka was waiting for both of them, using special pressure to push them away. It was only after learning about Nen that either of them were able to enter and compete with the fighters on the upper floors.

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