Mercury Witch Stars In Gundam’s First Female Lead

The latest details of Gundam: The Witch from Mercury reveal that the protagonist of the story will be a girl, a first for the 43-year-old franchise.

Since then Mobile Suit Gundam: The Mercury WitchThe September 2021 announcement, the series has been shrouded in mystery. The initial reveal gave little information on the story, leaving fans waiting with bated breath for more details.

The title in particular has been the source of much speculation among the fandom. The highlight was his potential indication that the anime would star a female lead, a first for the 43-year-old. Gundam franchise.

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The protagonist of Gundam: The Mercury Witch.

Now, several months later, Bandai Namco has finally revealed more details about the series, confirming what many had speculated: The Mercury WitchThe protagonist of Effectively will be a girl. Promotional art for the upcoming anime shows a mysterious red-haired girl standing in front of a Gundam, the new Gundam Aerial.

The announcement has been cause for widespread celebration around the Gundam Fanaticism The franchise has had several female Gundam pilots over the years, but none have led the story so far.

The first, debuting in 1985, was Zeta Gundam Mobile Suit‘s Emma Sheen, who inherited the Gundam Mk. 2 of series protagonist Kamille Bidan after the latter obtained the titular Zeta Gundam. zetasequel series, Gundam ZZ Mobile Suit did the same, with female pilots Roux Louka and Elle Vianno taking command of the Zeta and Mk. 2 respectively.

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Christina Mackenzie in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080

1989 Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket came close to introducing Christina MacKenzie as the OVA’s only Gundam user. As the pilot of the Gundam ALEX, Christina is part of war in pocketThe main trio of She is not the main focus of the OVA, however, with that honor falling to Alfred Izuhura, a young man who does not pilot any mobile suits.

Rumors have long circulated that Gundam Mobile Suit the creator Yoshiyuki Tomino wanted to make Loran Cehack, the protagonist of 1999 convert a gundam, a woman. Loran sports an androgynous design and frequently adopts Laura Rolla’s female costume, fueling speculation at first, although Tomino has never confirmed the matter in any way.

Other female Gundam pilots include EM’s 08th Teamis Karen Joshua, victory gundam marbet Finger Hat, mobile fighter g gundamby Allenby Beardsley and gundam seedby Cagalli Yula Athla. Despite the many female Gundam users over the years, none have lead a series, until now.

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Despite being such an emblematic character, the details about The Mercury WitchThe protagonist of , as well as the story as a whole, are currently scarce. If he ”witch”of the title refers to a literal witch, adding an element of magic to this Gundam iteration, remains a mystery. It is also currently unknown if the new series will be set in the Gundam the main Universal Century timeline of the franchise, or whether it will be set in its own original universe, or potentially even one of the existing non-UC shows.

Viewers will be able to see The Mercury Witch‘s red-haired heroine when the anime premieres in October 2022, marking the first major Gundam television anime since Iron blooded orphans concluded in 2017. Between her and the next film Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan Islandfans of Gundam much to look forward to in 2022.

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