Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Hero Hilariously Recreated In An Inexpensive Costume

The incredibly creative Low Cost Cosplay took to Instagram to share their take on a beloved character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, complete with hilarious details.

The always amazing cosplayer Low-Cost Cosplay aka Lonelyman (@lowcostcosplayth) shared his take on a beloved character from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures franchise, and its hilarious use of a simple cooking ingredient is a must-see.

Lonelyman, a creative cosplayer from Thailand, has put a new spin on cosplay by using common items, household appliances, and a lot of imagination to reproduce his favorite characters. Food is one of his favorite tools, from fruits to condiments, and even meat. There is simply no way of knowing what he will wear next to create fun and inexpensive cosplays. jojo’s bizarre adventure It’s not one of his most common themes, but his interpretation of Jotaro Kujo is hilarious as always.


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Jotaro is the protagonist of jojo’s Part three: stardust crusaders. He is the nephew of Joseph Joestar from part two and the first character in the series to display the power of a Stand, a physical representation of someone’s psychic energy, each with unique powers. Stands were introduced in Part Three and have since become a prominent and more recognizable theme in jojo. Jotaro is depicted as a classic Japanese punk in part three, wearing a heavily modified school uniform and a brash attitude prone to outbursts of anger, but he becomes a wise and calm adult later in the series. Lonelyman’s cosplay focused on Jotaro’s signature golden chain, which he recreated in the most unexpected way.

Fried onion rings are delicious, if not exactly healthy, but they work perfectly as side dishes too. Their crisp, yellow exterior can pass for gold, and after the cosplay photo set is done, they can be a delicious snack. Another of Jotaro Kujo’s trademark clothing items is his hat, which is open at the back to let his hair out and has a pair of large golden pins on the front. The original pin has the symbol of a hand, but Lonelyman decided to do it with another part of the body.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is one of the most famous manga in the world, and also one of the oldest as it started its serialization in 1987. Hiroiko Araki was able to create a rich world full of strange characters and powers. jojolionthe eighth part of the manga, recently concluded, and the ninth part, jojoland has already been announced. stardust crusaders remains one of the most beloved parts, thanks to the introduction of Stands, a cast of unforgettable characters, and a successful anime adaptation. With his Jotaro Kujo version of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Low-Cost Cosplay shows, as usual, that one doesn’t need much more than creativity to reproduce their favorite characters.

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