Top 10 Anime Whip Wielders

Most action anime characters have their weapon of choice, but wielding a whip has many advantages. While the whip is most commonly used to train animals, fiction has given it a new purpose, with a long range that gives the user a wide range of control. It can be as useful as a multipurpose tool as a combat weapon. Although, like any tool, it can only be as good as who uses it.

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In the anime, there are quite a few characters who have chosen the whip as their signature weapon. They have made it their own with enough time and practice, making the most of the sting this weapon provides.

10 Along with the keys to the Spirit Gate, Lucy also carries a whip (Fairy Tail).

Lucy Heartfilia's whip, Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia is Fairy tales Resident Celestial Spirit Mage, using his many keys to call the Celestial Spirits to come to his aid. However, some fans forget that his keys are not the only tools at his hand, as he also carries a whip to conserve his magic.

Despite being the type to try to avoid fighting, Lucy is quite skilled with the use of a whip. While she had a normal one, she later obtains a new whip from the spirit world called “Fleuve d’étoiles”. With this whip made of magical water, Lucy has a much greater impact range and powerful attacks that she can use when summoning her spirits is not an option.

9 Ann’s chosen melee weapon pairs well with her Persona (Persona 5: The Animation)

Ann Takamaki, Persona 5 the Animation

Ann Takamaki becomes one of person 5 Phantom Thieves after he follows Ren and Ryuji to Kamoshida’s palace in the Metaverse and awakens his Persona. Under the code name “Panther”, Ann becomes an essential member of the Phantom Thieves team. In addition to her Persona, Carmen, Ann fights with a machine gun and a whip.

In addition to making her reminiscent of DC’s Catwoman, Ann’s whip gives her a wide area of ​​control thanks to her weapon’s long reach, which pairs nicely with Carmen’s long-range abilities. With her whip, she has been able to take down Shadows big and small during Phantom Thieves heists.

8 Do-S’s whip gives him control over the minds of his enemies (One-Punch Man)

Do-S, one punch man

Monster Princess Do-S is a Demon Level monster and part of the Monster Association’s coordinated attack in Season 2 of One Punch Man. Sadistic and cruel, Do-S is a powerful foe who is capable of taking on multiple heroes at once, including Fubuki and his Blizzard Group. This is partly due to his signature weapon: a whip.

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In addition to being effective in battle, Do-S’s whip also allows him to take control of anyone struck by it, turning them into his mind-controlled “love slaves”. His whip gives him an advantage in large group fights, as he pits allies against each other.

7 Zakuro’s ZaCross Whip is as beautiful as it is powerful (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Mew Zakuro Tokyo Mew MEw

Zakuro Fujiwara is the fifth member to join Mew Mews in Tokyo Mew Mew, infused with the DNA of a wolf. Confident, smart, and mature, Zakuro ends up being an essential member of the Mew Mews who is capable enough to take out enemies without the help of others if need be.

Zakuro’s main weapon in battle is the ZaCross Whip, a cross-shaped hilt that creates a whip with purple energy that he uses for a ribbon-shaped cascade of energy slashes.

6 Renji’s Zabimaru is both a whip and a katana (bleach)

Renji from Bleach

On Bleach, each Soul Reaper has their own sword known as the Zanpakuto, all of which have their own unique shapes and abilities. Renji’s is called Zabimaru and in his Shikai state it would appear to be just a large katana with serrated teeth along the blade. However, Renji can separate the Zanpakuto’s segments from him into a whip.

With this, Renji’s attack range is greatly increased and seemingly has no limit: he can immobilize and attack his enemies from any distance. In Hihio Zabimaru’s form, Renji’s Zanpakuto takes on the appearance of a large skeletal snake that he still wields like a whip.

5 Aura’s whip complements her Beast Tamer (Overlord) class.

Aura Bella Fiora overlord

of the overlord Aura Bella Fiora may seem like a girl at first glance, but she is actually one of the Floor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and its resident beast tamer. Physically tough and skilled in the art of guerrilla warfare, Aura may not be as powerful as her fellow Guardians, but alongside her beasts, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Among her many pieces of equipment, Aura wields the whip called “Queen”. It may look like a regular whip, but it’s strong enough to rip enemies apart from a distance and probably combines with her beast tamer abilities to train the beasts under her command.

4 Midnight has several whips at her disposal (My Hero Academia)

midnight my hero academia

Given her theme as “The 18+ Hero,” Midnight definitely looks and acts like a dominatrix on top of being one of from my hero academia heroes with great success. With a quirk that puts people to sleep and a sadistic side that comes out during fights, Midnight can be a tough opponent.

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Midnight is also known to wield whips expertly, including a long whip and a shorter flogger whip, making her just as dangerous from a distance as she is up close.

3 Dino’s main weapon is his whip (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Dino, Katekyo Hitman Reborn

dinosaur of Catechism Hitman Reborn! he is the tenth head of the Cavallone Family and a key ally to Tsuna and the Vongola Family. Besides being a level-headed and soft-spoken leader with the air of an older brother, Dino is also quite combative, and his main weapon is a whip.

Dino has immense experience with his whip; he can expertly handle it in a fight and can even set it on fire using Sky Flames for even more powerful attacks. The only drawback is that he loses some of his abilities if none of his family members are near him, leading to some awkward slip-ups and occasionally accidental friendly fire.

two The Rose Whip is Kurama’s (Yu Yu Hakusho) signature technique.

Yu Yu Hakusho Kurama

kurama of Yuyu Hakusho He is a human/demon hybrid and an essential member of Yusuke’s crew. Able to manipulate plants at will, Kurama has many techniques, such as growing carnivorous and deadly plants or leaves that give him wings, but the most recognizable technique of his is his Rose Whip.

This long, spiny vine is made from Kurama’s demonic energy and is strong enough to cut through solid steel. With the Rose Whip, Kurama’s attacks become more lethal and long ranged. He even uses it to store the seeds of the Demon World plants that take root in his opponents.

1 Trevor’s whips are capable of killing powerful vampires (Castlevania)

On castlevania, Trevor Belmont is the last member of the Belmont clan, a family known for protecting humanity by hunting and exterminating monsters. Thanks to his lineage and experience, Trevor is a master with any weapon he chooses to wield, but among his many monster-slaying tools, he is most proficient with whips.

trevor begins Castlevania with his family’s whip, a holy weapon he uses to increase his range and mobility, while also being capable of killing vampires. He later also obtains an even stronger chain whip called the Morning Star. With both weapons at Trevor’s disposal, he ends up being a monster killing machine.

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