Miss Martian from Young Justice shines in a new cosplay

Miss Martian has been a fan-favorite member of Young Justice and Teen Titans, and now she shines with an amazing new cosplay from a fan on Twitter.

Miss Martian has left the Martian Manhunter shadow and became one of the rising stars of Young Justice, and now she shines with an amazing new cosplay. Miss Martian is the heart and soul of the team, and she is currently starring in an animated series that airs on HBO Max. Cosplayer @darkmattercos revealed a stunning take on a Miss Martian cosplay, perfectly capturing everything that’s great about the character.

Miss Martian first appeared in 2006 Teen Titans #37 and was created by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel. While they share the same homeworld as Martian Manhunter, they are of different races; Miss Martian belongs to the White Martian race, usually depicted as aggressive and warlike, while Martian Manhunter comes from the Green race. Sent away from Mars when she was a child, Miss Martian has renounced the ways of the White Martians and followed the Martian Manhunter on a heroic run as she masqueraded as the Green Martian. Miss Martian, whose real name is M’gann M’orzz, has been a part of various incarnations of the Teen Titans; she shares the same powers as Martian Manhunter, including her weakness to fire. Over the past 15 years, Miss Martian has become a fan favorite, jumping into various live-action and animated adaptations, including Young Justice, currently in its fourth season on HBO Max. Despite the character’s popularity, there haven’t been many cosplayers taking on Miss Martian, but @darkmattercos does exactly that, and the results are amazing.


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In a post on Twitter, @darkmattercos presented an impressive Miss Martian cosplay. The Twitter post preceded it with a quote from Miss Martian of the Young Justice Cartoon. @darkmattercos has dyed her skin green and wears a true to comics recreation of the Miss Martian costume. Miss Martian is depicted as happy and cheerful, hiding her harrowing past, and @darkmattercos captures this perfectly. Fans responded to the post, with almost 100 likes and enthusiastic comments; a fan modified the image and turned it into an action shot.

Miss Martian is a counterpoint to the Martian Manhunter. They both share the same homeworld but come from different races. Both have also lost their home world, and yet Miss Martian remains optimistic, much more so than Martian Manhunter. This quality has led fans to embrace her and was part of the reason she was added to Young Justice and the Teen Titans. Miss Martian takes all that is good about Martian Manhunter and subtracts much of the angst. @darkmattercos new shoot reminds fans why Miss Martian is such a great character.

cosplay attempts Martian Manhunter, or Miss Martian they are few and far between but @darkmattercos rises to the challenge and accomplishes all that is great young Justice heart and soul.

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