Top 10 Bleach Waifus, Ranked

Tite Kubo’s hit shonen manga series Bleach became a legendary anime series in 2004. Since then, anime fans around the world have fallen in love with bleach incredible cast of characters, from the heroic Ichigo Kurosaki to the smart and cool Uryu Ishida and the friendly Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki. everyone has their own favorite Bleach character.

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Anime fans can also choose their favorite waifu from bleach extensive cast of characters and they have some great options to choose from. An ideal waifu is not just an attractive character – the ultimate waifu is someone who is kind, smart, funny, tough, and generally an outstanding person who would be the ideal companion for any anime fan.

10 Nanao Ise is tough but fair and also loves books

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Nanao Ise was the lieutenant of Squad 8 under Captain Shunsui Kyoraku until they both moved to Squad 1. Nanao made her first appearance in the Soul Society Arc as Shunsui’s loyal but constantly irritated second-in-command, and she has a tsundere streak in her. , as well.

Nanao is loved for her sheer elegance and charming tsundere ways and she also has a responsible older sister personality that any anime fan would love. In fact, Shunsui almost sees her as some kind of beloved daughter.

9 Kukaku Shiba is like a firework

Kukaku Shiba belongs to a minor noble family, just like his late brother Kaien Shiba. Kukaku appeared early in the Soul Society Arc as a kido practitioner living in a strange mansion far from Seireitei and she was the key to getting Ichigo’s team where she needed to go.

Kukaku has a lot going for her, from her older sister personality to her kido skills to her flashy attitude and her ability to handle troublemakers. She certainly complained to Ganju and Ichigo a few times, but she always meant well, and that’s why Bleach fans love her.

8 Lisa Yadomaru is eccentric but cool

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Lisa Yadomaru is one of eight Visoreds, retired Soul Reapers who can summon their Hollow masks to aid them in battle. Among them, the quirky but cool Lisa Yadomaru is possibly the most popular, even if she’s not the strongest.

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Lisa is known for her braided ponytail, schoolgirl outfit, and most of all, her shameless kinky demeanor. She is often seen reading nude magazines and rudely pushes away anyone who questions her, which won over many. Bleach fans.

7 Riruka Dokugamine is a caring tsundere

many of bleach The best girls are hot-tempered tsunderes who act fierce and aloof at first, only to reveal their warm and caring side later, as per tsundere lore. This includes the Fullbring warrior Riruka Dokugamine, who starred in the Fullbring Arc.

Riruka has a vibrant and colorful personality; she also fell in love with Ichigo, which helped reveal the kinder side of her later in the arc. Many Bleach fans were sad to see Riruka go when the arc concluded.

6 Nelliel is a Waifu Arrancar


Most Arrancars, or Unmasked Hollows, are ruthless and bizarre characters that are far from ideal waifu or husbando material, however there are a few exceptions. That includes the lovely fallen Nelliel Espada, who was introduced in her adorable little girl form, but she’s more than that.

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Nelliel’s true form is that of a kind but tough young woman who can stand up to most modern Espadas and has an innocent and charming crush on Ichigo, who had saved her life at least once up to that point. Nelliel’s personality as a compassionate yet fearless warrior makes her a top-tier waifu, Hollow mask and all.

5 Tier Halibel is wise and mature

Despite her terrifying Hollow mask and utter loyalty to the cruel Sosuke Aizen, Halibel, the third level of Espada, won over many. Bleach fans with his stellar personality. She is among the most compassionate and understanding members of Espadas.

Halibel is a wise and caring warrior who cherishes all three of her factions, whom she sees as loving foster sisters rather than disposable minions, adding to her appeal. Halibel is also well-liked for her confidence in battle, even when facing multiple opponents.

4 Nemu Kurotsuchi is always worth protecting.

nemu kurotsuchi 1

Squad 12’s lieutenant is the soft-spoken Nemu Kurotsuchi, who was created by Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi in a laboratory. Mayuri’s “daughter” often helps him in battle and in the lab, although in the Soul Society Arc, Mayuri treated Nemu very badly during a battle. Even Nemu’s enemy, Uryu Ishida, felt bad for her.

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Nemu and Uryu soon became good friends and ever since, Bleach fans have absolutely loved Nemu for her generous and strangely innocent demeanor; she won’t hesitate to risk her life for the sake of a friend. She is also deceptively powerful and can punch through rocks with her bare hands.

3 Rukia Kuchiki is Ichigo’s Soul Reaper friend.

bleach rukia kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki was the first Soul Reaper to appear in Bleach and in the first season of the anime, she was definitely the best girl. There are so many things I like about her, from her love of all things rabbit to her whimsical sense of humor and curiosity about human life, and so much more.

Rukia is also loved as bleach best tsundere, a small but tough Soul Reaper who won’t take nonsense from anyone, least of all troublemakers like Kon or even Ichigo himself. She also has the compassionate and vulnerable side to her, all of which completes this excellent waifu.

two Rangiku Matsumoto is so funny

Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto is the second in command of Squad 10 and although she is a powerful officer, that is not why Bleach Fans love this waifu so much. Among other things, Rangiku is known for her bright and optimistic personality, being a total deredere who can befriend absolutely anyone. For her, it’s always party time.

Rangiku is also noted for her compassion and empathy, such as when she comforted a distraught Orihime Inoue as a caring older sister. Rangiku is also quietly confident and comfortable with who she is, which is an attractive trait in anyone.

1 Yoruichi Shihoin is an even better Rangiku

Yoruichi makes a cunning reaction

There’s a lot to love about Rangiku Matsumoto, but Bleach‘s number one waifu, rogue ninja Yoruichi Shihoin, is unbeatable. Yoruichi is a fearless and confident martial artist and assassin who fears no enemy and also made a great personal sacrifice for Kisuke in the past.

Above all, Yoruichi is loved for her playful and bright personality. She is a prankster and goofball who loves to annoy other characters, even Byakuya, and always gets her way. She also has the compassionate side of her and will risk her life for a friend in need.

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