Moon Knight Cosplay Features Ms. Knight in an Amazing Costume

In a stunning new Moon Knight cosplay, Taya Miller (@tayamillerrr) brings Ms. Knight to life in a stunning costume for the hero.

Warning! Possible spoilers for moon knight comics and streaming series below

wonderfully moon knight has one of the most iconic costumes in comics, and in a stunning new cosplay by Taya Miller (@tayamillerrr), the hero who works in the dark gets an exciting turn as Mrs. Knight. The cosplay introduces a new look for the antihero, as the Marvel Comics star gets a unique costume that makes Ms. Knight look amazing.

Moon Knight, created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, first appeared on the pages of werewolf at night #32. The hero, who gained his powers from the moon god Khonshu after being brought back to life following his murder as a mercenary, would become a key part of the darker and weirder side of the Marvel Comics Universe. The hero, also known as Marc Spector, suffers from dissociative identity disorder, leading him to take on four different personas, including cabbie Jake Lockley, billionaire Steven Grant, and dashing Mr. Knight. Moon Knight’s popularity has skyrocketed following his live-action debut in this week’s new MCU streaming series of the same name on Disney+, where he is portrayed by Oscar Isaac.


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About his Twitter account, cosplayer, and TikTok star Taya Miller (@TayaMillerrr) shared her amazing Moon Knight cosplay, which features a fun twist on the popular Marvel Comics anti-hero. Ms. Knight’s look reimagines the Moon Knight costume as she maintains her classic black and white color scheme and features her moon logo on the white chest plate, belt, and helmet. The look is uniquely styled, as the chest plate is an eye-catching design choice, paired perfectly with his flowing white cape against the backdrop of the night. Of course, she wouldn’t be Moon Knight without a crescent dart in the character’s hand as she wields her iconic weapon in readiness for action. Check out the photo from @GeekStrongTV.

You can see more behind-the-scenes photos of Ms. Knight Moon Knight cosplay on Taya Miller’s Instagram account, where she talks about building her first armored costume alongside @armoredcosplay. The costume turned out great as it honors Moon Knight but at the same time does something new with the character.

Ms. Knight may not be an official character in the Marvel Universe (although there have been some recent takes on a female version of the antihero), but the cosplay shows that she would definitely be welcome. Miller and everyone involved did a stellar job on the remix. moon knight set.

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Source: Taya Miller – Twitter

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