Why [SPOILER]’s new form changes everything

One piece has been around for decades, and each arc reveals and connects intricate details that fans may have missed or not expected. The most recent manga chapter has generated a lot of heat regarding the true nature of Luffy’s new devil fruit. Chapter 1043 revealed that Luffy is facing a crushing defeat from Kaido, one of the four emperors. After defeating Luffy, Kaido revels in his victory, which ultimately lasted shortly after Luffy unlocks his true form.

After the Luffy-Kaido battle in Chapter 1043, Momonosuke states that he cannot hear Luffy’s voice, which was confirmed by Captain Kid and Trafalgar Law. This revelation sends the samurai and the Straw Hats into a panic; Momonosuke decides to surrender to Kaido, but Yamato convinces him not to give up, preventing the Samurais’ and Straw Hats’ collaborative efforts from going to waste. Suddenly though, Momonosuke hears Zunesha’s voice, revealing Joy Boy’s rebirth after 800 years. At the same time, Luffy’s body structure changes and what appears to be steam emanates from his mouth.


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Who is JoyBoy?

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There has been a lot of mystery surrounding the character of Joy Boy. He was a central figure who contributed to the history of Fish-Man Island during the Void Century. Joy Boy’s first mention was in Chapter 628 of One piece, during the discovery of the Sea Forest Poneglyph and its deciphering by Nico Robin. Joy Boy took Noah to Fishman Island 900 years before the One piece timeline He makes a promise to the citizens of Fish-Man Island, which he was unable to keep. Later, Joy Boy’s apology message to Poseidon for not keeping his promise was discovered on one of the poneglyphs.

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Joy Boy was also mentioned in Gold Roger – Kozuki Oden’s flashback in the Wano arc as the individual who hid the One piece on the island, Laugh Tale. These revelations imply that Joy Boy was a key figure in One piece despite the constant suppression of any information about him by the oppressive World Government. It can also be inferred from the current chapters that Joy Boy is not a person, but a key title designated to a person trying to “liberate” the world from oppression.

Chapter 1044, affirmed these suggestions; Zunesha states that Joy Boy has returned, revealing that he hears the “Release Drums” that sync up with the awakening of Luffy’s Devil Fruit, Gomu Gomu No Mi. After Luffy wakes up, he is surprised that he is still alive as he ponders the possibility. Luffy is aware that he should have lost to Kaido, but instead feels a surge of new energy when he names his new form, “Gear Five”, the peak of his powers.

Are there hidden truths in the Gomu Gomu No Mi fruit?


Meanwhile, the scenario changes and it is revealed that the Five Elders in charge of the World Government in the Holy Land, Mary Geoise, are discussing a stolen Devil Fruit. An old man reveals his exasperation at the sacrifice of one of his elite agents who was sent to Wano. This CPO agent was mortally wounded by Drake, who impales him from behind with his sword in Chapter 1042. The member also mentions that his efforts backfired as they ended up angering Kaido. Another member justifies his actions by suggesting that it is necessary to get rid of dangerous variables. A different member also reveals the World Government’s failure to acquire Gomu Gomu No Mi, Luffy’s Devil Fruit, for about 800 years. The member further states that the Devil Fruit appears to have a mind of its own, revealing that Gomu Gomu No Mi was actually a mythical Zoan, shocking. One piece fans from all over the world. Generally, Zoan Fruits have a mind of their own, but Gomu Gomu No Mi’s evasion was on a different scale.

Also, in the World Government council discussion, it was revealed that the real name of the Devil Fruit called “Gomu Gomu no Mi” was Hito Hito no Mi (human-human fruit), Model: Nika. This Devil Fruit has the name of a god, Nika. On One pieceThough little information about Nika has been revealed, he is revered as the Sun God, a savior, and more. Hito Hito no Mi Fruits allow its user to have a rubber body, with the limitation of only his imagination. Luffy harnessed this terrifying power, the main reason why he was able to change the direction of his blows during the first round of his fight with Kaido at Onigashima. People who eat the Human-Human fruit have the god abilities after their Devil Fruit Awakening.

As the perspective of the story changes from the elders’ discussion of Hito Hito no MI’s power to Onigashima, Luffy unlocks his Gear Five as lightning emanates from it, knocking out Kaido’s subordinates. Suddenly, a large hand appears, apparently Luffy’s, grabs Kaido and swings him with little effort, before throwing him to the ground. Luffy is revealed to have fire-colored hair, as he laughs for some unknown reason. Kaido apologizes for the CPO’s interference in their previous battle before shooting Luffy. Luffy evades it in time, raising a part of the ground, redirecting Kaido’s offensive ability at him. Luffy’s facial features are now revealed, showing his curly eyebrows and darker eyes.

These new revelations in One piece raises a lot of questions, going back to Shanks getting the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit. Possibly Shanks orchestrated the entire saga, or already knew about the true nature of the Fruit. Either way, Oda has more in store for One piece fans sooner or later.

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