My Dress-Up Darling Season 1’s Biggest Plot Twists

My dear in disguise was a highly successful romantic comedy anime in the winter 2022 season, starring the lively cosplay enthusiast Kitagawa Marin and her new partner, the shy but hard-working Gojo Wakana. They soon embarked on an educational and uplifting journey into the world of cosplay together, and both gained a lot from it.

The story of My dear in disguise is told in just 12 episodes, but still managed to include some intriguing and significant plot twists and developments that kept the series moving at a healthy pace. Fans can look back fondly. and remember the most shocking plot twists that helped the story and its characters.

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When Gojo agreed to make a Shizuka-Tan cosplay for Marin

Gojo works on Marin's cosplay in My Dress Up Darling

When Gojo and Marin met in early My dear in disguiseMarin made a request: that Gojo, the dollmaker, become her cosplay expert and help her make a costume of her favorite. slippery girls 2 character, Shizuka-Tan. This request is what helped forge their new friendship, and Gojo gladly accepted the challenge.

The project helped establish their friendship, but it also showed how dedicated Gojo is to his craft. She surprised Marin when she went out of her way to finish her cosplay in record time, which helped set the tone for her character’s future.

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When Gojo called Marin beautiful

How My Dress-Up Darling's Marin and Gojo Built Anime's Healthiest Friendship

After Gojo worked so hard on her cosplay, Marin went ahead and attended a cosplay event where everyone took a picture. On the train ride home, Gojo nonchalantly commented on Marin’s beauty as he, as a hina doll maker, equates her with quality and good craftsmanship. In her eyes, Marin was like a high-quality living hina doll, but Marin took it differently.

This was a confession of love to his ears, and it changed the tone of their platonic friendship. Flattered, Marin developed an immediate and innocent crush on Gojo and maintained those feelings throughout the show, to the point of becoming jealously possessive. He even made the Yandere trademark stare at one point, though no one was around to see it.

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When Gojo combined his two hobbies to improve his skills

gojo wakana

What My dear in disguise continued, Gojo had to put his hobbies with hina dolls on hold to make time to cosplay with Marin, and it was fine. He had run into a wall with the hina dolls after trying hard to paint their faces correctly, but to his pleasant surprise, he discovered that he could actually combine his hobbies.

Putting on Marin’s cosplay makeup multiple times, Gojo became better at cosmetics, which meant he could paint the Hina dolls’ faces better than ever. His hobbies had become more than the sum of his parts, which boded well for his future with each hobby. Gojo’s growth was faster than many expected.

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When Inui Sajuna joined the cast of My Dress-Up Darling

juju in the bedroom

Marin’s cosplay idol and role model, popular cosplayer Inui Sajuna, has arrived to help Marin and Gojo take their hobby to the next level. In particular, he wanted Gojo to make him a custom suit with his characteristic quality. Along the way, Sajuna and his new friends learned a lot from each other.

Gojo and Marin learned new strategies for costume creation and photography from Sajuna, while she, in turn, learned the value of Gojo’s homemade cosplay and came to appreciate his expert technique. Having Sajuna was a clear step forward for Marin and Gojo’s budding cosplaying career together.

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When Inui Shinju also decided to cosplay

shinju inui in the anime My Dress-Up Darling

Sajuna’s little sister Shinju was happy to be her follower and little else, as the latter lacked the confidence to try cosplay on her own. However, after meeting Gojo and Marin, Shinju finally worked up the courage to try out her first cosplay, showing remarkable character growth. She amazed everyone My dear in disguise with her crossover game as a dark-haired male anime character, and now she’s a confident cosplayer who’s ready to show what she can do to the world.

Marin in disguise in the anime My Dress Up Darling

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