My Hero Academia Flipped Cosplay Makes Deku And All Might Healthy

In adorable My Hero Academia cosplays, @RiriSmiOfficial and @panterona868 give the inverted heroes an awesome wholesome time.

Warning! Possible spoilers for my hero academia below

on the pages of my hero academia, Deku and All Might have a pretty serious relationship, as the big hero wants to train the teenager on how to best use his powerful Quirk and all that goes with it. In a new cosplay from @RiriSmiOfficial and @panterona868, the popular manga and anime duo share a wholesome moment as All Might welcomes his biggest superfan with an adorable hug and photo.

Deku starts out as a Quirkless All Might superfan whose dream of becoming one of the world’s greatest heroes has nearly impossible odds since he was born without his powers. However, after a chance encounter with the wielder of the One For All Quirk, All Might agrees to pass on his power and legacy to the powerless young man. Also, he decides to train him to become an amazing hero. In one of the most moving moments of a later chapter of the my hero academia manga and anime, after Deku manages to get out of a dangerous situation without getting hurt, All Might tells him that even though his power fades, he will continue to raise him and work together to make sure he becomes a great hero. Although strained at times, the couple’s relationship has become something special over time.


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On his Twitter account, cosplayer @ panterona868 shared her and @RiriSmiOfficial’s cosplay of the two heroes from My Hero Academia, where Deku and All Might share an adorable moment together. In a video (shot by @FanServiceRenji), the flipped versions of the two characters have a sweet moment, when Deku meets All Might in front of a con. Unable to contain her excitement, Deku gives All Might a hug before sharing a photo together. Click on the video below (volume warning) to see the cosplays in action.

The cosplays themselves are perfect, as the inverted look features All Might’s iconic hero costume and headpiece, but with longer blonde hair. Meanwhile, Deku sports his first costume, as he sports a green jumpsuit with a red belt and knee and elbow pads. Together the duo make a great All Might and Deku.

We’re always happy to see healthy cosplays, and with Reversed Deku and All Might, @RiriSmiOfficial and @panterona868 did a fabulous job of bringing the heroes to life for a shared moment. the my hero academia the appearances are accurate to the manga and show the connection between the two popular characters.

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