Naruto: The 10 Strongest Sand Ninjas, Ranked

Of all the towns hidden in naruto, Hidden Sand Village has produced some of the strongest, fiercest, and deadliest shinobi. Though they started out as the main antagonists of the series, the Sand Village ninjas eventually became some of the Leaf Village’s closest allies, no doubt benefiting from their alliance later on.

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If they hadn’t become allies, it’s easy to imagine the series would have taken a drastically different turn. From Granny Chiyo to Sasori and of course Gaara, the sand ninjas have clearly made some of the strongest shinobi in the entire world. naruto.

10 Yashamaru — Forced to make an impossible decision

We didn’t get to see much of Yashamaru in naruto, but his brief role in the series proved pivotal. By making the difficult decision to protect the village from him at the cost of his relationship with young Gaara, Yashamaru made a sacrifice few could.

While he was ultimately no match for the jinchuriki that Gaara is, he did what he could, however brief it was. Perhaps if he were given more of his backstory, viewers would see more of his strength and capabilities.

9 Baki – A skilled shinobi but with limited abilities

baki orochimaru and minato

Baki was introduced during the Chunin Exams as Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro’s level-headed sensei. When Orochimaru attacked Konoha, his wind blade proved to be deadly, even equaling the strength of a steel blade.

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Aside from a formidable attack, however, he had few other jutsu to show for it. They are unlikely to have rivaled the wind blade jutsu. Later in the series, Baki played more of an advisory role, namely to Gaara, perhaps due to his limited shinobi prowess.

8 Kankuro – A Deadly Puppeteer

6 Kankuro of the Sand Town

Brash and arrogant yet loyal, Kankuro was one of Gaara’s closest allies from the beginning of the series and remained so until the end. His main skill was the use of a three-pronged puppet. This puppet, named Karasu, was originally created by Sasori but inherited by Kankuro.

Karasu was capable of a multitude of different offensive and defensive attacks. Kankuro could masterfully control his opponents and attack them when they least expected it, and this certainly benefited him in many of his fights.

7 Temari — Don’t get in the way of her fan

naruto theme

Cunning, intelligent, and equally fierce, Temari was one of Gaara’s oldest and closest allies, along with Kankuro. Just like Kankuro, Temari stayed that way until the end. Wielding the Giant Folding Fan, his wind fan technique was quite powerful.

He could produce strong gusts of wind that were devastating to his enemies and came in handy at many opportune moments. It once cut down an entire forest and it was an equally effective defensive technique. As any fan of the series could tell you, Temari was a force to be reckoned with.

6 Pakura – A Master of Taijutsu

Pakura edo tensei scorch releases floating fireballs

Pakura was a skilled kunoichi renowned throughout the Hidden Sadden Village and was known as the “Hero of Sunagakure”. She possessed excellent taijutsu ability as a skilled close-range fighter, and could anticipate her opponent’s moves and react accordingly.

However, Pakura’s strength wasn’t just limited to her taijutsu skills. He possessed a kekkei genkai known as Scorch Release. These attacks were deadly, seamlessly ripping apart his opponents and evaporating the water within his bodies, leaving them as dry corpses.

5 Challenge – The First Kazekage

Every inaugural leader deserves praise. The founder of the Hidden Sand Village and the first Kazekage, Reto was claimed to have brought all of the desert shinobi under his control due to his immense power. Admittedly, viewers didn’t get to see much of Reto and were barely exposed to the full capabilities of his dexterity.

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That being said, that he was able to unify all the shinobi living in the desert is a testament to his top-tier strength. Reto died an unfortunate death, as he was plagued by the curse of all the Kazekages. Still, his political skill, intellect, and undeniable power were not to be taken lightly in the series.

4 Granny Chiyo – The Original Puppeteer

mrs chiyo

She is small, old and seemingly fragile, but viewers know not to be fooled by her appearance. Granny Chiyo was absolutely one of the most skilled puppeteers in the series. Granny Chino introduced the ability to Sasori and nearly perfected her abilities throughout her life, which proved useful to Sakura in her battle against Sasori.

However, her old age coupled with her use of non-poisonous puppets made Granny Chiyo less of a lethal force than Kankuro or Sasori. The fact that she was immensely skilled and powerful despite her age deserves her high rank among sand shinobi.

3 The third Kazekage: has incredible power

Although very little was known about him, the Third Kazekage was considered the strongest sand ninja in the entire world. naruto. His ability to manipulate iron powder and control dust produced incredibly deadly attacks and immensely impressive forms that could intimidate even the deadliest and most terrifying. naruto enemies

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He even recreated Shukaku’s jinchuriki, also known as the One-Tailed Beast, which was sealed within Gaara. Ultimately, he met his demise at the hands of one of his former students, the puppeteer Sasori.

two Sasori – The Deadliest Puppeteer

sasori confidence smile naruto

A more jovial looking and polished version of Gaara, Sasori was without a doubt one of the scariest members of Akatsuki. He is also among the most cunning and sadistic sand ninja in the series. The puppeteer Sasori even turned his own body into a puppet, making him virtually immortal.

While his role was limited, the “red sand” shinobi showcased the lethal potential of his puppeteering skills to give viewers a lasting and terrifying impression of his immense power and skill.

1 Gaara: an amazing ninja, with an equally amazing story arc

When he was first introduced in the series, Gaara was perhaps the most threatening of all the shinobi, let alone the sand ninja, at that point in the show. He was born to kill, with a terrifying bloodlust constantly in his eyes, and his trademark sand coffin was downright terrifying.

Fortunately, he and the Sand Village became one of the closest allies in the Leaf Village. He became the Kazekage in the interval between the original series and Shippuden and even saved Naruto’s life.

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