The 10 worst ways to die in Dragon Ball

akira toriyama Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime properties of all time and there is still no end in sight for this series of explosive and hyperbolic action. The fundamental principles of Dragon Ball remain unchanged since their inception in the 1980s, but it’s impressive how the franchise has gradually changed through the years.

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the bets on Dragon Ball it will only grow and there have never been more individuals who can destroy the planet on a whim. Death is inevitable in a series like Dragon Ball and many beloved characters have come to an end on the battlefield, some even more than once, but some means of execution are more horrible than others.

10 Drained or absorbed by the cell

Anime Dragon Ball Z Imperfect Cell Body Drain

The villains who threaten the safety of Earth in Dragon Ball they are typically separated by the heroes to minimize the number of unnecessary kills. However, some of the most chilling sequences in the entire series are when the villains cause chaos in the middle of the city and incite mass panic.

Cell’s means of destruction are particularly chilling. In his Imperfect state, it is necessary that he drain people’s lives and leave them as dry husks. It’s extremely annoying to experience, but it’s also visually disturbing. Cell’s final absorptions of the androids with his tail are also hard to see.

9 Turned into candy by Buu and eaten

Cell’s absorption technique is the stuff of nightmares, but Majin Buu tries to outdo his predecessor when it comes to awkward execution methods. Buu is such a terrifying presence because his incredible power is combined with an almost childlike mindset.

This unstable union resorts to playful yet morbid tricks that leave only Buu amused. Buu turns a lot of people into chocolate., sweets and even an egg, which he proceeds to consume or simply destroy. Buu’s transformative powers are no laughing matter, but being turned to stone by Dabura’s demonic saliva makes for an equally morbid ending.

8 Eternal prisons like Evil Containment Wave and The Dead Zone

Goku uses Evil Containment Wave, Dragon Ball Super

Death can often be treated as the worst possible consequence, but shows like Dragon Ball point out that there are actually fates that can be much worse than being plucked from the mystery. The original Dragon Ball establishes the Containment Wave of Evil, an extremely powerful technique used to seal away the most malevolent forces.

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Being locked up by the Evil Containment Wave isn’t exactly death, but it’s just as limiting. Additionally, characters like Garlic Jr. have achieved immortality, only to later be trapped in eternal confinement through the Dead Zone. None of these are preferable destinations.

7 Crushed or squeezed to death by a great ape

Dragon Ball has grown a lot since its inception and there are certain important elements that have now receded into the background, such as the violent form of a Saiyan great ape. Super Saiyan transformations have made something like the Great Ape irrelevant, but it’s been around since the original series and can deal exceptional damage.

Great apes are treated as blunt weapons of destruction and it would be horrible to be stepped on by one, eaten or crushed by its body. Vegeta’s great ape form also tries to squeeze the life out of Goku with his gigantic legs, which is one of Dragon Ball‘s most shocking acts of torture.

6 Body swapped into an animal and left to die

Captain Ginyu (as a frog) prepares to switch bodies with Tagoma in Dragon Ball Super's Resurrection 'F' arc

It has been a long time since the Ginyu Force was relevantbut they represent some of the most dangerous and unique characters from the first half of Dragon Ball Z. The leader of the mercenary group, Captain Ginyu, possesses a debilitating body-swap technique that he has used to take over increasingly powerful hosts, including Goku.

Ginyu’s powers backfire on him and he meets a terrible fate where he is trapped in the body of a frog and forced to live like that for decades. A future in an animal prison isn’t the norm with Ginyu’s “Change Now” maneuver, but it’s still a dark possibility.

5 Marooned on an exploding planet

the battles in Dragon Ball have reached such explosive heights that it is not uncommon for the climax of a fight culminate in the destruction of the planet as a last ditch effort to eliminate the competition.

Planets like Namek, Vegeta, and even Earth have faced destruction in Dragon Ball, which generally means a genocide level of deaths. The Dragon Balls can often reverse this carnage, but anyone who has to watch their entire planet self-destruct while out with it is sure to be left with some traumatic memories.

4 psychically exploited from within

There are many characters in Dragon Ball possessing physical strength so great that a single blow could probably break every bone in someone’s body. However, there is no shortage of enemies with impressive psychic abilities, or just general mastery over ki manipulation, who don’t need to physically get their hands dirty.

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This radical power means characters can telekinetically levitate and restrain others, but also cause them to explode from the inside out. One of the most disturbing applications of this is when Frieza blows up Krillinwho is completely scared by the ordeal.

3 Buu’s Human Extinction Attack Targets All of Humanity

Anime Dragon Ball Super Buu Human Extinction Attack Kami's Lookout

Majin Buu is easily one of the strongest villains in Dragon Ball. Buu has terrified the mighty Kai in the past, but he decimates the planet’s population more than the enemies of the past. Buu’s boredom and ambivalence as he waits for a worthy opponent results in massive losses for the innocents of Earth.

Majin’s threat reveals a devastating technique that he morbidly calls his Human Extinction Attack. A barrage of life-seeking energy attacks targets and wipes out almost all of Earth’s surviving humans, many of whom have no idea what is happening.

two Become collateral damage in Future Trunks’ apocalyptic timeline

Future Trunks is one of Dragon Ball‘s most famous characters and part of their appeal comes from their tragic backstory. Future Trunks travels through time to warn Goku and company about the upcoming Android invasion. that has destroyed your timeline and left him as one of the few surviving heroes.

Androids 17 and 18 maliciously slaughter the population of Earth and it would be horrible to have it get out of their hands. Even after his defeat, Goku Black devastates Future Trunks’ timeline and humanity descends back into a vulnerable place.

1 A death from natural causes guarantees a permanent journey to the afterlife

A natural death of old age seems like it would be one of the best ways to get out in Dragon Ball, but there are strange rules in the universe that turn this peaceful step into an unfortunate responsibility.

The Dragon Balls can bring people who have fallen in battle back to life, but they cannot reverse natural deaths. A natural death might technically be more serene than flying into battle, but the latter allows for chances of resurrection and another chance at existence.

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