Netflix’s Live Action One Piece Teases A Big Reveal With New Footage

A mysterious new image hints at a reveal coming next week about Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series.

Two mysterious new photos hint at upcoming news on the live action. One piece TV series. Created by Eiichiro Oda in 1996, One piece debuted in Weekly Shōnen Jump Next year. What was initially supposed to be a five-year story about pirate Luffy searching for the legendary treasure, One Piece, turned into a nearly 25-year epic and, according to Oricon, one of the best-selling manga in history. Luffy’s story has transformed from a naive orphaned boy hoping to become the next pirate king to one of a man and his formidable crew fighting life-and-death battles against some of the world’s most powerful pirates, unraveling ancient mysteries. in the process.


Netflix announced its bold live-action project in early 2020, aiming to produce the first adaptation of Oda’s legendary series. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic halted production in One piece and numerous other projects before resuming in March 2021, with filming finally beginning in January 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa. A couple of months before that, Netflix announced the core of the Straw Hat Pirates and their respective cast members. Now, new footage hints at something intriguing coming out of the production camp.

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the official japanese One piece The Twitter feed shares a photo with various tempting components. Two photographs rest on a table, one showing the production location in Cape Town (taken directly from a popular Google image) and the other revealing Luffy’s iconic straw hat which becomes the symbol of his crew. pirate. Alongside the photographs are a newsboy cap, a candle, and a pair of glasses on top of a notebook. A caption accompanies the image, roughly translated to “Two more photos arrived. Straw hat and this place… is it a port? On March 28, something will happen..” Check out the tweet below:

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The glasses look vaguely familiar to the ones Koby wears, recently released along with five others (including various antagonists). Although they are not the central element of this image, they are a curious addition that One piece fans will no doubt ponder until March 28. The newsboy’s cap doesn’t seem to have any immediate meaning, but the two photographs certainly do. The image of Cape Town is relevant, because it is the filming location of the first season of the series, but it could indicate the appearance of one of the first islands that the Straw Hats visit. The image of the actual straw hat could hint at a teaser image of actor Iñaki Godoy in Luffy’s outfit.

Of course, this is all speculation. Fans who responded to the tweet theorize that a trailer is on the way, though, with only two months of filming completed, that seems unlikely. Other than that, if the large-scale built pirate ships believed to belong to Alvida and Don Krieg are any indication, any sneak peek content coming out of the project should be exciting. One piece Readers, who are used to speculating about what comes next in a story riddled with callbacks and long-term plot devices, will have to wait until next week to see what happens. One piece live action team has in store.

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