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Portgas D. Ace is one of the most influential and memorable characters in One piece. Ace was just as beloved as the show’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. He started out as a hardened punk who didn’t want Luffy to follow him. Eventually, Ace grew fond of Luffy and, along with Sabo, they became brothers. After Sabo’s “death”, Ace and Luffy grew closer, and he took the role of older brother to him seriously. As he was also adopted by Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, Ace found a home with Luffy’s family and grew up in the same hometown as Luffy until he ventured out to become a pirate.

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During his journey to the New World, Ace consumed the Flame-Flame Fruit and joined the Whitebeard Pirates. Ace was the commander of the pirate Whitebeard’s second division, his powerful abilities and his position with one of the strongest pirate crews in the pirate world made him a recognized force. Ace lived an impressive life and loved Luffy deeply; just like the devil fruit he had, he lived his life with enthusiasm.

10 “Sorry, I’m not interested in living 1000 years. I just need to live today.”

ace smile

When Ace first arrived in Alabasta, fans knew that he was looking for Luffy, but they didn’t know why. As he showed a man in the market Luffy’s wanted poster, he offered him a golden apple that would allow him to live 1000 years.

Ace quickly let the knight know that he is more of a live in the moment type of person. Ace’s response foreshadowed that fans of fun-loving adventurers would soon fall in love.

9 “One of your men could use a lesson in manners.”

Ace fire bullets

Ace was a very soft character. He was effortlessly smooth, and his diction reflected it. As he approached Marshall D. Teach, one of Teach’s men reacted too quickly by shooting Ace.

His bullets had no effect and he responded by telling Teach that his crewmate needed “a lesson in manners”. Teach tried to warn the crew members about him by telling them that they didn’t stand a chance against Ace, but it was too late. Ace responded by launching several fire bullets.

8 “You may be smoke, but I am fire.”

Ace prepares to fight the smoker

Ace wasn’t the only one looking for Luffy in Alabasta. Smoker is a Marine officer who possesses the Moku-Moku no mi devil fruit, which allows him to manipulate it and turn it into smoke. Fortunately, Ace met up with Smoker just before meeting up with Luffy.

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As Ace stood firmly in front of Smoker, he warned him about his Logia-type abilities. Ace was completely unbothered and gave his own statement.

7 “It’s natural for an older brother to worry about his clumsy little brother.”

Ace protects Luffy

Before their fight, Smoker wanted to know why Ace was going out of his way to protect Luffy. His answer finally revealed his relationship with Luffy. He was Luffy’s brother.

Ace quickly took on the role of big brother as he gave Luffy and his crewmates time to escape while holding off Smoker. This statement set the tone for their relationship and left fans eager to witness their interactions as well as their backstory.

6 “I’m going to make Whitebeard the king.”

Ace wants to make Whitebeard king

Ace was extremely passionate about his relationship with Whitebeard. Whitebeard, was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and possibly the strongest pirate in the New World. He considered all of his crew members to be his sons. Ace’s biological father was the infamous Gol D. Roger.

Ace never had a relationship with his father, but was raised by Luffy’s grandfather Monkey D. Garp and Curly Dadan. Once he ventured into the pirate world, he developed a family relationship with Whitebeard and the rest of the Whitebeard Pirate crew. As Commander of the 2nd Division, Ace dedicated his life to making Whitebeard’s dream of becoming the King of the Pirates come true.

5 “I fully understand how great the power of darkness is.”

Ace vs Blackbeard

During Ace’s epic battle against Blackbeard, Blackbeard menacingly asked Ace to join his team. He admired Ace’s determination and his skills with the Devil Fruit. His greed for his power fueled his desire to have someone like Ace on his team. As he began to display his newly acquired devil fruit, the Yami Yami no Mi, which allows him to control darkness, he boasted that “his devil fruit is said to be the most evil devil power in the history of devil fruit.” “.

Ace responded with a clever pun addressing the darkness that Blackbeard embraced in order to obtain his devil fruit. Blackbeard killed his crewmate Thatch to possess his Dark-Dark Fruit, and was in the process of betraying Ace when he displayed the strength of his fruit. Ace established himself as a better man by resisting the temptation of darkness and betrayal, unlike his former crewmate.

4 “What I saw there, Jinbei, Luffy wasn’t just the kid following me anymore. He had such reliable friends. He’ll be fine no matter what.”

While Ace was chained up in Impel Down, he had a thoughtful conversation with Jinbe. As children, Ace initially hated Luffy following him around. He did everything he could to dissuade Luffy from going out with him. After their exchange of sake, Ace, Luffy, and Sabo became brothers.

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After setting out on their respective pirate journeys, Ace and Luffy hadn’t seen each other in years. Remembering their first meeting since they left their hometown, Ace was proud of how much his younger brother had grown. He recognized his maturity and was confident in Luffy’s future.

3 “If I give in to power, there is no point in being born a man. I will never leave anything to regret later in life.”

Ace talking to Blackbeard

Ace told Blackbeard that one of the reasons he couldn’t let him go was because Luffy was his younger brother. This surprised Blackbeard, as he planned to hand Luffy over to the Marines.

Ace criticized Blackbeard’s methods. Blackbeard didn’t care who he had to betray or kill to achieve his nefarious goals. Ace was a loyal and good-hearted person. The lure of power was not enough for him to compromise his morality.

two “Whitebeard is the great pirate who shaped this era. Don’t make fun of the man who saved my life.”

Ace fire powers

Ace’s love for Whitebeard and his temper were ultimately his undoing. Luffy managed to rescue his brother from execution, they were almost free at home. Akainu did not want to accept victory from him and as a last resort provoked Ace by disrespecting Whitebeard.

Despite everyone’s warnings, Ace took the bait and returned to fight Akainu. After his powers collided, Akainu turned to attack Luffy. Luffy was unable to defend himself and Ace jumped in front of him taking the full impact of Akainu’s magma blow. His fist pierced right through Ace, who protected his younger brother with his life.

1 “Could you say what I’m going to say now? Pops, everyone, and you, Luffy. Thank you for loving someone like me, who is good for nothing. And who has so much bad blood in his veins, until today, thank you.” .”

last words

Luffy held Ace in his arms after his brother rescued him. In Ace’s last moments, he was thankful for everyone in his life. He smiled as he reflected on his loved ones and the life he led.

Although everyone labeled him useless due to his lineage, he had a lot of love in his life. None of the negative things the Marines said about Ace were true, but growing up without his parents took a toll on his self-esteem. Despite this, Ace was able to die with a smile on his face: he was loved.

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