One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy Is Now Shonen Jump Publisher’s Artificial Intelligence Receptionist

One Piece hero Monkey D. Luffy changes careers when publisher Shueisha introduces a new artificial intelligence receptionist to help guests at his head office.

The Shueisha publishing house introduced a unique new addition to its offices: an artificial intelligence receptionist with the voice and appearance of One pieceby Monkey D. Luffy.

Twitter user @moritsuu, who is a Shueisha employee, showed a video of Luffy on his first day of work. Luffy’s AI can perform a number of reception tasks, including welcoming visitors to the building, helping them check in for appointments, and providing directions. Much like the voice assistants you’d find on a modern smart device, Luffy’s AI doesn’t use pre-recorded lines to speak, instead using AI-synthesized voice to mimic the voice and speech patterns of Mayumi Tanaka, who has voiced the character. since the One piece The anime debuted in 1999. Shueisha says that the AI ​​receptionist is currently only available to employees and visitors who have official business within its headquarters, though the company plans to give the public a chance to interact with Luffy at some point in the future.

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Luffy has some extra time on his hands to take on the new receptionist job, as the One piece The anime is currently on hiatus. The next new episode of the series was delayed indefinitely following a hacking incident at the Toei Animation studio on March 6; an unauthorized third party accessed the company’s online infrastructure, leading to the shutdown of the studio’s private networks and substantial production delays on several of its most popular properties. In addition to shows like One piece and Digimon: Ghost Gamethe hack has also delayed the release of Dragon Ball Super: Superherowhich was originally planned to open in Japan this April, with a North American release to follow this summer.

The Toei Animation hack does not seem to have affected the production of One Piece Film: Red, the last animated film in the franchise. The producers of the series recently unveiled a first look at the new extra pirate costumes that the Straw Hat team will wear during the new movie, which is scheduled to open on August 6 in Japan. In the movie, Luffy and his friends travel to a new island to participate in a music festival.

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The producers of the series are also teasing a major new announcement for the series on March 28. The official Twitter account has shared a series of photos that provide cryptic clues as to what the new reveal could be. The photos include a shot from Cape Town, South Africa, where Netflix is ​​currently filming its live-action reboot of the series. Series creator Eiichiro Oda is serving as executive producer for the new show.

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