The 10 Darkest Anime Deaths, Ranked

There are a lot of tragic deaths in anime. The loss of parents, friends, and mentors is a common thing, but it never fails to hit fans hard, especially when those deaths occur at intense plot points or when intimately tied to a character’s arc or development.

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However, some anime deaths stick with fans for so long because they are so dark or traumatic. At times, this was a product of shock value, but the best dark kills are the product of bleak, dark world building. These deaths haunt the minds of fans and caused a lot of pain.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

10 Shisui Uchiha’s death set in motion a long chain of traumatic events in Naruto.

Shisui Uchiha’s death sparked a long series of events that would affect the Uchiha clan and the Hidden Leaf Village for years to come. While fans first learned of Shisui’s death somewhat early in the naruto franchise, it wasn’t until much later that they would find out about the complicated circumstances surrounding Shisui, Itachi, Danzo, and the rest of Hidden Leaf Village’s shady troubles.

While Shisui wasn’t a character that fans spent a lot of time with, he was stuck in the middle of the darkest parts of the Hidden Leaf Village, but he was incredibly strong and set many world-altering events in motion.

9 Itachi Uchiha from Naruto had a tragic death

Along with Shisui, Itachi Uchiha also had dark circumstances surrounding his life as he too got caught up in the mire of Danzo’s conspiracy. However, Itachi’s life and death were also plagued by the pain of being forced to kill his family and suffering a terrible break in his brotherly bond with his younger brother, Sasuke.

Itachi was forced to slaughter his clan, and had to live for years as a villain, hated by the village he saved and the only member of his family left. The events of his actual death were equally tragic, as he died fighting Sasuke and revealed the nature of his life circumstances only on his deathbed.

8 Light was willing to kill his father in Death Note

Light cries as Soichiro dies.

How far was Light Yagami willing to go to use his Death Note and apply his idea of ​​justice in the world? He was willing to see his own father die before him as an indirect result of his actions. Light was a fanatic who thought he was doing good in the world, but instead he was killing and instilling fear in everyone around him.

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It took a certain kind of egoist to do such a thing. When his father died, Light was affected, but it didn’t stop him from serial killing. Instead, his father died in vain as a result of all his fanaticism.

7 Conny’s death changed everything for the children of The Promised Neverland

conny promised neverland

Conny’s death came as a shock to those who had no idea what to expect going into The Promised Neverland, and it was also one of the darkest moments of the show. He was incredibly young, but he did not do well in the tests of the demons and in academic studies. So, she was sent to her “adoptive home of hers”.

Unfortunately, such a home did not exist, and Norman and Emma discovered the truth that the orphanage was actually a farm for demons to eat human children. When Norman and Emma found Conny’s body, the entire tone of the show changed to one of darkness and horror.

6 Euphemia’s death highlighted the problem with the Geass in Code Geass

Euphemia’s death was one of the most painful in Code Geass, as his downfall was a direct result of the horrors that accompanied the power of Geass. Unfortunately, when she was put under her spell, the terms were not enough, and she went berserk and killed many innocent people even though it was not her will.

like many in Code Geass, Euphemia’s death was the result of many people playing a dark game of political chess with other people’s lives. In this circumstance it also cost her and innocent lives.

5 Shigekiyo Yangu’s death was atrocious in Diamond Is Unbreakable

Kira threatens Shigechi in Jojo Diamond is Unbreakable

There have been many painful and violent deaths throughout jojo’s bizarre adventure, but Shigechi’s was one of the harshest deaths fans had to witness. First off, Shigechi was a high school kid who may have been an annoying character but he wasn’t a bad person. Furthermore, his death was violent and bloody.

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When Shigechi discovered that Yoshikage Kira had a dismembered hand, Kira had to kill Shigechi to keep his crimes a secret. She used Deadly Queen to blow up Shigechi, leaving no trace.

4 Mami Tomoe’s death shocked and hurt Madoka Magica fans

Mami faces her death in Puella Magi Magica Madoka

The various magical girls of Madoka Magica they suffered a dark and tragic life, and some of them also suffered a dark and painful death. One of those characters was Mami Tomoe. Mami was kind of a mentor to the other magical girls, so seeing her fall was hard on both the fans and the characters.

However, he let the experience go to his head, and in the end, he made a mistake while fighting Charlotte, a witch. This resulted in her death, which set the tone for the rest of the show to become much grimmer and darker.

3 Setsuko’s death embodies the horrors of war in Grave Of The Fireflies

Setsuko and her brother starved to death after the war displaced them and left them orphans. After a series of abusive adults and her brother’s poor decision-making, the two had to try to survive on their own. It wasn’t her brother’s fault that she couldn’t take care of her properly, as he was a child himself, but Setsuko succumbed to malnutrition.

Eventually, his brother did too, but not before audiences saw the pain of a brother losing his last family member and the little sister he was supposed to protect.

two In Jujutsu Kaisen, Junpei’s death felt cruel and twisted.

Junpei's death in JJK

Junpei Yoshino’s death was not only hard to watch, it was also horrifying as Mahito’s cursed technique involved a lot of body horror. Junpei trusted the wrong person and for that, he paid the price. His soul was warped, as was his body. Like most of Mahito’s victims, he was not strong enough to survive.

The worst part was that this happened right in front of Junpei’s real friend and the show’s protagonist, Yuji Itadori. It was a heartbreaking moment in the show, and it demonstrated the darkness of cursed spirits.

1 Nina Tucker’s fate was traumatic in Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou and Nina Tucker get more screen time on FMA

When fans think of shocking and incredibly tragic deaths, Nina Tucker’s is the first that comes to mind. The circumstances surrounding her life and her death were painful, dark and twisted. She was turned into a chimera along with her beloved dog by her own father, Shou Tucker, who was seeking money and prestige.

In the end, Nina endured so much pain and agony thanks to her father that she had to be mercy killed. This was one of the most haunting and tragic moments of the entire full metal alchemist franchise.

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