Platinum End’s Most Shocking Plot Twists

The following contains spoilers for Platinum End, now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation, as well as discussions of suicide.

platinum Finish, a thriller anime from the same creators as Death Note, stars the humble and pacifist Kakehashi Mirai, who simply aspires to live a life of ordinary happiness, and his efforts to win a divine battle royale to decide who will become the next God of the world. It takes more than angel wings and red arrows to win this fight.

The story of platinum end It started out as a fairly routine battle royale scenario with an angelic theme, but soon expanded in scope and explored a variety of intriguing themes about the purpose of life, the cost of taking another life, the meaning of who God really is, and much more. And these themes are explored in more than a few wild and unpredictable plot twists along the way.

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When Nasse chose Mirai as a candidate for God

nasse mirai

The first plot twist in platinum end is among the most important. In fact, if it hadn’t happened, Mirai wouldn’t even have been alive to witness the rest of the series. After graduating from high school, the miserable Mirai was ready to end her own life and attempted to do so by falling off a skyscraper. That’s when the playful but brutal angel Nasse literally pounced for her life, and Mirai vowed to make the most of what she did for him.

He was then chosen as one of the 13 candidates for God who would fight for the throne of Heaven, throwing the rest of the world. platinum end. From this moment on, Mirai would fight to protect his own life and that of the people around him. He will never again consider the self-destructive path.

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When Mirai’s team defeated Metropoliman

metropoliman platinum tip

Mirai’s most powerful rival, the armored hero wannabe Metropoliman, was ready to win the entire battle royale with his advanced arrow techniques and devious methods. This included sending his henchwoman Hajime to take Mukaido Nanato’s wife and daughter hostage. During the battle, Mirai and Saki finally turned Metropoliman around and pinned him down, giving Mukaido the opportunity to use the last of his strength to kill the villain with a heavy machine gun.

Metropoliman’s death did more than end the threat he posed: it also shifted the tone of Battle Royale away from violence and toward philosophical debate and discussion, which is what Mirai preferred. But he would not be the one to take charge of the next debate.

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When Yuito Susumu called for a peaceful summit

Yuito Susumu 1

Not long after Metropoliman’s death, the youngest God Candidate, Yuito Susumu, made his move. He appeared on live television and encouraged the remaining candidates to join him in peaceful talks about who should become God and why, a plan Mirai and his ally Saki cautiously agreed to.

This helped change platinum end from a battle anime to something more like his Death Note progenitor, complete with the use of media, mind games, and schemes within schemes. Susumu meant well, but other God candidates like Nakaumi Shuji and Professor Yoneda would complicate Susumu’s efforts to peacefully vote for a new God. Soon, it was Yoneda who ran the show, not Susumu.

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When Professor Yoneda promised to kill the divine creature

yoneda gaki extreme platinum

The brilliant but lonely Professor Yoneda Gaku, the latest God Candidate to appear, wanted to end the battle royale in a whole new way. He didn’t want to fight and become a class king like Metropoliman, nor did he want to vote for a new God. Instead, the cynical Yoneda proposed a shocking new theory: that the collective prayers and emotions of humans created God, similar to the negative emotions that create curses in jujutsu kaisenand Yoneda did not want such a false deity to deceive humanity with false hopes.

So he hatched a daring plan to kill most of the other God Candidates, then had his ally Nakaumi and himself kill each other to ensure that no one won the competition. This would ensure that God would never be replaced, and the very idea of ​​this being would die out.

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When Nakaumi destroyed himself as God

god committing suicide

In the end, Nakaumi was chosen as the new God and ascended into the heavens as an enlightened being. There, he saw for himself how many people around the world wanted to end their own lives and felt powerless to help them. That, combined with his own self-destructive desires, led God-Nakaumi to destroy himself with a giant white arrow, and then chaos ensued.

This had an apocalyptic impact not only on platinum endThe main characters, but all of humanity and the angels as well. They were all eliminated, but in the end, Mirai and Saki died happily in each other’s arms and achieved their true platinum ending. They were the winners after all.

For more information on suicide warning signs and prevention, Click here. If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or thinking about suicide, call National Lifeline for Suicide Prevention at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If you live outside the US, Click here for a list of international hotlines.

Platinum End makes good use of Death Note's worst discarded idea

Platinum End makes good use of Death Note’s worst discarded idea

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