Top 10 Things Fans Want To Forget About My Hero Academia

my hero academia Overall, it’s had a positive impact on the anime, and that’s probably due to how unique the story is and how relatable the characters are. Character development is something that anime does well, as most of the characters are very layered and flawed.

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Even though the anime has tons of amazing story elements, it’s certainly far from perfect. There are characters that fans just don’t mesh well with and storylines that ended up failing for fans. At the same time, fans have even been left wishing they could forget big aspects of the story simply because they don’t want to deal with the emotional damage.

10 mining does not exist

Mineta Strengths Weaknesses

Fans can’t seem to get over their hatred for Mineta, and because of that, most people just pretend she doesn’t exist. His attitude towards her classmates makes him quite intolerable, and it also doesn’t help that he has touched several of her classmates without her consent. Also, he hasn’t contributed significantly to many battles. For those reasons, fans tend to ignore it, especially when it comes to making fanart and fanfiction. A common tag for fanfics is “Mineta doesn’t exist”, which shows how much he hates it.

9 Bakugo’s harassment

Katsuki Bakugo is not happy

Bakugo can be a divisive character within fan spaces, and that’s mostly due to his obnoxious attitude. To many, he’s a complex character with deep emotional issues, but to others, he’s just a bully who needs to be put in his place. Considering how much character development he’s had, the fans who love him want everyone else to forget the meanest things he’s said in the past. Considering all the things he’s done to improve himself over the course of the series, it makes sense that people would brush off his less-than-stellar moments.

8 Heroes Rising Copped Out

Bakugo and Deku after breaking their arms, My Hero Academia

the second movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising it focused on the relationship between Bakugo and Midoriya and really showed how amazing they can be as a team of heroes. The story is very well done and fans enjoyed the fantastic animation, but the ending still tends to get a lot of flak.

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During the final fight, Midoriya gives Bakugo One For All, which could have led to an interesting narrative. However, the movie dodged all of that by having One For All magically transfer himself into Midoriya. To many, this felt like a loophole, especially since Bakugo lost all memory of the event. For those disappointed by the ending, they tend to theorize a better one and completely ignore what really happened.

7 Aizawa doesn’t eat food.

MHA Aizawa Crazy Smile

For fans who want to consume more my hero academiathere are tons of side stories and manga available for them including short stories school underpants. These stories have tons of background information on the characters, including the beloved teacher Aizawa. However, some of the character information about him is a bit surprising, and most fans like to ignore him because of how ridiculous he is. In it school overview stories, it is stated that Aizawa does not eat normal food and only consumes bags of nutritional jelly. Fans acknowledge that she’s overworked and sleep deprived, but the idea of ​​her eating nothing but bags of Jell-O is a step too far.

6 Fans ignore Sir Nighteye’s death

All could look over Sir Nighteye

The Overhaul arc is one of the best parts of the series and it introduced some amazing characters, including Sir Nighteye’s old sidekick All Might. Unfortunately, his tenure in the series is short-lived as he dies after the fight with Overhaul. For the fans who fell in love with him and his agency, his death is too much to bear. Even though he is no longer alive in canon, most fans ignore him and still include him in fan discussions and works.

5 Everyone could beat Midoriya and Bakugo’s boogers

All Might easily catches up with Katsuki and Deku.

All Might is the greatest hero, but over the course of the series, fans and characters learn just how incredibly flawed he is. Even when his heart is in the right place, he tends to make terrible decisions, especially when it comes to the safety of Midoriya and the other students in class 1-A.

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He made especially dire decisions during the final exams when he beat Bakugo and Midoriya to a bloody pulp. It may have been important for the two students to learn to work together, but there was really no need for All Might to break Midoriya’s back doing so. For the fans who love All Might, they better forget this ever happened and think of all the good things she has done.

4 What the review did to Eri

My Hero Academia Eri Sad

Eri is a beautiful girl who deserves all the good things the world has to offer, which makes what Overhaul did to her especially terrible. All For One could have killed tons of people, but Overhaul is even more hated for the way he tortured cute and innocent Eri. The Overhaul arc is an important moment in the series, but the cuter Eri becomes, the more people want to forget the terrible things that happened to her.

3 Shigaraki killed his family and his puppy too

Past Shigaraki

As the series has progressed, fans have come to realize that Shigaraki is more of a tragic character than an actual villain. Not only does he have an incredibly deadly Quirk, but he has been manipulated by All For One since he was a child. The most tragic aspect of his story is how he brought about the death of his own family. He even accidentally killed his dog when he was just looking for comfort. It makes sense for Shigaraki to block out his past for so long considering how terrible he is, and the fans who saw him wish they could block him out too.

two Endeavor Abuse

Endeavor determined to make his son use his fire quirk

my hero academia He really likes to redeem his characters. From Bakugo’s bullying to Endeavor’s abuse, the series really shows how these characters have changed. Despite that, many fans aren’t ready to forgive Endeavor, which makes sense considering all the terrible things she put his family through. For everyone else, they just want to enjoy his character arc and put what he’s done behind them. After all, he is a different person, so it makes sense that fans would want to put his past behind him.

one spoilers are the worst

Cover of My Hero Academia Shigaraki vol.  25

Not all fans read manga and because of that, it can be very difficult to avoid spoilers when manga chapters are released week after week. It can ruin the anime experience, especially when those spoilers surround a major plot point or a character death. For fans who have been spoiled by the events of the manga, their biggest dream would be to forget all those spoilers and experience the story only through the anime.

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