Red Dead Redemption and the easiest characters to cosplay from RDR2

The red dead redemption The franchise is full of interesting and unique characters. In the two main entries, that is, from 2011 red dead redemption and 2018 red dead redemption ii prequel, there are countless personalities who have been received as despicable, lovable, funny or pitiful, but almost all of them are memorable. The extensive cast of the series ranges from red dead redemption from enigmas like Strange Man to complex and introspective characters like Arthur Morgan, and this diverse roster makes the game ready for cosplay inspiration.

Creating a respectable and believable cosplay outfit is not always as easy as it seems. One might think that a franchise like red dead redemptionwith its solid aesthetic and historically accurate costume design, it would be less of a challenge for cosplayers than a game like world of warcraft, which features much more dramatic and fantastical characters and outfits. However, sometimes the opposite can happen, as cosplayers have to capture the image of a character through more subtle means.


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So for those looking to dip their toes into the world of red dead redemption cosplay, they should choose a character with a distinctive but simple appearance if they want to have an easy time with things. This means that easy-to-replicate clothing, accessories, and physical characteristics should come first, as iconic. red dead redemption hats and fashions will be instantly recognizable to fans of the games. To that end, there are some characters that will be easier to disguise than others.

The guy could do a sloppy Red Dead cosplay

Starting with one of the characters that carried over from the first red dead redemptionthe goofy, drunk, scruffy guy would be a great choice for someone thinking of making a red dead redemption cosplay The guy is characterized by his bushy white facial hair and unkempt appearance. With that in mind, aspiring cosplayers with access to a decent fake beard and a couple of dirty button-down shirts should be able to pull off this look pretty easily.

The guy is also bald on top of his head, but thick-haired cosplayers can easily hide his locks with a hat, which conveniently also forms part of this character’s signature look. Dye visible hair gray to simulate the uncle’s elderly appearance in red dead redemption would also be essential. Put on some red makeup to recreate her flushed skin and a very believable uncle costume is born.

Fashionable RDR2 Fans Should Dress Up Like Molly O’Shea

Red Dead Redemption 2 Molly O Shea

Wealthy Dubliner Molly O’Shea left her noble life in Ireland in search of adventure in America, which she eventually found with the Van der Linde gang. While she is sometimes considerably fiery and even violent, Molly’s wealthy roots can still be seen through her choice of clothing, which is noticeably more luxurious than that of the rest of the gang members. Like the other characters, she changes her clothes throughout the game, but she does have some iconic staples, most notably a ruby ​​pendant necklace that is almost always visible, a still sign of her class.

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Molly normally wears more makeup than other characters, as she can be seen applying lipstick multiple times throughout. red dead redemption 2The epic story of . This character would also be a great choice for anyone with natural red hair or freckles, as he is one of the few characters with copper hair in the game. Throw in a hand fan for good measure, and would-be cosplayers can relive the glory days of Horshoe Overlook in no time.

An RDR2 Sean Maguire cosplay would be easy to put together

The most tragic deaths of Red Dead Redemption Sean

Speaking of redheads, red dead redemption 2Sean Maguire’s other resident Irish immigrant would be another great option for aspiring cosplayers. Sporting distinctive red hair similar to Molly O’Shea’s, Sean also sports a more impish and casual appearance than some of the other members of the gang. This would make his regular wardrobe easy to copy, as wearing a combination of dirty blue jeans, a blazer, a plaid vest, and a green bowler hat would make for a recognizable cosplay, especially when paired with his trademark long red hair. . Sean has a fresher face than other experienced ones. red dead redemption 2 characters, so this would be a great choice for cosplayers in their late teens or early twenties.

Badass cosplayers should dress up like Sadie Adler from RDR2

Sadie Adler Red Dead Redemption 2

Van der Linde’s gang saves Sadie from a group of infamous bandits who killed her husband. Naturally, Sadie is traumatized by this, but that traumatic event began to turn her into a cold-hearted and badass bounty hunter, revealing her true potential as an intimidating outlaw later in red dead redemption 2the story of This change in her personality is reflected in her clothing, as she begins to wear clothing similar to the fearsome men of her time, eschewing traditional female attire such as dresses, corsets, and skirts.

She also begins to tie up her blonde locks and cover them with a hat, showing her preference for practicality. Sadie also has distinctive facial scars, one over her right eye and one on her left cheek, both of which would be easy to replicate with a bit of light makeup. sadie is one of RDR2The most important characters in, and this is reflected in an iconic and amazing look that would be one of the easiest to replicate.

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These are just a handful of red dead redemption characters that would be easy to cosplay. Although they commonly dress up, series leads John Marston and Arthur Morgan are not included in this list due to the games’ customization options and hair growth systems, which make their appearances less static than others. characters. The characters mentioned in this list also change their appearance, but these changes are selected by the game’s developers to maintain a consistent aesthetic and personality.

While these characters’ memorable looks are easy to replicate, that’s only part of the battle when it comes to cosplay. To truly conceive of a compelling cosplay, one must capture the spirit of the person one is portraying, even if he is disguising himself as one of the red dead redemptionThe most secondary characters. Cosplay guys should come across as messy, moody, and giddy, while Molly O’Shea impersonators should be prim and proper, but with an air of vanity. Sean cosplayers will need to have a charming, youthful exuberance, and anyone copying Sadie will need to be confident, strong, and resilient. Through a combination of smart, medium-effort clothing, minimal makeup, and attitude, red dead redemption fans can dress up as these characters without breaking a sweat.

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