See how favorite anime Spirited Away comes to life in photos from the Tokyo stage adaptation

The production, directed by John Caird and with 32 artists and more than 50 puppets, will tour four more cities in Japan.

Adapted from Hayao Miyazaki’s 2001 Oscar-winning animated film, the first stage adaptation of made to disappear it opened at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo from March 2 to 29. Tony-winning director John Caird (The Miserables) directed the production, which he adapted for the stage with Maoko Imai.

Click through the gallery below to view the production, which featured 32 performers and more than 50 puppets designed by Toby Olié. The cast included Kanna Hashimoto and Mone Kamishiraishi sharing the lead role of Spirited Away, and Mari Natsuki and Romi Park in the dual role as Yubaba the sorceress. Koharu Sugawara and Tomohiko Tsujimoto, who are double cast as No Face (Kaonashi), play the role to a point where No Face “goes crazy” and the character requires 12 puppeteers.

The production will tour four additional cities this season: Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka, April 12-24; Hakataza Theater in Fukuoka, May 1-28; Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru in Sapporo, June 6-12; and Misonoza Theater in Nagoya, from June 22 to July 4.

made to disappear is part of the program celebrating the 90th anniversary of Toho Co., Ltd.


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