Why wasn’t Buu in the Tournament of Power?

Majin Buu has a ton of power underneath his comic girth, but sadly he couldn’t show it off during Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power.

dragon ball super has added several new layers to the famous franchise, while bringing back elements and characters that had been overlooked or not prominent in a while. One of them is Majin Buu. Although he was the final villain in Dragon Ball Zdidn’t appear very prominently in the now non-canon Dragon Ball GT, so it’s a little easier to forget about it. Sadly, Super it has pushed it back as much as it has pushed it forward.

Even though dragon ball super brought Buu back into the spotlight in a more overtly heroic way, he didn’t feature him in one of his bigger arcs. Buu’s absence during the Tournament of Power was explained in-universe, but he still feels terribly trite. Here’s a look at the most likely true reasons why Buu didn’t show his stuff in the Tournament of Power.

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Buu failed the written test to enter the Tournament of Power.

The Tournament of Power in dragon ball super it’s as grand as it sounds and quite deadly in nature. Held between the various universes within the multiverse, the fighters representing each fight for much more than mere titles. Any team that loses will have their universe destroyed, as the idea behind the tournament is that Gran Zeno believes there are too many universes.

Majin Buu was initially part of the Universe 7 team, which represents the main kingdom of dragon ball super. The arrogant Saiyan prince Vegeta actually questioned this as Buu was known to be weaker after being separated from the evil incarnation of him. Goku, however, noted how much incredible power Buu still had, and that he would be a vital asset to his team. Unfortunately, failing the written test to enter the tournament and falling asleep before a fight, Buu was unable to help protect Universe 7. This forced Goku to recruit Frieza in order to have enough members on the team.

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Why did Toriyama eliminate Buu from the Tournament of Power?

Anime Dragon Ball Majin Buu Angry Punching

Although the narrative reasons why Buu was absent during the Tournament of Power are clear as day, it still doesn’t explain why he was left out after Goku even explained how useful he would be. Part of that was probably the potential of Goku having to fight on the same team as Frieza, the slave trader of his kind, in order to protect the universe from him. Not only does this provide some gravitas, but it also helps make Frieza a much more popular villain than Buu.

It could be argued that Buu was too goofy a character to be able to compete in the serious nature of the Tournament of Power. This is backed up by him falling into a lazy stupor, as well as not being smart enough to pass the written portion of the entry. Despite these setbacks, he was, as Goku noted, still an incredibly powerful fighter. In fact, the real reason Buu was eliminated from the Tournament of Power is likely that he was as well powerful.

The tail end of Dragon Ball Z saw Buu hurt the mighty Vegeta quite a bit, and most recently in Super he had trained himself to a leaner, stockier shape. Buu also had incredible abilities, such as immense stamina, healing other fighters, and the power to turn opponents into candy. Logically, this might have made him too tough for whatever the Tournament of Power had thrown at him. After all, even Buu would have gotten serious if innocent people like Hercules had been threatened, and he was no slouch when it came to using his powers at opportune times. Unfortunately, he failed to show his true potential to help determine the fate of the universe for him, with Super making him a scruffy fool, at least for now.

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