Star Wars Fan’s Buff R2-D2 Cosplay is a good fitness motivator

A confusingly muscular version of R2-D2 packs a punch in a Star Wars fan’s clever cosplay of Luke Skywalker’s beloved droid sidekick.

A freakishly handsome R2-D2 costume gives the droid an edge over everyone else Star Wars fan sets.

The cosplay, first published in 2016, recently returned to trending on social media. The image shows the cosplayer, known as Ostrich Eggs, in a charming homemade R2 costume with his shapely arms and legs sticking out from his sides and butt in a gym-ready pose.

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Ostrich Eggs is well known for his cosplays involving decidedly non-sexual or unattractive fictional characters of various properties along with their muscular physiques. The cosplayer has dressed up as Minoru Mineta from my hero academiaSpongeBob SquarePants and Pepe the Frog, along with various creatures from Pokemon like Pikachu, Piplup, Sudowoodo and Magikarp.

In his natural, rip-free form, R2-D2 appears as a main figure in all nine main lines. Star Wars movies about A new hope for the rise of skywalker. The beloved droid and his old friend C-3PO also have a cameo in Rogue One. Featured in various TV shows, video games, books, comics and more on the Star Wars universe, and even outside of it: R2’s cameos can be seen in star trek and star trek in the dark, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in search of the lost ark, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, ready player one and ralph breaks the internet.

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R2-D2’s lasting impact is not only relegated to the world of Star Wars — his image has made its way into the real world many times. The droid was inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame in 2003, and a replica of R2-D2 was made at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2018, the telescope dome at Germany’s Zweibrücken Observatory was painted to resemble the droid.

most recent R2 Star Wars appearance was in two episodes of the mandalorian derived series The Boba Fett Book. In the final episode, after facing Grogu with a difficult decision, Luke Skywalker asks the droid to return Grogu to Tatooine to reunite him with Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal). Considering R2’s continued popularity, it’s very likely that he will appear again in one of Star Wars‘ many spin-off series and movies coming in the near future.

All episodes of the mandalorian and boba fett book are currently available to stream on Disney+.

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