Summer Time Rendering is the mystery and horror anime you must see

The spring 2022 anime season is packed with sequels like the third season of Kaguya-sama and the long-awaited adaptation of spy x family, but an upcoming series that has gone unnoticed is Representation of summer time. Premiering April 14 on Disney+, Representation of daylight saving time combines mystery, horror and time jumps to create an exciting show to watch. The anime will be in two cuts and will have 25 episodes.

Representation of daylight saving time is adapted from a manga series written and illustrated by Yasuki Tanaka. of the trailers, Representation of daylight saving time It appears to be a simple summer story of Shinpei, a boy with two different colored eyes, who returns home to attend the funeral of his friend, Ushio. It’s deceptively idyllic, except for several seemingly inconsequential events that turn out not to be that big of a deal after all. Shinpei realizes that Ushio’s death is not what it seems. Here’s why you should watch Representation of daylight saving time when broadcast:

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What is the representation of daylight saving time about?

summertime rendering ushio's funeral

After two years, Shinpei returns to his hometown on Hitoga Island to attend Ushio’s funeral. He, Ushio and his sister Mio have lived together for years until their parents died. But coming to his hometown was quite a challenge. On the ship, Shinpei is slapped after falling face first into a woman’s chest. He watched Mio dive straight into the ocean after losing control of her bike. Not to mention the strange dream he had just before he arrived of Ushio warning him to protect Mio.

Shinpei learns that Ushio did not drown, as everyone believed: there is a mark on his neck that suggests foul play. There are rumors about mysterious beings appearing as doppelgängers, known as Shadows. Seeing a Shadow is like seeing death itself, because it means that the Shadow will hunt you down and kill you. While searching for a way to save Mio, Ushio is captured and killed by her Shadow, right in front of Shinpei’s eyes. Without flinching, the Shadow shoots Shinpei as well.

Who are the characters?

summer time shinpei rendering

Representation of daylight saving time it could easily have ended there. Shinpei was shot, but instead of dying, he survives and is sent back in time. Every time Shinpei dies, he gets sent back in a loop, like groundhog day, except that every time he comes back, it’s not at the same time as before. In fact, the misses weather. Shinpei, with Mio’s help, has to figure out how to save her and the other people on the island, and how to defeat the Shadows before it’s too late. However, it turns out to be nearly impossible, with the Shadows repeatedly dominating, except for the one cycle that brings an unexpected character back from the dead: Ushio.

The woman Shinpei met on the ship also came to the island with her own mission: Fourteen years earlier, her twin brother, Ryuunosuke, was killed by the Shadows, and now Hizuru Minamikata is back to find out how the Shadows can be defeated. . once and for all.

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Why you should watch the daylight saving time rendering

The cast of Summer Time Rendering poses in a cropped version of the show's second key image.

Time travel anime is a proven story, but the way Representation of daylight saving time unspools makes it even more attractive. Every time Shinpei goes back in time, the sense of urgency increases, even though he repeatedly returns to a time that feels like a normal summer day. There’s an interesting dichotomy in how peaceful the island looks when there’s so much darkness lurking below. He has everything horror fans would want and everything fans of mystery love. Because Shadows are exact duplicates of those they copy, can Shinpei and his allies trust each other?

The manga is an exciting page turner. Shinpei retains all the memories of him as he travels back in time and begins to piece together the clues to create a strategy to change the outcome. Despite being a time travel story, Representation of daylight saving time it never feels repetitive. Shinpei soon realizes that there is a limit to the time loop, adding even more tension to the story. This is weird, because the plot device always seems like a power that makes the user invincible (until killed), but that goes awry. Representation of daylight saving timebecause it is Shinpei’s death that triggers the loop.

The cast of characters is also distinctive, and although a romance between Mio and Shinpei, as well as between Ushio and Shinpei, is hinted at at first, the romantic elements do not take center stage. It seems that Shinpei will never be able to escape this endless loop of nightmare, but every time he travels back in time, he gets closer to saving his friends.

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