The 10 Best Man Versus Nature Anime Series, Ranked

“Man vs Nature” is a literary conflict that happens when a character has to deal with things out of their control in the world. Some examples of these conflicts include storms, wild animals, and diseases/pests. This type of conflict may be rare in the anime community, but if fans look closely enough, they can find it.

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Although sometimes things in anime can be a bit over the top. So the “Man vs Nature” conflict in the anime may be more than it implies. Although this conflict is a rare find in the anime scene, there are several amazing anime series that fans should watch at least once in their lifetime.

10 Japan Sinks 2020 features a giant earthquake destroying Japan

Japan cast sinks 2020

With only a few anime featuring natural disasters, japan sinking 2020 is one that really touches the hearts of fans. In this series, the Mutou family lives a peaceful life until one day a gigantic earthquake shakes Japan, causing the destruction of the entire country. After the terrible earthquake, the society has collapsed and the country is now slowly sinking into the ocean. The Mutou family survive the initial catastrophe, but now they must fight to stay alive in near-apocalyptic Japan.

9 A nuclear meltdown makes Tokyo a ghost town with high levels of radiation in Coppelion

Cast of Coppelion

A nuclear meltdown creates a major catastrophe in Tokyo during the series. Coppelion. 20 years after the nuclear incident, Tokyo has become a ghost town due to dangerously high levels of radiation.

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However, one day a distress signal is received from that area, so the special unit known as the Coppelion is sent to search for the signal and any survivors that may be within the city. This special unit is made up of three high school girls who can withstand the high level of radiation without any protection.

8 In 7 Seeds, a group of gifted children enter a cryogenic sleep before a meteor wipes out all of humanity.

cast of 7 seeds

In this anime series available on Netflix, the world has been hit by a giant meteorite that has wiped out all living organisms, including humanity. The government, which had foreseen this destruction, has devised the plan 7 SEEDS. In this plan, the government has assembled seven teams of five gifted children and put them into cryogenic sleep in hopes of continuing humanity in the future. When these teams finally wake up in this cruel world, they must find a way to survive.

7 A select few are put into a cryogenic sleep during the spread of a virus called Medusa in King Of Thorn.

King of Thorn Monster

After a virus called “Medusa” begins to spread throughout the world and turns its victims to stone, a group of individuals are randomly chosen to be cryo-perserved until a cure can be found. An unknown number of years pass, and these chosen individuals find themselves waking up on a bed of thorns. Once they wake up, these survivors find themselves being attacked by unknown creatures and monsters. Unaware of what has happened to the world, these individuals must now find a way to survive.

6 Gin Iro No Kami No Agito shows a world where an evil forest almost wiped out all of humanity.

Cast of Gin Iro No Kami No Agito

The world will never be the same after a failed plant DNA experiment goes terribly wrong. These mutated plants have destroyed the moon and have spread throughout the Earth to destroy the entire human civilization. However, the humans who have survived maintain an unreliable truce with the forest. One day, a boy named Agito stumbles upon a girl named Toola who has been sleeping for 300 years. This girl then reveals that in order to destroy the forest she needs to activate her father’s ultimate weapon.

5 Somali To Mori No Kamisama presents a world that is not run by humans, but by wild creatures that will hunt and eat humans.

Somali cast of To Mori No Kamisama

In this anime, the wild animal concept of the conflict between man and nature is taken to another level. The world is ruled by demons, cyclops and other dangerous creatures, while the human race is a minority.

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In anger, the human race starts a war, but they are quickly wiped out and the remaining humans are hunted down and eaten like a delicacy. However, one day, the protector of nature, Golem, finds a human child and embarks on a journey to find his home and his parents.

4 Dr. Stone shows the aftermath of humanity when a blinding light turned all of humanity into stone statues

Dr Stone Senku

the anime dr stone it’s a great example of a conflict between man and nature with some of the magic of anime involved. In this series, all of humanity has been suddenly turned into stone statues by a blinding flash of light. Several millennials later, a boy named Taiju wakes up in this world of statues and he’s not alone, his friend Senkuu has been awake for months. Senkuu reveals that he has been working on a plan to boost civilization with the use of science.

3 A family must find their way together after a giant earthquake destroys Tokyo in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo earthquake Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is the perfect example of a “Man vs. Nature” conflict without the use of anime magic. In this anime series, during summer vacation, Mirai takes her younger brother Yuuki to a robot exhibition. However, during the display, the city is hit by a fury of earthquakes. These powerful earthquakes completely destroy the city, so now Mirai and his brother must travel through the destroyed city to find his family with the help of a single mother named Mari.

two The world is uninhabitable due to a forest of Posinus in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

nausicaä of the valley of the wind giant bug

Studio Ghibli movies often revolve around the themes of environmentalism, therefore several of their movies have the conflicts of man versus nature. On Nausicaä of the Valley of the Windsociety has caused a great ecological disaster and most of the cities have been swallowed by this disaster.

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A millennium later, most of the Earth is uninhabitable due to the forest of fungi that release poisonous spores. Nausicaä a young princess has learned the truth about this forest and is trying to convince all civilizations of this truth.

1 Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of the war between nature and humans in Princess Mononoke.

Cast of Princess Mononoke

In this popular Studio Ghibli film, Prince Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the gods of the forest and an iron people. After saving his village from a demon god and receiving a deadly curse, Ashitaka leaves his village to find a cure. On his journey to find a cure, he discovers a forest full of animal gods who are being threatened by Lady Eboshi, the founder of Iron Town, who wants to destroy the forest for her iron. That is when Ashitka finds himself in this war between the gods and the people.

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