The 10 Worst Anime Plot Twists Of All Time

Everyone loves a good plot twist, though the emphasis is on the “good” as not all plot twists are as enticing as the idea suggests. Whether in television, movies, comics, or anime, plot twists are a device used by all writers in all storytelling mediums. The sheer unpredictability of a twist adds to the binge of the show.

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However, when unpredictability crosses a threshold that was better left uncrossed, the results can be less than welcome. Whether in YouTube videos or long rants on Reddit, fans have been vocal about their disgust and disappointment regarding their favorite anime series and the certain paths its plot has taken.

10 The killer (deleted)

Gaku reveals his true self in Erased

by Kei Sanbe Erased follows Satoru Fujinuma, a young manga artist residing in the Japanese prefecture of Chiba. Satoru has an ability called “Revival”, which allows him to go back in time and avoid some gruesome deaths. When Satoru uses this ability to prevent the death of his mother, he finds himself back in his school days. During this time, the children had begun to disappear.

As Satoru investigates these disappearances, he reveals that the killer is one of his school teachers. Fans weren’t happy with this reveal, along with how the climax was handled.

9 Eren’s Change of Mind (Attack on Titan)

eren looking out attack on titan

by Hajime Isayama attack on titanalso popular for its Japanese title shingeki no kyojin, is one of the most popular anime currently airing. The main protagonist of the series is Eren. Jaeger, a resident of Paradis Island who vows to kill all Titans after his hometown is shipwrecked and his mother is killed by Titans.

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What attack on titan progresses, Eren is seen to become more obsessed with freedom. However, Eren’s sudden change of heart regarding the titans and him being one didn’t sit too well with fans.

8 The Final Arc (Future Diary)

Yuno protects Yuki in the future diary.

Written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno, future diary follows a daily game with fatal consequences. The god of space and time, Deus, gives 12 participants the diaries that can predict the future in order to choose a successor.

While hardcore fans defend the final arc, particularly the finale, not all viewers are fans of the final arc. future diarywhich began with a promising death game, a forbidden romance, and some interesting characters, evolved into a childish world with no consequences, greatly disappointing fans.

7 Lelouch losing his memories (Code Geass)

Code Geass follows Lelouch vi Britannia, who goes by the alias Lelouch Lamperouge, as he gains the power of Geass. This power allows him to make anyone submit to his will by making direct eye contact with them.

As Lelouch uses more of his powers, he loses control over how and when he uses his Geass. Lelouch’s father, Charles vi Britannia, is a Geass user and erased Lelouch’s memories of being a prince and being the rebel leader Zero in order to keep his son under his control. This brought things back to square one.

6 Hawks being a double agent (My Hero Academia)

hawks thinking

my hero academia (or Boku No Hero Academy) is a shonen anime that enjoys international fame. My hero academy follows Izuku Midoriya (Deku) without Quirk as he is chosen as the successor to the number 1 hero All Might.

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Hawks, currently the No. 2 ranked hero, has had a lukewarm reception due to his mysterious personality. However, Hawks being a double agent surprised most viewers. Although this had a factor of predictability, he also had a factor of necessity.

5 The Making of Rivalry (Bungou Stray Dogs)

bungou stray dogs follows Atsushi Nakajima as he is chased by bounty hunters. Spotted by Dazai Osamu, Atsushi joins the Armed Detective Agency to protect him.

The Port Mafia, the arch-rival of the Armed Detective Agency, teams up with their rivals to battle The Guild, the organization that put the bounty on Atsushi’s head in the first place. However, it is later revealed that the two organizations were created to maintain the balance of society. It’s safe to say that fans weren’t impressed.

4 Sherlock doesn’t shoot Jefferson (Moriarty the Patriot)

moriarty the patriot sherlock pointing his gun

moriarty the patriot brings to life the ancient story of Sherlock Holmes. While the series focuses on Moriarty, it also delicately portrays Sherlock’s tendencies.

Sherlock is famous for his eccentric ways and impulsive acting. He doesn’t listen to anyone while he gets away with it. However, when Jefferson offers him the chance to meet his rival for the small price of putting a bullet in her, Sherlock considers it before putting the gun down, as John insists he shouldn’t. The fans were upset, to say the least.

3 Lelouch kills Euphie (Code Geass)

Lelouch vi Britannia, or Lelouch Lamperouge, is the main protagonist of Code Geass. He is also behind the alias of Zero, the leader of the Black Knights. The Black Knights are a rebellion effort against the current fictional British Empire.

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Euphemia li Britannia was the third princess of the Empire. To protect her code of honor, Lelouch goes ahead and kills her sister, Euphie. She does it because she is accidentally influenced by her out of control Geass and goes on a rampage, killing Elevens. Lelouch also justifies her actions, saying that it was for Suzaku’s sake.

two The death of Shorter Wong (Banana Fish)

Shorter is given the drug banana fish and experiences extreme fear.

banana fish has conquered the world of Yaoi and Boys’ Love (BL). banana fish follows the story of Ash Lynx, a local gang leader on the streets of New York, and Eiji Okumura, a naive photographer’s assistant.

When Eiji is kidnapped to get revenge on Ash, Ash and his close friend, Shorter Wong, go in to save him. However, as events unfold, the stakes are higher and Shorter is brutally tortured. His death affected all viewers, fans or not, making it possibly one of the worst anime plot twists of recent times.

1 All Ending (Naruto Shippuden)

naruto and hinata naruto shippuden last chapter

naruto and naruto shippuden they are considered one of the big three of anime. A masterpiece in its content and characters, naruto keeps viewers coming back regardless of their age or situation.

However, the seemingly abrupt ending didn’t make sense to many fans. Sasuke’s actions had no significant consequences, Naruto and Hinata fall in love without any build-up, and the process of Naruto becoming Hokage are some of the pressing themes towards the end of the series.

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