Top 10 anime characters with red eyes

There are a variety of eye colors found throughout anime. Eye color is often an integral part of a character’s design. Some assumptions can be made about characters based on the color of their eyes, and red eyes are certainly among the most striking.

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When an anime character has red eyes, they are usually an antagonist. If they aren’t, then they make some pretty wacky allies for the protagonist. Characters with red eyes are among the most memorable due to their unique personalities. Generally, characters with red eyes tend to be short-tempered, but they are powerful. Occasionally, they might have a connection to fire.

10 Sebastian Michaelis: The Red-Eyed Butler

Sebastian Michaelis with his hand on his chin - Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis from black butler He is the demon butler of the Phantomhive family. His red eyes stand out from the rest of his appearance, which consists of ghastly pale skin and all-black clothing.

Although Sebastian maintains the perfect facade as a butler while serving the young master, Ciel, he is ruthless and has little morality. Although he condemns humans for dragging others to get their way, Sebastian does the same. He has no problem lying and cheating his way to the top. Although he is a faithful butler of the house, everything is to achieve his ultimate goal of consuming Ciel’s soul.

9 Akame’s red eyes go well with her appearance and personality.

Final episode of Akame Ga Kill!

akame of Akame Ga Kill! he has dark red eyes. These red eyes are an important part of her character design; they go quite well with his dark hair and mostly black clothing. Akame seems quite cold and calculating to others at first glance. She is merciless in killing, she shows no mercy to her opponents at all.

However, despite this cold exterior, Akame cares a great deal about her peers. Since she seems so strong on the outside, people tend to think that she doesn’t need much emotional support because she might be used to loss and trauma. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

8 Taiga Kagami’s red eyes glow when she’s in the zone.

Taiga Kagami’s kuroko’s basketball he has red eyes that are only a few shades brighter than his hair. When Taiga enters the “Zone” during an intense game, his red glows vividly. Although he doesn’t have supernatural powers like other characters with red eyes, she does have quite a few personality traits typically associated with eye color.

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Taiga isn’t afraid to try new things in the middle of a game, even if she fails and gets embarrassed. He is also hot-headed and enthusiastic about basketball. Taiga’s ambition knows no bounds. One of the most notable parts of Taiga’s personality is his fierce fighting spirit, which is like a flame that never goes out.

7 Kaname Kuran’s eyes match his creepy demeanor

A worried Kaname Kuran looks down.

Kaname Kuran was one of the creepiest characters in vampire Knight. Her red eyes are tinted brown, matching her creepy demeanor. Kaname is one of the seven remaining vampires who come from pure blood families. The age of him is approximately 10,000 years.

Kaname has a calm demeanor, one that is almost too calm. Kaname is generally stoic and appears cold to everyone except Yuki. The dichotomy between how he treats Yuki versus everyone else is just a fraction of what makes him so creepy.

6 Tomura’s red eyes arose after his quirk manifested.

Child Tomura Shigaraki

While fans of my hero academia Usually reminiscent of Tomura Shigaraki’s distinctive red eyes, his eyes weren’t always that vivid red. Before his quirk manifested, they were gray. However, after the manifestation of her quirk, Tomura’s eyes turned red to match his newly wrinkled face and light blue hair.

It is a stark contrast to how Tomura looked before, as he previously had dark hair and his appearance was not as affected by the condition of his skin. Since Tomura is from my hero academia main villain, his red eyes are an excellent choice for his design.

5 Satori Tendou is the monster from Guess

Tendou from Haikyuu

Satori Tendo’s Haikyuu! she has small red irises to match her spiky red hair. He also has small red eyebrows and always has a smile. She has quite an eccentric behavior and the other children used to bully Satori because of her appearance.

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However, Satori is a rather cheerful guy who likes to read manga. He has great intuition, earning him the title of “Guess Monster” during volleyball games. Satori is just a goofy, expressive guy who can be quite insightful when giving advice. It seems that Satori has become more confident in the same things that he used to be teased about.

4 Sukuna’s four eyes are red.

Sukuna Ryoumen taking control of Yuuji

Since Sukuna currently possesses Yuji Itadori, Sukuna of jujutsu kaisen he has red eyes when he takes over Yuji’s body. When Sukuna takes over, there is a big difference between the two. As he takes control, Yuji’s light brown eyes turn bright red and Sukuna’s distinctive markings slowly appear.

Considering that red eyes are typically associated with demonic characters, it makes sense that the King of Curses would have intense red eyes. Sakuna’s four eyes are a striking red and blend well with the rest of his appearance.

3 Karma Akabane’s red eyes are tinted gold.

karma in the assassination classroom

Karma Akabane from assassination classroom does not have intense red eyes; rather, theirs are red and tinted with golden tones. While his hair is a bright shade of red, his eyes reveal more about his personality. Karma is known for his mischievous ways. Other characters recognize the mischief in his eyes as soon as they meet him.

Karma’s eyes tell a very different story from her lazy outward demeanor. The hint of gold overpowering the red in his eyes could represent that, despite his sadistic tendencies, Karma is actually a kind-hearted person who has a twisted sense of humor.

two Dio Brando has menacing red eyes

gave brando

Dio Brando of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure He has had a huge influence on almost every part of the series as a menacing and domineering villain who looms over the Joestar bloodline. He underwent major design changes throughout the series, especially after becoming a vampire and then reappearing after thousands of years.

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However, one thing has never changed: Dio’s striking, menacing red eyes. Since red eyes are usually associated with the most despicable villains in fiction, it’s only fitting that Dio Brando’s red eyes are the ones casting a menacing glare over the Joestar bloodline for centuries.

1 Katsuki Bakugo’s red eyes are as explosive as his quirk.

angry bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo from my hero academia He is certainly far from a villain, but his short temper and vulgar demeanor make him seem like a powerful anti-hero. Katsuki’s eyes have a very sharp shape, but her irises are a striking deep red. Her eyes are very expressive, especially when she goes off on one of her infamous tangents.

Characters with red eyes can be associated with fires and explosions and Katsuki’s quirk certainly fits the bill as he can create explosives with his hands. It could be said that Katsuki’s eyes are just as explosive as her quirk and her demeanor in general.

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