The Pokémon anime will bring Serena back

The Pokémon anime series brings back fan-favorite character Serena, who originally starred in the Pokémon XY and Pokémon XYZ series.

pokemon serena from xy and xyz

The Pokemon The anime series is packed with unique characters, each with a rich personality. It is understandable that fans approach these Pokemon characters, which can lead to some emotional goodbyes as characters leave the series season after season. One such character is Serena, who played a major role in pokemon xy Y Pokemon XYZ but he left the group to travel through Hoenn. Serena fans will be delighted to know that Serena will be returning in the next episode of pokemon trips.


Leaked Magazine Photos From Japan Reveal That Serena Will Be Joining The Cast Of pokemon trips starting with the next episode of the season. The fifth episode of the new season of pokemon trips airs today in Japan soon and Serena is confirmed to make an appearance. Serena’s appearance is confirmed to be for one episode only, for now. However, she may or may not make any more appearances later in this season. Either way, Serena fans of pokemon xy Y X AND Z they’ll be happy to get an update on how you’re doing.

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The magazine’s photographs include various images of Serena from pokemon trips. For starters, there’s some new key art that shows Serena along with two other Pokemon characters, Chloe, a minor character from pokemon tripsand Lisia, who is an NPC in pokemon omega ruby Y alpha sapphire but will debut in the anime this episode. The three are united by three PokemonSylveon and Braixen from Serena (now evolved into Delphox), as well as Eevee from Chloe.

The other three photos featuring Serena show her standing and interacting with Chloe, adding no further context. She still has short hair, if not shorter than ever, and she wears a gray cap and a sleeveless black top. Her hairstyle now shows her ears, as well as a pair of red earrings. It seems like Serena has grown up a bit since the last time she was in the Pokemon anime

As for the context of Serena’s appearance, her Sylveon manages to befriend Chloe’s Eevee, while Ash and Goh get caught up dealing with Wallace. Serena later performs in a pageant with Sylveon, Pancham and Delphox, but loses to Wallace’s niece Lisia. Just before the episode ends, Serena meets Ash again, but only before she has to leave on a ship.

Serena has a special place in many Pokemon fan hearts. Part of this is due to the perceived romance between her and Ash, while others enjoyed the character growth she experiences through the pokemon xy Y XZY seasons. Serena’s comeback may be brief, but it will be nostalgic nonetheless. And, of course, it will renew hopes of a more substantial return in the future from the Pokemon anime

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