Top 10 Anime Hammer Bearers

Although hammers are an unconventional weaponry option, they have proven to be surprisingly useful weapons in the anime. Whether hammer-wielding characters channel their powers into the weapon or use these hammers for their daily pummeling session, these weapons have shown just how versatile their power could be.

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While guns and swords might seem like a more practical option in combat, several characters have shown that hammers can be even more effective. Since anime worlds tend to be fantastical and weird, it makes sense that each weapon has more potential than meets the eye.

10 Saki Amase had her two axes replaced by a hammer (Corpse Princess)

Saki Amase wielding her hammer in Corpse Princess.

In the manga, Saki Amase wielded a pair of axes. However when corpse princess received an anime adaptation, Saki was given a giant hammer to use in battle. As she is ten years old, the hammer contrasts gracefully with her short stature.

Saki is a Shikabane Hime, which means that she is a reborn entity riddled with immense regret. When Saki died, her monk Rika had her body frozen to preserve it. Unlike other Shikabane Hime, the monk hired by Saki comes from one of the ten Great Holy Families, which means the average Shikabane cannot defeat Saki.

9 Kuzuha Doumoto wields a giant hammer called “Ditto” (Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero)

Kuzuha from Aesthetic of a Rogue Hero wields her giant hammer.

Kuzuha’s Aesthetics of a rebel hero he is the representative of Class B. Despite his remarkably short appearance, he wields a giant hammer. The hammer is significantly taller than Kuzuha, but she wields it like a pro.

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Kuzuha’s hammer is made of wood and has green details all over it. Kuzuha named her hammer “Ditto”. Kuzuha is a talented fighter, and even skipped grades, which means that she is far ahead of her peers in her intelligence and combat skills. Her abilities are comparable to much older students.

8 Marie Mjolnir turns into a demonic hammer (Soul Eater)

When Marie transforms into her demon weapon, it takes the form of Demon Hammer Mjolnir. The transformation looks different in the Soul Eater manga than in the anime.

In the manga, Marie takes on the appearance of a small black hammer that has a variety of markings across her head. Some lightning markings reflect her eye patch motif. Marie becomes a strong octagonal tonfa adorning a lightning bolt motif on her head in the anime.

7 Kokoa Shuzen’s transforming bat can turn into any melee weapon of her choice (Roasrio + Vampire)

Kokoa Shuzen de Rosario + Vampire.

Kokoa Shuzen from rosary + vampire wields a transforming bat called the Komori Nazo. It can become any melee weapon of Kokoa’s choice. Whether it’s a baseball bat or a hammer, Komori will transform into it in order to help Kokoa in battle. While some find the Transformer Bats to be a hindrance in battle, Kokoa deftly handles Komori.

Transformer bats always maintain the same body mass, following the rule of conservation of matter. They also seem to influence vampire fashion. Its silhouette has become fashion accessories, such as hair clips. Its forms have even become decorative decorative pieces.

6 Akari Acura wields a mallet (Chaika the Coffin Princess)

Akari Acura from Chaika The Coffin Princess.

Akari Acura’s Chaika, the coffin princess he carries his deck even when he’s not on the battlefield. Akari is very talented with the way he uses his hammer.

Since she is good at acrobatics and has a lot of stealth, Akari’s style focuses on close combat. Akari can deal immense damage to her opponents with just brute force. Although the mallet is undoubtedly heavy and would hinder others on the battlefield, she Akari wields it as if it were as light as a feather. Akari is strong enough to hold such a heavy weapon in one hand.

5 Diane wields the warhammer, Gideon (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Diana frowns.

Diana of The seven capital sins Wield the warhammer, Gideon. The weapon is his Sacred Treasure. The War Hammer is designed for giants. The weapon fits perfectly as Diane is a member of the giant clan, she is ten meters tall in her giant form.

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The hammer weighs 2,200 pounds and has a double-sided head. Half of it looks like an ordinary hammer, but the other half is a war pickaxe. At the other end of its handle, the hammer becomes a pommel.

4 Zudomon wields Thor’s hammer (Digimon Adventure)

Zudomon stands in front of a rainbow in Digimon Adventure.

Zudomon is a Digimon of marine animals. He wields the Hammer of Thor, which is his most powerful weapon. With Thor’s Hammer, Zudomon has displayed various attacks throughout digimon adventure.

An attack like Vulcan’s Hammer is enough to knock his opponent out for a long period of time. Vulcan’s Hammer produces sparks after it hits Zudomon’s opponent with a shockwave. It can also be thrown like a boomerang. Thor’s Hammer is, without a doubt, a daunting tool that few opponents stand a chance against.

3 Usopp has an arsenal of hammer attacks (One Piece)

Usopp pointing up in One Piece

use pp of One piece he has several hammer attacks in his arsenal. Although he is not the best at wielding one, the variety of hammers he possesses gives him some options to defeat his opponents.

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When he uses his “Usopp Hammer”, he hits his opponent in the head. Although the attack is not very powerful, it becomes dangerous when repeated. The “Usopp Pound” is when he unleashes his five-ton hammer to defeat his opponent Although, no it does a lot of damage, considering it’s really just two pans covered by a sheet of metal.

two Lavi’s hammer can change size (D.Grayman)

D. Grayman's Lavi.

wash of the gray man wields an iron hammer that can change size. Although the hammer’s official name is simply “Iron Hammer”, Lavi named it “Big Hammer, Little Hammer” due to its size-changing abilities.

At Lavi’s command, the hammer can grow and spread. He even uses it as a means of transportation when he stands on its hilt and extends it in the direction he intends to go. Although the weight of the hammer increases with its size, Lavi is not affected. Since he was reforged, Lavi can also summon elemental powers by hitting the sigils when they appear above his head.

1 Nobara Kugisaki wields a hammer and nails infused with cursed energy (Jujutsu Kaisen)

nobara kugisaki cursed hammer and nail technique

Nobara Kugisaki from jujutsu kaisen wields a standard hammer with a heart on its head. She uses spikes infused with cursed energy to attack her opponents from longer distances.

This hammer is essential to his cursed technique, Resonance. The technique only bears fruit when he digs his nail into something connected to his opponent. Exorcising cursed spirits, Nobara hammers a nail into a straw doll. She can also imbue other types of hammers with cursed energy, such as the rubber mallet she uses to avoid killing humans.

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