Top 10 Inspirational Haikyuu!! Quotes

shonen anime series Haikyuu!! has won the hearts of sports fans and sports fans alike. Haikyuu!! It features stunning animation, in-depth detail on volleyball, light yet deep storytelling, captivating characters, and gameplay that leaves fans on the edge of their seats.

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In addition, many fans are attracted to Haikyuu!! due to sensible and relatable advice throughout the series that can be applied to real life. There are plenty of quotable moments that span a variety of topics, such as relying on others for help, overcoming troubling insecurities, and persevering through tough times.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the anime series Haikyuu!! by Haruichi Furudate

10 Nishinoya recognizes his limits

“I told you I have Karasuno’s back! However, there are even some things that I can’t do. you fight in the air for me.” —Yu Nishinoya

There is a point where Daichi cannot move to receive the ball due to the tension in his body. Nishinoya then makes a double save to help win the point. Nishinoya reminds them that he has their back. However, he is willing to admit that he can’t do much, so he asks them to keep pushing to handle what he can’t.

9 Coach Ukai reminds the team to stay focused.

“However, if we look up instead of forward, we could lose our balance.” — Coach Keishin Ukai

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After Coach Ukai briefs the team on the top teams to watch out for, he also makes it clear to them not to look ahead and to keep their focus on the present with their training. He tells them that if they look too far ahead, they might slip up. He explains that they are not the only team that will be there to win and that other teams are also training hard. The weak teams are just as formidable as the strong ones and just as determined to win.

8 Tanaka tells Yamaguchi to remove the regrets.

Yamaguchi being congratulated by Tanaka at Haikyu

“Even if you let go of regret, you’ll end up feeling it anyway. Right now, you have to make sure you catch this good feeling and never forget it. And then do it again next time too.” — Ryūnosuke Tanaka

After Yamaguchi scored some big points for the team and gave them the lead they needed, he was congratulated by his teammates after the round. However, he can’t help but think about some of the little mistakes he made. This is where Tanaka steps in to explain that those regrets will always be there, but during the good times, he needs to hold on to the happiness he feels.

7 Hinata wants to know what is beyond the wall

Hinata looking at the net in Haikyu

“There is a big, tall wall in front of me that blocks my path. I wonder what awaits me on the other side. What is the view like there? It is something I will never be able to see on my own. It is the view from the top.” —Shoyo Hinata

After worrying that his and Kageyama’s first connecting hit was a fluke, they end up making another successful connection. Hinata is looking at the once-high wall that was blocking his way as the view of the top that he longed to see slowly opens up. He realizes that this is something that he would not have been able to achieve on his own; he needed a helping hand.

6 Kiyoko encourages Yachi to take a leap of faith.

A Scared Yachi Behind Kiyoko In Haikyu

“Sometimes things you start on a whim end up becoming very important to you as well. I think you just need a little curiosity to begin with.” —Kiyoko Shimizu

Yachi is still hesitant about joining the volleyball team and learning how to become a manager, as she has no knowledge of the sport. As her insecurities begin to accumulate, Kiyoko becomes aware of Yachi’s concern. She explains to Yachi how she was once in her place when she was asked to join. She believes that someone doesn’t have to like something before trying it and that starting with a little curiosity is all it takes to discover something wonderful.

5 Sugawara realizes that risks are part of the game

“If we go for what is a sure thing here, it will mean we never change!” —Koshi Sugawara

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After one of the team’s new synchronized attacks fails, instead of avoiding using it again and opting instead for a safer tactic, Sugawara encourages the team to try again. Sugawara realizes that if they are not willing to take risks, it will prove that the team has not grown and that all their training would have been in vain. There is a high probability that the attack will fail again, but they won’t know if they aren’t willing to keep trying.

4 Asahi gets her spirit back

Asahi, Haikyū

“Somewhere along the way, I allowed myself to forget the simplest and most natural thing about this game: that I will never have to fight alone.” —Asahi Azumane

After Asahi is brought into the tryout game against the Neighborhood Association Volleyball Team, Asahi’s flashback to his previous failures returns as one of his shots is blocked, but Nishinoya saves the ball before it hits the ground. Nishinoya tells Asahi that as long as he’s there, there’s no need to worry about the blocks. As Asahi finds his determination as the ace of the team, he reminds himself through these words that he is not alone.

3 Oikawa believes that talent can flourish at any time

Oikawa from Haikyuu

“Today may be the day you seize the opportunity to make your talent flourish. Or maybe tomorrow, the day after that, or maybe even next year, or maybe even when you turn thirty. The moment you choose to make it happen It depends on you”. for you. But if you think you don’t have it, then you probably won’t have it your whole life.” —Toru Oikawa

When Oikawa hears his teammates wish for Kageyama’s talent from Karasuno, a flashback is triggered. He recalls his former trainer explaining that believing someone is born talented without fully exploring his own talent is a trap for endless failure. Oikawa conveys this message through his own words to his teammates.

two Daichi knows it’s not over until it’s over

“Even if we are not sure that we will win, even if others tell us that we have no chance, we should never tell ourselves that.” — Daichi Sawamura

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As the game perspectives of Ikejiri’s Tokonami team and Yui’s girls’ volleyball team for Karasuno High change, both are about to lose. Yui in a flashback remembers Daichi giving her this advice. Ikejiri remembers similar advice Daichi gave him. As the words lift their morale, they encourage their teams not to give up and keep playing until the end. Even knowing that they face certain defeat, the game is not over.

1 Coach Takeda gives a lesson on defeat

Coach Takeda giving advice to Hinata and Kageyama to Haikyu

“Losing shows that you’re weak? Isn’t it hard for everyone to lose? A challenge where, after finishing on your hands and knees, you have to see if you can get up again? If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak.” — Coach Ittetsu Takeda

After his first loss, Hinata finds Kageyama outside washing his face. Before returning, Kageyama and Hinata get into a skirmish which is interrupted by the appearance of Coach Takeda. Takeda tries to cheer them up, but sees that the loss is still eating at them. He then asks them what defeat means to them. He also explains what he thinks he is and how letting that defeat keep them on the ground will show just how weak they really are. These words encourage children to stand up.

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