Best Isekai where the main character is the villain

With so many titles under its belt, isekai already covers a variety of topics, including villainy. Here are the best isekai anime with a villainous MC.

Just like any media, anime doesn’t just portray the good and the fair. Especially the plot doesn’t need to use the hero’s perspective to be good. Antihero protagonists like Eren Jaeger from attack on titan and Ken Kaneki from terror in tokyo are excellent examples of this.

As its popularity grows with each passing year, the isekai genre has delved into this theme as well, producing numerous anime focused on the evil side perspective. Here are the best isekai anime whose main character is a villain, in different senses of the word.

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Overlord stars a classic villain

Overlord's Momonga/Ainz Ooal Gown in the moonlight.

After getting caught up in your favorite RPG, SirThe main character of Momonga, assumes his role as a dungeon master of monsters. He rules over his domain and allows his subordinates, which are various kinds of monsters, to do what they do best. Some of his activities include human experimentation, slaughter and kidnapping.

Interestingly, Momonga still tries to do altruistic acts whenever he can, which gives the anime a touch of playfulness. Viewers will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions as they watch Momonga and his subordinates expand his territory.

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Reincarnated as Rimuru from Slime, he does evil deeds for his constituents.

that time i got reincarnated as a slime season 2 part 2

That time I got reincarnated as a slime the protagonist Rimuru Tempest is a laid-back character who wishes to enjoy his new isekai life, until the so-called heroes bring out the worst in him. Rimuru may have unintentionally grown his kingdom, but he really cares about his constituents.

That’s why he went berserk after some of his subordinates were mercilessly killed. He even goes to the point of committing genocide to become a demon lord and resurrect them. Rimuru’s evolution from slime to demon lord is proof that even the kindest creatures have a threshold for goodness.

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Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero is a framed villain

Naofumi protects Raphtalia in Rising of the Shield Hero.

The rising of the shield heroNaofumi Iwatani has been through a lot not because he is an evil person, but because he is framed to be. The first member of her group tricks him into accepting her as a member of hers, then betrays him and leaves him without provocation.

His betrayal forces Naofumi to resort to every dirty trick he knows to survive. Worse is that everyone else, including the other heroes, see him as a despicable entity. The rising of the shield hero It perfectly demonstrates how anyone can become a villain through lies and theater.

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Katarina Claes is reborn as a villain

Catarina facing destruction

Katarina Claes from My Next Life as a Villain: All Routes Lead to Doom! he receives the short end of the stick when one day he regains the memories of his previous life. She realizes that she is currently living as the villain of an otome game she used to play called fortune lover. Katarina’s attempts to prevent multiple gruesome deaths of hers result in a series of hilarious and chaotic events. Despite supposedly being the main antagonist of this isekai series, Katarina becomes both the comic relief and the protagonist.

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So I’m a spider, so what? Features a monster protagonist

Main character of So I'm a Spider, So What?  being chased by snakes

Kumoko, the main character of So I’m a spider, so what? he has bad luck and is reincarnated as a literal monster while his classmates are human. However, unlike Momonga and Rimuru, she is not anthropomorphic. She’s a spider through and through, and her evolutions make her more like a spider, at least the first few. Born into a dungeon filled with terrifying and powerful creatures, Kumoko uses everything she has at her disposal to eliminate threats and fight back. In doing so, she is also forced to kill numerous humans and is seen as a terrifying monster, which she technically is.

The Tanya Saga Evil Is First Tier Evil

Tanya flips her cape in the Tanya The Evil saga

When it comes to villainy in isekai anime, The Saga of Tanya the Evil can’t forget The titular character assumes the identity of a young woman living in a war-torn world as punishment for her earlier lack of faith. Rather than regret it, Tanya uses her knowledge of warfare and tactics to rise through the ranks and hopefully gain a comfortable position away from bloodshed. This girl has no qualms about sacrificing countless lives and manipulating numerous individuals if it means achieving her goal.

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