Top 10 Male Anime Hairstyles Of All Time, Ranked

Hairstyles are a vital component of character design. In anime, the way characters style their hair can reveal a lot about them. For some characters, their hair is one of the most prominent and memorable aspects of their identity.

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Time One Punch ManSaitama from Saitama stated that hair is not necessary to become an extraordinary anime hero, mangaka still choose to gift their characters with extravagant styles. The male heroes donned most of the most memorable hairstyles in anime. These styles make heroes stand out from the rest of the crowd, regardless of the taunts or praise they may receive for their aesthetic choices.

10 Goku’s spikes are kept in all his Saiyan forms (Dragon Ball)

goku of Dragon Ball he has spiky black hair that defies the laws of physics to maintain its volume. However, that is not the only impressive feat of this hairstyle. These spikes are also maintained in each of Goku’s Saiyan forms.

The spikes grow even larger and more feral on some Saiyan forms, such as Super Saiyan God. Although his hair changes color in different ways, Goku’s spiky hair stays in place. It’s also quite shocking that Goku’s quills never go haywire no matter how brutal the battle gets.

9 Naruto’s spiky yellow hair changes as he matures

Naruto making everyone believe that he can save them all.

Naruto’s spiky yellow hair and shinobi headband have become iconic. Throughout the series, Naruto’s hair never changed significantly. It has always been a staple of his appearance from the beginning of the series to Boruto. The only significant change to his hair is that it becomes noticeably tamer as Naruto matures.

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Naruto’s hair was full of volume at the beginning of the series, with spikes sticking out in every direction. Throughout the series, his hair slowly tame. By borutoher hair is a shadow of its former self.

8 Franky can change his hairstyle in an instant

franky straw hats

Franky has had a variety of hairstyles throughout One piece. When you press his nose for three seconds, his hairstyle can instantly change. The possibilities are endless for the extravagant hairstyle that will manifest in a second.

Once, he turned his hair into a canon. On another occasion, Franky’s hair became the maw of a beetle. While he certainly has some classic hairstyles, the eccentric styles that Franky can manifest in an instant are too hilarious for the audience to ignore.

7 Shoto’s half and half hair makes him one of the most recognizable characters in My Hero Academia.

Shoto Todoroki’s my hero academia she has stunning half white and half red hair. It is synonymous with half nature and half its peculiarity. His left side can manipulate ice, while his right side unleashes fire. Shoto’s red hair is also on the same side as his scar.

This hairstyle is one of the most recognizable in the series. Although it would be a hassle to perfectly join the hair down the middle to separate the two colors, it would be relatively easy to maintain in reality.

6 Inuyasha’s silver hair is similar to a mane.

inuyasha smiles

Inuyasha is the titular demon-dog protagonist of his series. His hair is an ethereal shade of silver-white that reaches down to his waist. Inuyasha’s hair is so thick it looks like a mane. His bangs also frame his face. Inuyasha has furry ears on his head that look like undercooked dumplings stacked on top of each other to some fans.

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When he disguises himself as a human, his silver hair turns black and his dog ears disappear. However, Inuyasha’s regular form has become ingrained in the minds of anime fans everywhere.

5 Yugi Muto’s hair is multicolored and chaotic (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yugi Muto in Yu-Gi-Oh!  The dark side of dimensions

Yugi Muto’s signature hairstyle is multicolored and chaotic. Her hair points in all directions: north, south, east, west and everything in between.

The back of her hair is a warm shade of purple that seems to reflect light, giving it metallic qualities. Yugi’s bangs are golden, but they don’t exactly frame her face. Purple and gold are not the most complementary colors, but Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist managed to pull it off. Although this style is difficult to replicate in real life, some talented cosplayers perfectly recreated Yugi’s signature hairstyle.

4 Kyojuro Rengoku’s hair resembles his flames (Demon Slayer)

Rengoku uses a flame breathing technique.

Kyojuro Rengoku’s physical aesthetic burns as intensely as his fire breathing techniques. Resembling a lion’s mane, Kyojuro’s bright yellow hair is tipped with even brighter shades of red.

Since Kyojuro’s hair attains such impressive volume, the hairstyle resembles the immense flames unleashed by his nichirin sword. Every appearance of Hashira in Murderer of demons it reflects their abilities in some way, be it with motifs or the color palette they sport. However, Kyojuro’s aesthetic takes on a literal interpretation of her status as Flame Hashira.

3 Death The Kid is what all the Scene kids wanted them to look like (Soul Eater)

Drawing inspiration from the goth and emo subcultures of the early 2000s, Death The Kid by Soul Eater it’s what every emo scene and kid wishes they looked like. Kid’s hair is completely black, but has three thick lines down the middle.

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Although her hair is not the iconic emo side part, the lines do resemble the raccoon tails that people in the subculture religiously sported. Although the streaks in his hair are the Sanzu Lines that show Kid’s status as an Angel of Death, they work well with the rest of his appearance.

two Ken Kaneki’s hair frequently changes between black and white (Tokyo Ghoul)

Close up of Kaneki's Ghoul mask

As a result of Marie Antoinette syndrome, the hair of terror in tokyo‘s Ken Kaneki turned white after enduring ten days of non-stop torture. Although his hair was black at the beginning of the series, he turned completely white.

His hair constantly changes between black and white. After Kaneki fully resonated with being a ghoul, her hair turned white. When he finally reconnected with his humanity, his hair turned partially black. Kaneki’s hair constantly changed throughout terror in tokyo depending on which side was in control at any given time.

1 Everyone knows that Josuke Higashikata’s (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) hair shouldn’t be insulted.

Josuke Higashikata is the protagonist of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is unbreakable. One of the most notable qualities of him is how defensive he gets about his giant pompadour. Once, Josuke destroyed Rohan Kishibe’s house due to a clever comment the mangaka made about his hair. Josuke beat Rohan so severely that he had to stop writing manga because his injuries landed him in the hospital.

However, his behavior is somewhat justified when people find out about the story behind him. When Josuke got sick as a child, his mother couldn’t take him to the hospital due to the weather. It was a cold winter night and snow blocked the road. However, a man with a pompadour saved the day when he helped push the car. That man ultimately saved Josuke’s life. Although Josuke was just a boy when it happened, he remembered the man’s silhouette and combed his hair to match the unknown man’s.

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