Scarlet Witch Cosplay shows off her incredible powers by losing control

In an amazing Scarlet Witch cosplay/photo edit, @odfel and @patloika team up to recreate Wanda Maximoff’s iconic House of M moment.

Wanda Maximoff is among Marvel’s most complex heroes and in a new cosplay with great photo editing, one of scarlet witch The most iconic covers that capture her in her most difficult moments are recreated. In a cosplay of @odfel in the classic Scarlet Witch costume with photographic work by @patloika, the cover of Marvel Comics’ most powerful magic user of the house of m The event comes to life as Joe Quesada’s likeness gets an epic recreation of real life.

The Scarlet Witch took control of the Marvel Universe during the dramatic events of house of m by Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel, Tim Townsend and Frank D’Armata. The story takes place when Scarlet Witch suffers a mental breakdown and creates a whole new reality after the death of her Vision’s husband, as she wants to bring her lost children back to life. Scarlet Witch losing control of herself and her powers would have a massive impact on the Marvel Universe. When she was restored to reality, she despoiled mutants all over the world with perhaps her famous line, “no more mutants.” my house The plot was loosely adapted in recent Wanda Vision series on Disney+, where Scarlet Witch changed reality in a small town where she brought Vision back from the dead to deal with her pain.


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On his Instagram account, photographer and photo editor @patloika shared his edit of @odfel’s Scarlet Witch outfit. In the image, the iconic cover of Joe Quesada for House of M #1 from marvel comics it is recreated when Wanda falls apart and loses control of herself and her powers. @odfel’s Scarlet Witch costume is comically accurate as she wears the hero’s iconic helmet as she stares into the light and begins to fall apart. Check out the post below, which shows the image alongside the original cover.

In the post, @patloika reveals that the photo edit took “a little time to finish”, which is understandable given the complexity of the edit. recreating the house of m the Marvel Comics cover of the cosplay photo must have been some serious undertaking. However, it successfully brings the magical Scarlet Witch cover to life in stunning detail.

Seeing iconic Marvel comics get real-life recreations is always fun, and in this case, an impressive amount of work went into making Scarlet Witch appear the way she does on the cover of house of m #1. The captured cosplay scarlet witch look beautiful, while photo editing made it even better.

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Source – @patloika – Instagram

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