Top 10 Mecha Anime Better Than Code Geass

Code Geass is one of the most popular highlights shows of the last 20 years. This political drama with robot fights has a compelling narrative and a pretty smart lead. Code Geass is loved by fans, but there are some shows that do things a little better than Lelouch and the Black Knights.

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Some shows make better use of the characters and their relationships. Some shows have better battle mechanics. Some programs do everything better than Geass. whatever the case, Code Geass not perfect for beginners, Code Geass it ends on a weird note and has some pretty confusing moments. Some shows are just a cut above Geassand there is no shame in that.

10 Darling in the Franxx has better companions

darling in the franxx features fortified bases called “Plantations”. The Plantations are the place where humanity lives and fights against the Klaxosaurs, giant monsters that are a threat to humanity. Humans fight Klaxosaurs in giant robots.

Humans are not given names, but code numbers. The main character finds a girl they call “Zero Two”. The dynamic between Zero Two and her “honey” is much more memorable and interesting than the Freudian images of Lelouch and CC in the mechs aside, the series lacks cohesion in places, but it’s still somewhat enjoyable.

9 Gatchaman is a classic Sentai show

Gatchaman fighter

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman was a sentai-type show that ran in the 1970s. It featured five heroes dressed in costumes imitating birds and fighting an evil organization. They did it with the help of a giant robot.

gatchaman is a classic that has been localized a couple of times. It’s goofy and cheesy, but those are just reasons to love it. Only the big fights take place in the robot, and the action is usually close-quarters combat on the ground. Still, the show knows how to use its mechanical combat and revels in its tokusatsu roots.

8 eureka seven has good romance

eureka seven follows Renton and Eureka’s teenage romance with a surfing robot as the backdrop. The teens’ relationship serves as the backbone for much of what happens in the series. Renton falls in love with Eureka and ends up joining an anti-military unit.

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In more or less 50 episodes, eureka seven explores space, war, and some pretty good romance. The series has good music and good action as well. Code Geass it doesn’t have a lot of good romances, and the mech fights aren’t that great.

7 Gurren Lagann soars through the skies

Gurren Lagann It’s about exaggeration. The show is about how far passion and a positive attitude can take someone. Simon and Kamina are two guys who live in an underground human society. Beastmen rule the planet and everyone has lost hope. One day, they find a robot and a girl with a rifle named Yoko. After that, their lives changed forever.

Gurren Lagann he is as passionate as he seems. It is pure energy and puts logic aside to deliver an amazing experience. Fans are usually surprised by the heights the protagonists reach by the end of the series.

6 Nadesico lives up to his hype

Martian successor Nadesico is a space opera with a good sense of humor. A cook named Akito shows great skill in piloting the series’ robots, so he is sent to fight alien lizards. What follows is 26 episodes of a spaceship named Nadesico fighting the lizard people and Akito luring various women onto the ship.

Nadasico he knows not to take himself too seriously. This is demonstrated with the in-universe television show, gekiganger 3. It is a super robot anime that serves as an interesting backdrop for all the events of the show. Nadasico is a nostalgic space show with funny characters and cool battles.

5 Escaflowne is a great Isekai

Escaflowne’s Vision was a 1990s fantasy mecha series about a girl who was transported to another world and got caught up in a war between two nations. Battles are resolved in giant robots. The show is a classic isekai series with romantic implications.

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Escaflowne It has an amazing color palette and wonderful music. The series has twists and turns and uses them to great effect. The dynamic between Van and Hitomi is delightful and better than any of the relationships in Code Geass.

4 G Gundam is hot blooded to the max

gundam anime 1995

mobile fighter g gundam is the pure definition of super robot. Every four years, the space colonies battle to determine who runs the colonies. They fight on Earth using Gundams. The series is probably the least political of the Gundam franchise. Despite some elements and stereotypes that have aged poorly, the series is fun.

The show is a nonstop ride of scream attacks and cool robot designs. The fights are also pretty impressive. Rain being one of the best female characters Gundam has ever seen is the icing on the cake.

3 Aura Battler Dunbine is a classic Tomino series

As the

Aura Battler Dunbine was a series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the brains behind the original Gundam Mobile Suit. The series follows humans sent to another world forced to fight a war they know nothing about. The giant robots in which the warriors fight are powered by their life force or aura.

The series blends the fantastical elements of fairies and giant mecha magic to tell a story about the horrors of war. That’s one of Tomino’s hallmarks, after all. The real beauty of the show is in the story of it. Fans in the 1980s watched as an entire world opened up for the protagonist, only to discover that the war was not what it seemed.

two Big O is a black robot

Or big is a two-season show best described as “What if Bruce Wayne had a giant robot?” The series is about Roger Smith and his exploits as a negotiator in Paradigm City. Not everything is what it seems, as no one can remember events before a certain point in time.

Despite some hiccups in the second season regarding the mystery of Paradigm City, Or big it has superb drama and a gritty color palette. Roger Smith is a great protagonist, and his companions are too. The series goes to some weird places, but it’s worth a watch nonetheless.

1 Gundam 00 addresses some key issues

Gundam 00 is an outstanding series in the Gundam franchise. Follow a group called Celestial Being that seeks to eradicate all wars. In their attempt to do so, the group creates a large number of enemies. The agenda is similar to that of the Black Knights in Code Geass. The narration in Gundam 00 It is superior, however.

The series tackles topics like the war on terror and being a responsible citizen. He doesn’t beat around the bush and even kills off some major main characters. Gundam 00 is the epitome of what Gundam en: a war story with giant robots as the setting.

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