Why was the supervisor sick in Naruto?

For a long time, naruto fans wondered what was going on with Hayate Gekko, who was the proctor for the Chunin exams and oversaw the fights, which included Naruto.

He was a Jonin, of the same rank as Might Guy, and was reported to be skilled in both Kenjutsu and Shadow Clone techniques. However, he was often told that he was ill and often coughed during the arc.

naruto is a long-running anime and manga series, made by Masashi Kishimoto in 1999, with a wide roster of characters. The world of naruto it’s packed with all kinds of ninja, and Kishimoto has created some pretty strong shinobi.

Why was Proctor Hayate Gekko from Naruto sick?

During the events of the Chunin arc, Hayate Gekko was often seen coughing, had bags under his eyes, and did not always appear to be in his best health. Which is surprising, given that he is a young man in the prime of his life.

But seeing how he died in the first great battle of his life may indicate that his illness may have been a recent condition.

With the strict requirements of the Ninja exam, many of which can result in instant failure (such as being caught cheating on an exam), Hayate Gekko must be capable enough to pass and advance to the rank of Jonin.

There are many crazy characters in naruto, some of which have much worse conditions than Gekko. They possessed some kind of uncanny ability to compensate for their weakness. Gekko, on the other hand, is quite normal for a ninja, with no special abilities aside from his sword and shadow clone techniques.

They made Hayate Gekko proctor for the third set of (preliminary) exams, all while battling illness, definitely should have used a sick day 😭😭

What was the disease?

So what could his illness be? There are some rumors and ideas. One is that it was a lifelong condition that only got worse with age, and with his constant cough and eye bags, it’s possible that he had some form of early tuberculosis.

Given his skill with a sword, his character may have been inspired by Okita Soji. He was a real-life swordsman of the Shinsengumi who also suffered from a terrible cough that eventually took his life.

Or, as stated before, it may have been a recent condition, since Hayate Gekko doesn’t seem too bothered by it, and it’s possible he just caught a common cold. A third theory is that he is simply not good at taking care of himself and his health has suffered as a result.

The strangest part is that his illness has not been mentioned, except for one case.

However, despite his illness, it is worth mentioning that Hayate is a capable ninja, and was among those who prevented Neji from further harming Hinata and participated in the defense of the Leaf Village. It was also mentioned that he was the one who taught Yugao Uzuki swordsmanship, and it was mentioned that he was on good terms with the other senior ninjas, which included Kakashi.

So while his illness may have been apparent during his brief appearance during the naruto franchise, has been popular with fans, with many enjoying their stay while it lasted.

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