Top 10 Seinen Manga Perfect For New Readers

The world of Japanese manga is rich and deep, with hundreds of different titles exploring every imaginable literary genre and more, from action-packed shonen series to heartfelt shojo, and of course, the more mature world of seinen and josei manga. Anyone looking for more mature and thought-provoking fiction should try josei and seinen; some of the best manga titles of all time are, in fact, seinen.

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Anyone new to seinen manga, or manga in general, can try a variety of well-written series to get an idea of ​​what this type of manga is capable of. A handful of beginner seinen titles should be enough for newcomers to fully appreciate what seinen is all about and refine their tastes from there.

10 Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji is great for fans of gambling

Gambling stories are always popular with fans of movies, novels, and graphic novels, and many R-rated movies feature a casino scene, such as Royal Casino. In the world of seinen manga, new fans can try Kaiji Apocalypse Gamewhich has a distinctive, clean art style and some really gripping stories.

This seinen series is about the brilliant antihero Kaiji, who must gamble his way out of crushing debt and unravel the mysteries of the men in suits who run these cruel games. It’s also a great series for fans of TV shows like squid gamebut with less gore.

9 Vinland Saga should appeal to any Viking fan

Vikings are always a popular subject in western fiction such as live action TV show. vikings and the How to Train Your Dragon animated films. Any fan of Viking fiction or history should also give Makoto Yukimura’s hit seinen series a try. vinland sagawhich takes place in medieval Europe.

In this dark but compelling manga series, young Viking Thorfinn Karlsefni embarks on a quest for revenge, only to learn some harsh lessons about the nature of revenge and the importance of finding a fulfilling goal in life. Thorfinn’s personal quest in vinland saga it is sincere but violent.

8 Tokyo Ghoul is ideal for fans of gothic fantasy

tokyo ghoul manga

A variety of Western franchises involve gothic monsters and imagery in a modern setting, such as Marvel. Sword comics and the Underworld movie franchise Anyone who loves those stories should try Sui Ishida’s. terror in tokyo manga series as well and possibly the sequel Tokyo Ghoul: d.

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terror in tokyo takes place in Tokyo, where carnivorous ghouls rule the streets and CCG investigators desperately fight to keep people safe. In the midst of all this is the half-demon Ken Kaneki, who is determined to reconcile the two sides without losing what humanity he has left in the process.

7 The flowers of evil is darkly identifiable

flowers of evil manga

The flowers of Evil got an anime, but the experimental animation style didn’t sit well with many fans. Fortunately, the original seinen manga series features excellent art and a somber story that moves at a decent pace, making for a great read.

This particular seinen manga should appeal to any drama fan or fan of realistic stories depicting the dark side of human nature. On The flowers of Evilprotagonist Takeo Kasuga gets mixed up with a disturbed girl named Sawa Nakamura, who soon drags him into her own twisted world of boredom and trouble.

6 After the rain it’s a healthy romance

after the rain manga

Anyone new to manga will soon realize that the four main demographics overlap; some seinen series emphasize romance and relationships over violence and horror, including After the rain. Anyone who enjoys romantic drama movies is sure to like it. After the rainas well.

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Time After the rain appears to be an ordinary romance, the story is actually about the healing and self-acceptance of the two main lovers, which makes the story that much more powerful. Heroine Akira Tachibana, a cold and aloof high school student, falls in love with her manager, Mr. Kondo, at the same time she rekindles her passion for running after suffering a nasty ankle injury.

5 Vagabond is ideal for fans of Japanese history and culture

Tramp Manga Panel

Like his cousin seinen vinland sagaTakehiko Inoue’s legendary seinen series Homeless it is historical fiction and depicts real people, except that it takes place in Japan and not medieval Europe. Any film buff or graphic novel fan who appreciates Japanese culture should Homeless a try.

Homeless is famous for its excellent art and action scenes, which only get better with time. Homeless it’s also broken up into distinct story arcs to give it an episodic feel as fans join Musashi on his many adventures through pre-modern Japan.

4 Grand Blue Dreaming is great for comedy fans

Seinen is usually serious and dark, but many Seinen titles are fun and lighthearted without sacrificing the core values ​​of seinen fiction, including the hit series. big blue dream. This popular series is all about scuba diving and the exciting ups and downs of college life in general.

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Grand Blue Dreaming Punk protagonist Iori Kitahara is on a wild ride when he joins his new university’s diving club, complete with gorgeous underwater views, beer-soaked parties, romantic antics, and much more. Anyone who loves a good college comedy story will surely love big blue dream.

3 Black Lagoon is an excellent crime thriller

the black lagoon The manga has slowed down in recent years, but it’s still a worthwhile read for any fan of crime thrillers or movies like the italian job or john wick. This famous seinen manga series features the Black Lagoon Company, a small team of skilled mercenaries who take on a variety of dangerous jobs for money.

Protagonist Rock is a former salaryman turned hapless criminal and will do everything from firing missiles at helicopters to stealing paintings from marauding neo-Nazis and fighting. Rambostylish barmaids in the crime-ridden port city of Roanapur, and much more.

two Golden Kamuy is like a Japanese spaghetti western

kamuy golden manga

Anyone who enjoys cowboy stories or spaghetti westerns will enjoy the hit manga series Seinen. kamuy golden which, despite its Japanese setting, is remarkably similar to a western in many ways. The snowy wilderness of Hokkaido in the early 20th century is like the Wild West, where frontier justice reigns.

Kamui of gold The hero is Saichi Sugimoto, a soldier searching for hidden treasure and has an Ainu companion, a girl named Asirpa, to help him. kamuy golden It has it all: mature themes, great action sequences, a western feel, mystery, humor, cooking, and plenty of insights into Ainu culture.

1 One-Punch Man parodies the superhero genre

One Punch Man is ultimately a seinen manga series, though it also has some shonen elements and definitely involves the superhero genre to make for a unique package, all backed up with great illustrations and surprisingly deep themes. One Punch Man follows Saitama, the caped bald guy who can end any fight with a single punch.

One Punch Man is great for new Seinen fans who want more than just blood and gore in their stories. One Punch Man it also features a lot of dark humor and ideas about what it means to seek a fulfilling purpose in life. This series should appeal to any fan of the superhero genre, even if it’s satire.

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