Top 10 Things Fans Want To Forget About Demon Slayer

Murderer of demons it has many memorable aspects that make it one of the best shonen series in recent years. There are great fight scenes, strong characters, and countless scenes that have brought fans to tears. However, as in all series, not everything is perfect. There are some aspects that fans don’t like, be it the characterization, the storytelling decisions, or the design.

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No popular anime is free of controversial moments or annoying characters that some viewers could do without. Despite Murderer of demonsGeneral acclaim and high quality of ‘s, there are some parts that fans want to forget completely.

10 Hostile introduction of the Hashira

The Hashira in Demon Slayer

When Tanjiro and Nezuko first meet the nine strongest Demon Slayers, they initially appear as a hostile force. Due to their prejudice against demons, they wanted to kill Nezuko for being one and Tanjiro for keeping her alive, and most of them seem unsympathetic to the siblings’ struggles. Later, the Hashiras learn to accept Nezuko and become deeper characters loved by fans. However, their initial introduction paints them as enemies of the Kamado brothers, something fans would rather forget.

9 Unnecessary Mitsuri Kanroji fanservice

Mitsuri shyly walks away.

Many shonen series are known for having some degree of fan service (some use it more than others). Demon Slayer was refreshing in the way that it steered clear of fanservice; that is, until the introduction of Mitsuri Kanroji.

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Fortunately, Mitsuri is a character that is so much more than her looks, which allowed many fans to look beyond their initial preconceptions about her. However, in a series that mostly steers clear of the fanservice trap, she is shamelessly used a few times, without which most fans could do without her.

8 Inosuke’s aggressive beginnings

Inosuke attacks Zenitsu

Inosuke, who has been raised mostly by boars, initially shows very little interest in the people around him. He perceives everyone as a threat, even fellow Demon Slayers like Tanjiro and Zenitsu. He has no problem throwing himself blindly into battle and proudly proclaims himself to be one of the best fighters out there. His arrogant and aggressive attitude falls apart as he spends more time with Tanjiro, and he begins to show more interest in others. His unabashedly hot-headed and impulsive personality made viewers nervous at first, but his character improves with time.

7 Daki and Gyutaro’s disturbing backstory

Gyutaro and Ume (Daki) as children in Demon Slayer

Daki and Gyutaro’s backstory is necessary to paint them as likeable characters and help viewers understand how they became demons, but it’s still one of the most disturbing stories in the series. Murderer of demons.

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Paint a picture of a brother and sister trying to survive in a red light district in Japan and the many inhuman struggles they endured. At thirteen, Daki burns himself alive after injuring a samurai, an act that causes Gyutaro to turn them both into demons. Murderer of demons it often depicts the tragic lives of demons, but this one was particularly painful.

6 The grotesque nature of Doma

Although most demons are deranged and initially don’t care about the pain they inflict on others, most of them have some sort of sympathetic aspect that is revealed later in their story. Doma is one of the few demons that does not elicit any sympathy for him or his backstory. Even before becoming a demon, he showed little empathy for the people around him, and after his transformation, he led a cult and ate the members, showing a particular interest in women. He is a terrifying villain, but the monstrous acts of his are almost too much.

5 Nezuko’s Torture of Sanemi

Shinazugawa stabs Nezuko

Sanemi is one of the more aggressive Hashira, which is a trait he shares with his brother, Genya. When he first meets Tanjiro and Nezuko, he wastes no time torturing Nezuko into biting him, proving that he will behave like any other demon. Her cruelty towards her earned the animosity of many fans, which was only quelled when her character was expanded upon later in the series. By the end of the story, he is a different person, and many fans would prefer to forget the dark introduction to his character.

4 Zenitsu’s Cowardly Whine

scared and crying zenitsu - demon slayer

Zenitsu, especially at the beginning of the series, is incredibly afraid of being a demon slayer and constantly relies on others to protect him, unaware of his own demon slaying abilities. His screaming and crying made him very annoying and made fans long for the times when he slept, which was where he showed true courage.

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He becomes more confident and less weepy as the series progresses, and consequently becomes more tolerable. Fans of him wish they could forget the beginning of his character arc as it was one of the most annoying aspects of the entire series.

3 The sad life of Akaza

Akaza has been summoned to Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer

When Akaza was first introduced in the Mugen Train arc, no one was prepared for the tragic backstory that was later revealed. He started out as a young criminal named Hakuji, who was saved by a man who needed someone to take care of his sick daughter. Hakuji and the daughter eventually fell in love and would have married if she and her father hadn’t died of poisoning, leading Hakuji to become a demon and call himself Akaza. His backstory is one of the most tragic in the series, making fans wish it had been different.

two Nezuko’s awakened form

Nezuko gaining a new form during her epic battle with Daki is one of the most controversial moments in the Murderer of demons Serie. Her awakened form of hers is taller and stronger to put her on an equal footing with Daki, but she also has some sexualized aspects.

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The transformation didn’t last long and was only used a couple of times throughout the series, but the design polarized fans. Many ended up disliking it and considered it a detriment to Nezuko’s character.

1 Rengoku’s tragic death

Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira in Demon Slayer

Although he only appeared in the Mugen Train arc, Rengoku quickly became a fan favorite over the course of his story. With his care for others, his willingness to teach Tanjiro, and his acceptance that Nezuko is a demon, his short time in the larger story was not in vain. However, this only made his death fighting Akaza even more tragic. Even though he died, he remains an influential figure in Tanjiro’s life as he faces more challenges, though many would rather forget his death ever happened.

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