What if Eren never kissed Historia?

There was a moment, perhaps more than any other, that brought Eren Jaeger to this point in his life in the final season of Attack on Titan. When Eren kissed Historia’s hand at the end of the third season, he was shown everything that would happen in his future, sending him on a quest to gain access to the power of the Founding Titan and unleash the power of the Rumbling. in the world that lies outside of Paradis.

When Eren kissed Historia’s hand after the Colossal, Dreadnaught, and Beast Titan was defeated on the island of Paradis, his lineage as part of the Reiss Royal Family activated an ability within the young Jaeger, allowing him to see everything that happened, or It will happen in your life. Now, on a mission that he believes will save the lives of his friends, Eren aims to wipe out everyone who lives outside of Paradis and is rampaging in a Titan form that’s bigger than anything we’ve seen before. . With the final episodes reportedly slated to arrive as four one-hour specials, there are still plenty of major events left to show in the anime adaptation.

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Eren wouldn’t be on a rampage

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The easiest thing to figure out from this hypothetical scenario is that Eren wouldn’t be in his current rampage, mainly because he never would have had the power of the Founding Titan to begin with. Before diving into that scenario, which is a can of worms in itself, Eren would be effectively flying through the seat of his pants, not knowing what events were to come, and thus not being able to push into the future that he sees as one. . that would create happy and secure lives for her friends. Without having a window into all that was to come, Eren could remain the same character from the first three seasons, trying to figure out the world as he fights off Marley’s advances.

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Eren would not be a titan

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This is where we get into the “heart of the matter” of what would result if Eren didn’t kiss Historia’s hand, aka the time travel aspect of season four. Eren returned to the past with his brother Zeke to witness the events of his father’s life. Unbeknownst to the Beast Titan, Eren was able to change the past and push Grisha to eliminate the Reiss Familia and add the Founder Titan’s power to himself. If Eren hadn’t learned the future, this time travel adventure would never have taken place and Grisha would have stopped himself from eating the Founding Titan and likely died as a result. Even if Grisha had survived, he most likely would not have passed the power of the Attack Titan on to Eren, focusing more on Ymir’s power when it originally took place.

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The walls would still have fallen


Even if Grisha hadn’t obtained the Founder Titan’s power, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Annie would still have broken down the walls in an effort to return said powers to Marley. The question would then be raised as to whether the trio could actually take on the Reiss family and gain the Founder Titan ability for themselves, but that’s a question for another article. The events of the series could have continued in the same way during the first half of the premiere season, although we can certainly think of one thing that would have happened differently…

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Eren would have died

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If Eren had never inherited the power of the Attack Titan thanks to his own time escapades, he would have been killed in the first season when he was devoured by the Bearded Titan that followed him saving Armin’s life on the rooftops during his first mission. . Without having the might of a Titan on his side, the walls would have ultimately collapsed completely before the rampaging giants, which likely means the Eldians of Paradis would have been completely annihilated before the Scout Regiment could discover the place. truth of the world outside its borders.

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Or maybe Grisha played a more active role

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If Grisha survived Reiss’s attack when he couldn’t pull the trigger to eat the family, perhaps he could have escaped with his life and helped the Scout Regiment with Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie’s intrusion, creating a whole new chain. of events. There are many different possibilities for how the series could have continued, but rest assured, the series ending would have been very different from what we know today had Eren decided not to kiss Historia’s hand and trigger the events we now witness today. .