Yashahime’s biggest arc so far concludes with multiple deaths

The entire cast of Yashahime and Inuyasha is finally reunited as Episode 47 concludes its biggest arc, but not all of them survived to the next chapter.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 47 of Yashahime: half demon princess“Father and daughter”, now available on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

Yashahime it finally completes its biggest arc yet after the conclusion of Sesshōmaru and Kirinmaru’s long-running rivalry as the Great Beast Kings of East and West. As the two fight in front of Rin, the series’ biggest antagonist suddenly has a change of heart that will redirect the plot and change everyone’s future.

As fans rejoice when peace is restored and the entire cast of both inuyasha and Yashahime meet for the first time, several main characters die before the next chapter of the sequel series begins.

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In episode 47 of Yashahime, Rion maintains control of Grim Butterfly as Moroha and Setsuna work to cut the strings of fate revealing her undying love for her father Kirinmaru. However, Towa remains trapped in her solo fight against Mr. Kirin when Riku comes to rescue her from her. As they manage to finish off Mr. Kirin, Riku is mortally wounded and dies in the process. As he dies in Towa’s arms, Riku finally admits how much he loves her and wants her to live for him.

As the rest of the cast surrounds Grim Butterfly to contain her, the final showdown between the two most powerful demons in YashahimeThe world of is taking place in the Tree of Ages, where Sesshōmaru and Kirinmaru come face to face. When Jaken advises Rin to flee the battlefield to safety, Sesshōmaru surprisingly instructs his wife to stay and watch his fight with Kirinmaru. During their action-packed clash, Kirinmaru can’t help but imagine the face of his defenseless daughter Rion every time he looks at Rin. As a human, her presence reminds him of his humanity and love for his daughter, who was killed in front of him. to the. Kirinmaru is distracted and is eventually defeated by Sesshōmaru before asking the Great Demon Dog to kill him.

However, Rion can sense that her father fell in battle and uses the red strings of fate to bring him to her on Grim Butterfly as Sesshōmaru, Rin, and Jaken follow. After successfully freeing Rion, the loving parents meet up with their twin daughters and her niece. Towa allows Rion to use her body momentarily to live long enough to reconnect with Kirinmaru when she arrives. The two finally tell each other how they feel before agreeing to leave this world together to join Zero in the afterlife. As Rion’s spirit departs for the last time, Towa’s consciousness is restored as the Bakuseiken and Zanseiken fuse together to form the legendary sword known as the Sword of Amatsumikaboshi.

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After father and daughter depart for the afterlife and Grim Butterfly disappears, everyone’s favorite characters and their families gather around the Tree of Ages to celebrate. Rin finally makes good on his promise and hugs Towa and Setsuna now that they are safe from their enemies. Sesshōmaru watches as she admits to Jaken that she showed mercy to Kirinmaru and Rion because she knew that was what her daughters wanted. Jaken notes how happy Sesshōmaru looks when he sees his wife and daughters embrace, exposing the immense character development the mighty demon has undergone.

Moroha happily stands by her parents Inuyasha and Kagome, the three of them smiling at each other with pure joy at being together as a family after 14 difficult years apart. Behind them, Sango and Miroku stand with their three children and Kohaku. Other notable reunion attendees include Shippo, Takechiyo, Hachi, and Kirara, who are expected to become more consistent supporting characters throughout the rest of the series. Yashahime.

While fans are rejoicing in the epic reunion they’ve been waiting for for two seasons, they must also come to terms with the deaths of characters they’ve loved. Riku’s sudden death came as a shock, but there is still hope that he will live after many viewers noticed a horn-shaped object inside Towa’s body when it was restored. With Rion and Kirinmaru now out of the picture, the series must create a new overarching antagonist and conflict to drive the plot forward. Previews for Episode 48 allude to a new chapter starting in Yashahime And with the entire cast finally reunited, fans can look forward to originals. inuyasha characters to play a much larger role in the future.

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