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avatar the last airbender was an anime that first aired in 2007 and spanned multiple seasons. It was praised for the well-written plot that left little hanging. After that, fans got the sequel, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, which completed both the world and lore of the Avatar bloodline. However, with all that content to consume, there’s a lot about the original series that fans have simply forgotten over the years.

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Of the sometimes problematic behavior of the original trio in avatar the last airbender From little trivia details that fans may have overlooked or forgotten, there are many things that fans may not remember from the start of the anime.

9 Sokka used to be a bit of a jerk to his sister.

Sokka and Katara

sokka started avatar the last airbender with bad attitude. He wanted to prove that he was a worthy protector of his sister and his village after all the men left to fight in the war. However, he often made a fool of himself when he demanded his sister sew his pants for him, despised the Kyoshi Warriors, and acted overconfident.

At the end of avatar the last airbenderSokka couldn’t be further from the person he once was. He was a great strategist, he respected the strong women around him and understood the world in a way that he couldn’t at the beginning of the series.

8 Iroh used to seem a bit silly and not so wise.

avatar the last airbender Fans see Uncle Iroh as a wise firebending master who was incredibly strong and incredibly kind. While working with Prince Zuko, he was always trying to guide the young future Fire Lord in the right direction and out of the way of Fire Nation colonization and warfare. However, at the start of the series, Iroh’s fans come across as much dumber.

On top of that, it’s suggested that Iroh had an even more different original character concept that saw him be much stricter and colder than he turned out to be.

7 Aang put everyone’s lives in danger when he lit the flare.

9 fire nation navy ship

Aang was incredibly irresponsible and selfish at the beginning of avatar the last airbender and his negligence put an already struggling Southern Water Tribe in even more trouble with the Fire Nation. When he came across an old Fire Nation warship, he insisted on checking it out, and this caused a flare to go off, alerting Prince Zuko to everyone’s location.

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Aang managed to save everyone from their mess, but if it wasn’t for the Avatar State, he might not have gotten out of that situation. However, it was completely his fault.

6 Sokka was not initially a great fighter


When Team Avatar first set out on their mission to help Aang master the four elements and stop the Fire Nation, Sokka wasn’t the best fighter. His boomerang fell apart and the likes of Zuko and the Kyoshi Warriors outshone him in terms of combat prowess.

However, Sokka did not give up, and as the gang battled more and more adversaries, Sokka gained his proverbial sailor’s legs and turned out to be an accomplished weapons master and brilliant tactical strategist, helping Team Avatar. on more than one occasion.

5 Momo was not always with the group

Momo sleeping on Appa's footprint

It’s hard to think of a time before Team Avatar got Momo, the strong-willed, fun-loving flying lemur who has saved the team on multiple occasions. However, he was not always with the team. Aang and the rest of the crew did not meet Momo until they stopped at the first Air Temple on the way to the North Pole. There, Momo and Aang quickly became friends.

While this isn’t occult lore or something very unknown, it’s easy to forget that the little lemur wasn’t always a part of the team, as he quickly became an iconic member.

4 Gran-Gran’s necklace wasn’t actually Hakoda’s father.

Along the avatar the last airbenderKatara is fiercely protective of the necklace she wears, which displays wave-shaped emblems symbolizing the Water Tribes. She often calls it her mother’s necklace and, although it belonged to her mother, it originally belonged to her father and Gran-Gran.

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As revealed when Katara trained with Master Pakku, Pakku himself gave the necklace to Gran-Gran, Katara’s paternal grandmother. However, when Gran-Gran left for the Southern Water Tribe, she took it with her and passed it on to his son, who would give it to his future wife and Sokka and Katara’s mother, Kya.

3 Zuko had a relatively loyal following at some point

Even before Zuko was a fugitive hiding in the Earth Kingdom, he was the exiled Prince Zuko who had a ship and soldiers to aid him in his futile quest to capture the Avatar. It’s hard to think of a time when Zuko was “respected” by other Fire Nation citizens. It is obvious that the military high command thinks little of him, as Commander Zhao illustrates for fans.

After everything Zuko had been through and all the humiliation he’d suffered, it’s hard to remember a time when he was the fickle commander of the troops.

two Kya had been gone much longer than Hakoda.

Avatar Kya Sokka Katara Concerned Mother

Little time is spent truly unraveling what happened within Katara and Sokka’s family. Her mother’s death was mentioned and alluded to on many occasions and it couldn’t be ignored that her father, Hakoda, was fighting at sea. However, for many fans, there wasn’t much timeline information to go on and they forgot a lot of details along the way.

At the end of avatar the last airbenderHakoda had been gone from the Southern Water Tribe for about two years. However, her late wife, Kya, was killed when Katara was eight years old, which affected her deeply when she was a child.

1 Aang was kind of a menace to animals

Aang goes penguin sledding

The first thing Aang did upon emerging from the iceberg was demand to go on a penguin sled, an activity that involves riding a penguin up a snowy hill. For Aang, this included using airbending to propel him and the poor animal even faster.

Later, Aang rides a giant koi fish, thus mocking the great sea monster Unagi that the Kyoshi villagers warned him about to no avail. He treated Momo and Appa well, but the other animals in avatar the last airbender I could tell fans another story if they got the chance.

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