Yashahime’s Biggest Unanswered Questions After Season 2

With the recent completion of Yashahime Season 2, fans have been left with various questions regarding the Great Dog Demon Family and the original cast of inuyasha. After the season 2 finale concluded the main plot of the series with Kirinmaru’s death, the heroes seem happy and conflict-free at last.

While this peaceful and thoughtful season finale left many wondering if Season 2 will be the end of the entire series, there are still several unanswered questions for Yashahime to hopefully tackle in future seasons.

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Does Sesshoumaru love his daughters?

Sesshoumaru traveling

At the end of Season 2, Towa and Setsuna reunite with their mother Rin to celebrate their recent victory. When Rin presents her twin daughters with fancy fabrics given to them by her father, the twins question her actions and her parenting style. They ask Rin why Sesshōmaru didn’t help them more when they were kids and when they faced Zero and Kirinmaru.

After questioning their father’s love for them, Rin assures her daughters that he loves them and is relieved that they have grown up and become strong on their own. Despite Sesshōmaru showing tremendous character growth as she operated in the shadows to protect her family from her, the twins hope to discover the true feelings of her father’s kuudere from her.

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How is Riku still alive?

As Kirinmaru’s former horn, Riku has been shown to have multiple lives in Yashahime. After sustaining many fatal and near-fatal injuries, this mysterious character has always managed to come back from the grave to surprise fans. Towards the end of season 2, Riku is killed by Mr. Kirin inside Grim Butterfly. He bids Towa a tearful goodbye and confesses his love for her before seemingly dying forever.

However, when Towa’s body was returned to him by Rion, many fans saw a mysterious horn-shaped figure inside his body. In the season 2 finale, Riku is resurrected and reappears to explain that he is no longer a part of Kirinmaru, and that he was revived by Kirinmaru’s Rion and Kon and Haku. Setsuna questions how this is possible, as do many fans.

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Why didn’t Sango and Miroku raise Moroha?

As Yashahime began, many fans questioned the conspicuous absence of the original inuyasha to emit. Even though Sango and Miroku are alive and well with their own family, they are surprisingly absent from Moroha’s life. Kagome and Inuyasha asked Hachi to take the baby Moroha to the Wolf Demon Tribe to protect him instead of entrusting his two best friends to his daughter in his absence.

While they may have chosen Koga and the Wolf Demon Tribe for their protection and strength in numbers, Sango and Miroku have proven their own strength and capabilities time and time again. Not only were Sango and Miroku strangely absent from Moroha’s life, but Shippo somehow couldn’t find Moroha even though he lived nearby.

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How strong is Shippo now?

During the time jump between inuyasha Y Yashahime, it is revealed that Shippo has become a respectable and powerful teacher in a fox-demon school. After spending most inuyasha Training to become a full-fledged fox demon, he is now rank 25 and higher in the demon promotions and spends most of his time preparing others for their own exams.

In his first appearance in the sequel, Shippo surprised fans by taking the form of an elderly fox and a young man before returning to his younger, more familiar form. After reaching the highest rank and learning advanced Fox Magic like “Up, Up, and Away”, many fans wonder how powerful Shippo has become and what tricks he might reveal later in the series.

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Which twin is stronger: Towa or Setsuna?

Towa and Setsuna clashed several times throughout Yashahime when they confronted each other about their enemies or emotional outbursts. Given their unique strengths and weaknesses canceling each other out, these battles usually ended in a stalemate. Since the sisters wield different weapons and inherited different powers from their immensely powerful father, it’s incredibly difficult to compare them. While both are undeniably strong as the daughters of the Great Beast King of the West, the series has never revealed who would ultimately win in an all-out fight between the two.

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