Why did Ayame originally fall in love with Shinya?

Returning for a second season in the spring 2022 anime lineup, Science fell in love so I tried to prove it is a charming romantic comedy series where the two main lovers use the power of real-life science to determine whether or not they are truly in love. Himuro Ayame and Yukimura Shinya have gotten too involved to stop the experiment, even if they are making fools of themselves. They have to find conclusive evidence, or else.

It is clear that Ayame is deeply in love with the aloof Shinya, who is starting to reciprocate her feelings more and more. But some fans may not be clear on why she was attracted to him of all people in the first place. Ayame isn’t just trying out the scientific method for fun: her feelings are genuine and it all started years ago when they met.

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When Shinya empowered Ayame to pursue science

Young Shinya and Ayame

Ayame’s strong feelings for Shinya are not a recent development. Neither of them realize it yet, but they have actually crossed paths in her childhood. It was a moment straight out of any Slice of Life anime, but with a science-oriented twist. In their youth, both Shinya and Ayame were teased and ostracized for their fixation on science and research, to the point that other children would scribble hurtful comments on their backpacks.

The difference is that the young Shinya took it in stride and was confident in himself, while the unassertive Ayame felt terrible about her weak social life and outward embarrassment as an unpopular geek girl. Ayame suffered from low self-esteem until she and Shinya met by chance in a sunlit forest, where they recognized each other as soulmates. Most importantly, Shinya, like an aloof kuudere, gave Ayame a pep talk to empower her without being too sweet about it.

He set a good example for Ayame as a confident and hard-working young scientist who put his job first, making it clear that he gets his self-esteem and motivation from making scientific discoveries, similar to dr stoneIt’s Senku. Young Ayame, dazzled by Shinya’s example, soon felt motivated to pick up her work and do something for herself, no matter how much she was teased. Even if Shinya was teased as well, she kept her head up and pursued what she loved, which left a lasting impression on Ayame. She has now met that inspiring science kid again, but strangely enough, neither recognizes the other from that shared memory. But other forces are at work science made me fall in love.

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What Ayame’s loving feelings say about her

ayame shinya shines

The relationship between Ayame and Shinya says a lot about both of them, but more about Ayame, whose romantic feelings were largely one-sided at first. In her childhood, she found Shinya inspiring not because she showed off and acted like a tough guy, but because she dove right into Ayame’s heart and sought to calm her insecurities.

Young Shinya told Ayame exactly what she needed to hear with soft, reassuring words, establishing him as a doting kuudere who cares little for extravagant displays of masculinity. True, he is sure of his own masculinity, but he is not the type to try to pick up women or display his athletic prowess to no avail. Some girls like a bad boy like that, but not Ayame. She would consider such things superficial, and so would Shinya.

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Instead, just like Horimiya‘s Miyamura Izumi, Shinya exudes a kind of comforting and nurturing masculinity. That says a lot about Ayame’s refined taste in men, as she evidently prefers partners who have those qualities rather than a star athlete or a high tolerance for alcohol in bars. Maybe she always felt that way, or her first meeting with Shinya made such an impression on her that she redefined her taste in boys for years to come.

Either way, Ayame’s romantic preferences are already set in stone, and Shinya would never impress her by acting like a boastful star athlete or driving a sports car. Not that she would attempt all of that, however, like Ayame, she is dedicated to discovery, not vanity. That’s an attractive trait in any couple, and it will be fascinating to see how their relationship evolves as season 2 of science made me fall in love it starts up.

Science Fell in Love: The Best Lessons from the Scientific Bear, Rikekuma

Science Fell in Love: The Best Lessons from the Scientific Bear, Rikekuma

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