10 anime series that fans want to forget

There are many anime that ended up at the bottom of the popularity charts or found themselves at the top of the most hated anime polls. Most of them end up there for similar reasons: they had terrible animation quality, the writing was weak, the plot or characters weren’t original, or the show included gadgets that were offensive to fans.

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There are also hit anime that upon rewatching makes fans cringe and wonder why they even enjoyed the show in the first place. These shows are creepy and have aged exceptionally poorly. From bad anime to anime that make fans look back in shame, there are some anime series that audiences want to forget.

10 Elfen Lied does not hold up after hindsight

Lucy One Eye Covered Angry in Elfen Lied

Even though Elfen lied enjoyed initial success, it wasn’t long before anime fans began to realize how much it relied on cheap wow factor to win praise. There is plenty of blood, gore and abuse in Elfen lied, and it gets to the point of being totally unnecessary. The main characters can’t catch a break and hurt others as a result.

Some fans consider Elfen lied a masterpiece as it was one of the first animes to become popular by including such horrible, shocking or controversial moments. However, most now see it as a product of trying to be edgy with free surprise value.

9 Sword Art Online sparked a wave of Isekai failures

Kirito wins the duel in Sword Art Online

Isekai as a genre has been widely criticized for its laziness, its adherence to unsavory tropes, and its tendency to focus too much on things like harem subgenres. Time sword art online It has often been seen as one of the best Isekai anime, fans still remember it and shudder.

For one thing, it marked a wave of more Isekai anime, which was neither needed nor wanted. Further, sword art online relied heavily on sexual assault as a plot point, which the author has said he was obsessed with thanks to the media he consumed in his youth. However, this arguably makes the inclusion of sexual assault even worse.

8 Skelter+Heaven makes it to many of the worst anime lists

Sometimes an anime is so bad and so absurd that it becomes funny. However, that doesn’t mean fans want to remember seeing it. Skelter+Sky is one of those anime and has been criticized for its terrible animation and shoddy writing.

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Skelter+Sky it includes mecha fights and romance, but little else. Even the action and love stories are poorly done, which is why it is often considered one of the worst animes out there. However, the director, Yoshiteru Satou, would not stop there.

7 Mars Of Destruction suffers from the same problems as Skelter+Heaven

Yoshiteru Satou, director of skelter+sky, he also directed another highly hated anime, Mars of destruction. mars of destruction was the lowest rated horror anime on MyAnimeList and suffers from similar issues as Skelter+Sky. Ranking just a fraction of a point higher than Skelter+Sky on my anime list, mars of destruction it’s a show fans wish they could forget.

One more time, mars of destruction it is guilty of poor quality and poor writing. Also, the show lacks any kind of originality.

6 Shigurui: Death Frenzy Went Too Far For Many Anime Fans

Tadanaga Tokugawa looks menacing

Shigurui: Death Frenzy it certainly lives up to its name, as it’s filled with an inordinate amount of violence, gore, and sexual assault. death frenzy follows the reign of the Tokugawa family and one of its sadistic leaders, who is obsessed with watching violent displays.

death frenzy has been banned in many countries thanks to its depiction of horrific sexual violence, gruesome fights in which limbs are severed, and brutally sadistic characters. death frenzy it gets to a point where it makes the audience sick.

5 Pop Team Epic got old after a few episodes

Popuko and Pipimi

epic pop team is a nonsensical show that relies on random and absurd jokes to make people laugh, subvert anime tropes, and create a surreal experience. epic pop team was based on a webcomic, so it takes on a sketch-like comedy quality in its anime adaptation.

the problem with epic pop team it is double. First of all, his humor is not for everyone. It can be annoying or not funny for those who don’t like silly humor. The other problem is that translating such a short humor into longer form anime makes the show age after a couple of episodes.

4 Hetalia is shiver-inducing looking back

Hetalia it’s a show that glorifies some of the actions during one of the worst wars in history and stereotypes many nations, which is in bad taste. On top of that, many fans look back at the show’s content and cringe. Despite its initial popularity, Hetalia it seems like a joke on rewatch and the characters are largely forgettable.

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Even though Hetalia and most of its characters have landed on the list of most hated anime, some characters are still fondly remembered, like the character from England.

3 Deadman Wonderland didn’t even continue

Dead Man's Wonderland Poster

dead man wonderland it never made it past its initial season, which was likely a result of the show’s abrupt plot and gratuitous violence. dead man wonderland It also didn’t have much of a memorable cast beyond the two lead characters. Even that is debatable, as the protagonist Ganta Igarashi doesn’t have very original qualities. The other main character, Shiro, is most notable for his flashy character design and deceitful nature of him.

On top of that, the power system in dead man wonderland it’s a bit clumsy and poorly explained in the anime adaptation. Many fans wish to forget dead man wonderland.

two Akame Ga Kill! It is often belittled by clichés

Akame wielding a sword next to her head.

It wasn’t the worst anime, but between the incessant deaths, the unyielding tropes, and the desperation to be edgy, Akame Ga Kill! it lost a lot of fans and wasn’t particularly memorable. In a way, many fans have already forgotten about the show. Something felt too formulaic and Akame Ga Kill! it often seemed like killing off characters was a way to combat that.

It’s more, Akame Ga Kill! relied on a host of unoriginal plot devices, one of which is the idea of ​​the demon sword, which can be effective when done right, but is an overused device.

1 Pupa is another almost unanimously hated show

Chrysalis is another horror anime that was not very successful. Chrysalis sees a lot of gratuitous violence and gore, and because of that, it seemed like the show was taking the easy way out of being scared. The main characters contract a disease that turns them into carnivorous monsters, but they decide to stay together.

What Chrysalis he does well is his sibling dynamic. However, even that isn’t laudable, as it doesn’t elaborate enough on the relationship to redeem Chrysalis of his other terrible qualities.

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