10 times Reiner was the best villain of the series

Reiner Braun is one of the main characters and antagonists of attack on titan. He was introduced as the Armored Titan, one of the Survey Corps’ greatest enemies before they learned that he was also one of his own recruits.

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When he finally revealed who he really was, he battled his former comrades many times throughout the anime. Reiner did many terrible things throughout attack on titan and is arguably the best villain in the series. He has shown several times that he is a better antagonist than the others.

10 He let the titans into Wall Maria

The armored titan terrorizing Shiganshina

While Bertholdt may have let the titans enter Shiganshina as the colossal titan, Reiner used his armored titan to storm Wall Maria, allowing the titans to take an entire third of the land from the Eldians instead of just one district. .

This resulted in the death of many people in Paradis, while others lost their homes, went hungry and were separated from their loved ones. Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie then disguised themselves as citizens of Paradis so they could get food, water, and shelter, not caring that their victims were more deserving.

9 He manipulated his friends in the 104th Cadet Corps

eren and reiner attack on titan

After being in Paradis for a while, Reiner decided to join the 104th Cadet Corps with Annie and Bertholdt. They originally planned to graduate at the top of their class and join the Military Police to find out who and where the heir to the Founding Titan was.

When he joined the 104th Cadet Corps, Reiner became close friends with some of his victims as they had no idea who he really was. Reiner would help however he could and acted like a big brother towards them, devastating them when they finally learned the truth.

8 He continued his mission after learning the truth about the Eldians

Screenshot of Reiner Braun in Attack on Titan season 2

Throughout his time on Paradis, Reiner learned that the Eldians were not the demons that Marley believed them to be. At Marley, he was brainwashed into believing that the Eldians were evil and that by killing them he would be a hero to the rest of the world.

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Despite discovering that the Eldians were not as bad as he thought, he decided to fight them. Instead of doing the right thing and helping his new comrades, Reiner continued his mission and planned to kill all the Eldians while searching for the Founding Titan so he could honor the nation that abused him and his family.

7 He forced Annie to kill Marco.

One of the soldiers that Reiner befriended was Marco. After Marco heard Reiner and Bertholdt talk about what the Armored and Colossal Titans were like when they attacked Trost, Reiner decided to kill him.

He forced Annie to help him remove Marco’s ODM Gear, as she had saved Connie’s life before, causing Reiner to question his loyalty. After taking Marco’s gear away, the Warriors left him to be eaten by a Titan while he begged them to talk about things so he could try to understand why his friends would do this.

6 Helped Annie find Eren

Female Titan and Reiner

After learning that Eren was a Titan Shifter, and likely the heir to the Founding Titan, Reiner’s plan changed. While Annie would still join the Military Police, he and Bertholdt joined the Survey Corps. As the female titan, Annie tried to find Eren while he was killing the Survey Corps soldiers when they went on one of their missions.

Reiner secretly helped her as he gave her information on Eren’s location while fighting her, carving the coordinates into her palm as she clung to him. When she ran off, Reiner stayed with Jean and Armin, pretending to still be on her side.

5 attacked Eren

Eren in the air ready to hit the armored titan

After Annie’s identity was discovered and she was defeated, Reiner tried to convince Eren to go see Marley with him. When Eren refused, Reiner transformed into his armored titan and the two fought each other.

Since Reiner had taught Eren a lot while they were training in the 104th Cadet Corps, Eren fought hard against him. Bertholdt held off the other Survey Corps soldiers until Eren was about to win.

4 He captured Eren and Ymir

While Reiner and Eren were fighting each other, Bertholdt was able to capture Ymir. They found out that Ymir was the heir to the Jaw Titan shortly before revealing that they were also Titan Shifters. The Warriors fled with Eren and Ymir as hostages.

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Although the Survey Corps came to her rescue a few hours later and saved Eren, Ymir decided to help Reiner and Bertholdt, as she understood their mission because she also grew up on Marley before she became a Titan.

3 He fought against his former friends in Shiganshina

reiner thunder spears attack on titan

The Survey Corps developed a weapon to use specifically against the Armored Titan, as its skin was too tough for their blades to cut. These weapons were the Thunder Lances, which shot out from the soldiers’ equipment with a great force that pierced through the Titans’ bodies and exploded once it was detonated.

When the warriors and soldiers fought at Shiganshina, Reiner attacked his former comrades while Bertholdt and Zeke killed most of the Survey Corps. Reiner was nearly killed after being hit by thunder spears multiple times, but escaped when Pieck rescued him and brought him back to Marley.

two I was going to let Eren destroy Marley

Over the years, Reiner suffered from intense sadness and wanted to take his own life. The only reason he didn’t was because he felt he had to keep fighting for the children he cared about: Marley’s next generation of warrior candidates. However, when Eren went with Marley, he tricked the warrior candidate Falco into bringing Reiner to him. After they talked for a while, Eren transformed in front of him.

Reiner protected Falco but refused to fight when Eren, along with the Survey Corps, first attacked the citizens and Marley’s army. Reiner hoped that he could finally die, which could have resulted in Eren killing all the children. He ended up fighting with Eren after hearing Gabi and Falco beg for help from him.

1 Led Marley’s invasion of Paradis

When the Survey Corps dropped off Marley, Gabi and Falco snuck into their airship where Gabi killed Sasha. The Survey Corps took the children as prisoners. Upset by this and the fact that Zeke had betrayed Marley to join forces with the Survey Corps, Reiner led his nation to Paradis, seeking revenge.

Reiner led Marley’s army to his enemies, where a great war broke out. Reiner fought Eren once more hoping that Falco, who had become a Titan, would eat him and gain the power of the Armored Titan. Instead, Falco ate Porco and Reiner was forced to continue fighting. However, once Eren started the Rumble, the soldiers and warriors, including Reiner, banded together to save the world.

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