5 Times Gon Showed His Humanity (And 5 Times He Nearly Lost It)

Gon Freecss is the kind and compassionate protagonist of hunter x hunter. Her kind demeanor, her pleasant way of speaking, and her overt selfishness help offset most of the darker themes of the series. Gon and his best friend Killua make a fascinating duo to follow throughout the arcs adapted into the anime.

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hunter x hunter it’s a complicated show, however, that aims to show the different sides that each person can have, no matter how good they are. Gon is certainly no exception to this rule, and while he spends most of his screen time helping others, there are times when his heart is simply too big to handle the harsh reality.

10 I Showed It Off: Protecting the Fox Bear Cub

When Gon was younger, he first met Kite after Gon was unexpectedly attacked by a mother Foxbear. Kite proceeded to punch Gon in the face for his stupidity and naivety with wild animals and then attempted to kill the Foxbear cub.

In his first display of empathy and humanity, Gon protected the Foxbear cub with his own life and did not allow Kite to harm him. Despite the larger animal trying to kill him moments before, Gon did not allow the baby to be punished for his mother’s actions. Gon was well aware that they were just two frightened wild animals.

9 Almost Lost It: See Kite’s Body

Gon Breakdown Over Kite

After Kite holds off Neferpitou so Gon and Killua can escape, Gon is completely unaware of what happened to his beloved figure-mentor. Gon, of course, is sure Kite isn’t dead. While that is technically true, the whole truth became almost too much for Gon to bear.

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Kite’s decomposing body was being controlled as a puppet by Neferpitou’s Nen, so when Gon sees the horrible state he is in, he allows the puppet to hit him over and over to try to combat the intense feelings of fear. guilt and anger. Gon’s anger doesn’t subside for a few weeks, and it’s one of the first major signs that he’s headed down a dark path.

8 He proved it: Risking his life to save Katzo

gon kurapika leorio

On the way to the hunter exam, Gon met lifelong friends Leorio and Kurapika for the first time aboard a large ship that carried candidates to the exam site. Everyone else on the ship, besides the trio and crew, got terribly seasick, so when a heavy storm blew up, they were the only ones who could help.

To save a man he had only known for a couple of hours, Gon threw himself off the ship to prevent him from falling overboard. Not only did Gon risk his life to save a stranger, but he also put incredible faith in Leorio and Kurapika, who were mere acquaintances to him at the time, and managed to save his life.

7 I almost lost it: Killua being locked away by his family

Hunter x Hunter — Photo by Zoldyck family

After Killua killed Bodoro during the final stage of the hunter exam, he returned to the Zoldyck family estate to be punished for running away. Gon woke up in his bed after being knocked out by Hanzo with the horrible news and immediately insisted on getting Killua back.

Not only did Gon try to hurt Illumi, a hunter and assassin far superior in skill to him, but he also tried to refuse the proper opening of the test gates, which would have led to the Zoldyck family’s animal ripping him apart. him and his friends. . He also allowed Canary to continue beating him into submission and denying him entry. While these actions certainly show Gon’s resilience, he constantly put Leorio, Kurapika, and others in harm’s way just to get Killua back.

6 Showed It: Keeping Kurapika safe during the Yorknew City Arc


While Gon and Killua had their own mission in Yorknew City, they called it quits once they found out what Kurapika had been up to while they were apart. Kurapika wanted revenge on the Phantom Troupe for slaughtering his clan, and Gon took it upon himself to make sure that Kurapika remained safe.

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When Pakunoda held Gon and Killua captive, the pair said that the only reason they didn’t escape was so that Kurapika wouldn’t have to become an assassin. They also allowed themselves to be captured by the Troupe to prevent Kurapika from coming face-to-face with them too soon, both of which were incredibly selfless actions on the youngsters’ part.

5 Almost Lost It: Almost Killing Komugi

Komugi was the only person that Chimera Ant King Meruem cared about, so when the palace came under attack, he ordered his royal guard Neferpitou to keep her alive and heal her wounds. Gon finds Neferpitou trying to heal Komugi and sees red.

He insists that he will kill them both on the spot. It is only due to the intervention of Killua, who manages to get Gon to give Neferpitou an hour to heal Komugi, that he stops. He even accuses Killua of not caring about Kite when in reality he was just trying to save innocent Komugi, something Gon couldn’t care less about.

4 He proved it: not taking half of Knuckle’s token

After Killua escapes with Gon from NGL and walks away from Kite’s fight with Neferpitou, they are told that they will be allowed to return if they prove their worth by winning a battle against Knuckle and Shoot. Knuckle, Shoot, Gon, and Killua have half tiles, and a pair must have two whole tiles to win.

Biscuit encourages Gon to face Knuckle without his token so Gon can determine his strength level, but also not risk losing his token forever. Knuckle, however, doesn’t have the same idea and is unexpectedly knocked out. When he wakes up, he asks Gon why he didn’t take the token from him. Gon replies that it wouldn’t be fair and that they should face each other in an honest battle.

3 I Almost Lost It: Activating his Nen to teach Nobunaga a lesson

Gon and Nobunaga arm wrestling

When Gon is kidnapped by the Phantom Troupe, the rest of the members are shocked to find out that Gon had beaten Shizuku in a wrestling contest prior to their current situation, Nobunaga insists on going up against Gon and Gon loses multiple times.

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But then Nobunaga begins to cry over the loss of his member, Uvogin. Gon is enraged by the fact that Nobunaga only feels sadness for the pain and suffering of his comrades and not for the suffering of the Phantom Troupe’s victims, so he unleashes a large amount of Nen to defeat Nobunaga, only stops when Feitan restrains him.

two He showed it: never giving up on his father

Gon gives Ging his hunter license back, Hunter X Hunter

Ging left Gon on Whale Island with his cousin, Mito, whom Gon viewed as his mother all his life. As far as Gon knew at the moment, there was no valid reason for Ging to leave Gon in Mito’s care. Especially there was no valid reason for him never to visit.

Gon never lets this get in the way of their relationship. His only motivation for becoming a Hunter was to find his father even though Ging abandoned him, and when they finally meet, Gon disregards his strange upbringing of his father. Instead, they look forward to the future together, whether together or not.

1 I Almost Lost It: Fighting Neferpitou

Gon in his final form, Hunter X Hunter

The iconic battle between Gon and Neferpitou is a brutal moment in hunter x hunter that many viewers struggle to get over. Not because of the intense violence, but because Gon becomes completely unrecognizable both to the audience and to his best friend, Killua.

Gon gives up his own life to defeat Neferpitou, but doesn’t stop even after the Chimera Ant is killed. Instead, he ruthlessly destroys the remains of Neferpitou’s body and even uses his severed limb to perpetuate more violence. Gon’s doctor says that he has never seen anything so horrible happen to a child.

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